International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 4, Number 4 April (2009)




Optimization of Fin Geometry of An Exhaust Heat Exchanger For Automotive Thermoelectric Generators

pp. 481-496
Author: Khalid M. Saqr and Mohd N. Musa

Design a System for Monitoring Human Health VIA Power Line Based on Basic Embedded System
pp. 497-503

Author: Adnan S. Obeed, Nitin M. Kulkarni and Arvind D. Shaligram

Reduction of Harmonics Using Facts Controllers
pp. 505-518
Author: Sardar Ali and KSR Anjaneyulu

An Experimental Study in Passive Cooling Systems and Investigation of their Role in Consumption and Diminishing Environmental Pollutants
pp. 519-528
Author: M.R. Khani, K. Yaghmaeian and A.R. Dehghani

Performance and emission characteristics of a CI engine operating on diesel-POME 
(palm oil methyl ester) blends

pp. 529-536

Author: B. Deepanraj, P. Lawrence, P. Koshy Mathews and V. Suneetha

Simulation of Distributed Generator Based Power Filter for Loss Minimization Using MATLAB SIMULINK
pp. 537-547
Author: Satish Kumar Injeti, M. Prema Kumar and K. Brahmanandam

Structural Performance of Corrosion Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beams with Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Laminates
pp. 549-556

Author: A. Leema Rose, K. Suguna and P.N. Ragunath

Oil Condition Monitoring Technique for Fault Diagnosis on Crane Liebherr LHM-1200
pp. 557-569

Author: Hojat Ahmadi and Kaveh Mollazade

Optimal Tuning of Multi-Stages Fuzzy Guidance Law via Genetic Algorithms
pp. 571-581
Author: Hanafy M. Omar

Performance of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Composites at Elevated Temperature
pp. 583-593

Author: Ravindra N. Thakur and Somnath Ghosh

Effect of Slenderness on Fibre Reinforced Polymer Wrapped Reinforced Concrete Columns
pp. 595-610
Author: V. Nagaradjane, Dr. P. N. Raghunath and Dr. K. Suguna


Effect of Wick on The Performance of Heat Pipe With Water and Methanol as A Working Fluids
pp. 611-618

Author: G.V. Gnanendra Reddy, P.Sankaran Kutty, M.Chowde Gowda 
and C.Padmanaba

Fluidization and Surface-to-bed Heat Transfer in a Sound Assisted Bubbling Fluidized Bed of Fine Powders
pp. 619-625
Author: U.S. Wankhede

Wavelet Based Feature Extraction Method for Quantitative Characterization of Porosity in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding by Infrared Thermography in AISI 316 Stainless Steel for On-Line Monitoring and Control

pp. 627-634
Author: N.M. Nandhitha, B. Sheela Rani, N. Manoharan, B. Venkataraman, M. Vasudevan, Chandrasekar, P. Kalyana Sundaram and Baldev Raj




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