International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 4, Number 3 March (2009)




Rigid-plastic Seismic Analysis to Predict the Structural Ductility Demand

pp. 309-325
Authors: Maria Cristina PORCU and Giorgio CARTA

Cost Effective Bricks in Construction: A Performance Study

pp. 327-334
Authors: C. Vijayaraghavan, Jijo James and S. Marithangam

An Experimental Study on Solar Still with Sponge Liner

pp. 335-361
Authors: T.V. Arjunan, H.Ş. Aybar and N. Nedunchezhian

COP Improvement of Air Conditioning System Using Evaporative Condenser

pp. 363-370
Authors: U.S. Wankhede

A High Performance DTC Strategy for Torque Ripple Minimization Using Discrete Space Vector Modulation Techniques for SRM Drive

pp. 371-379
Authors: R Jeyabharath, P Veena and M Rajaram M 

Mining Association Rules for Constructing Network Intrusion Detection Model

pp. 381-398
Mrutyunjaya Panda and Manas Ranjan Patra

A Study on Different Activation Functions for Neural Network-Based Wear Loss Prediction

pp. 399-406
Authors: A. John Presin Kumar and D. Kingsly Jeba Singh

Design of Globally Linearized Controller for a Nonlinear Second Order Process with Timedelay and Real Time Implementation Using dSPACE

pp. 407-420
Authors: N.Jayaa, D. Sivakumarb and R. Anandanatarajanc

Experimental Investigations on Axial Temperature Profiles, Liner Wall Temperature Distribution and Exit Gas Temperature Distribution at Different Equivalence Ratios of A Tubular Type Gas Turbine Combustors

pp. 421-434
Authors: Digvijay B. Kulshreshtha, S. A. Channiwala, Saurabh B. Dikshit and 

Kamlesh V. Chaudhari

Single-Phase Rectifier with Novel Passive Waveshaping Filter

pp. 435-444

Authors: Hussein A. Kazem

Performance Evaluation and Optimization for the Stock Preparation System of A Paper Plant Using Genetic Algorithm

pp. 445-454
Authors: Er. Rajiv Khanduja, P.C. Tewari, and Er. R.S. Chauhan

Synthesis of Linear Multivariable Systems: Partial State Corrupted by Step Disturbance

pp. 455-465
Authors: Leesha Paul, Jeevamma Jacob, C.S Kavitha and Abraham T Mathew

Dispersion of G type seismic waves in low velocity layer

pp. 467-479
Authors: A. Chattopadhyay, S. Gupta, Pato Kumari and V. K. Sharma




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