International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 4, Number 7 (2009)






Thermophoretic Deposition of Particles in Natural Convection Flow Through a Parallel Plate Channel with Variable Properties
pp. 1107-1123
Authors: K. K. Dinesh and S. Jayaraj

Analysis and Optimal Design of a Producer Gas Carburetor
pp. 1125-1138
Authors: T.R. Anil, P.G. Tewari and N.K.S. Rajan

Experimental Investigation on Diesel Engine Using Fish oil Biodiesel and its Diesel Blends
pp. 1139-1149
Authors: A. Karthikeyana and B. Durga Prasadb

Design, Manufacture and Performance Evaluation of a Welding Electrode Coating Machine
pp. 1151-1159
Authors: Joseph I. Achebo and Ishaya M. Dagwa

Statistical Modeling of High and Low Volume of Fly Ash High Compressive Strength Concrete
pp. 1161-1167
Authors: I. Padmanaban, S. Kandasamy and S.C. Natesan

Application of Taguchi and Response Surface Methodology for Biodiesel Production from Alkali Catalysed Transesterification of Waste Cooking Oil
pp. 1169-1184
Authors: B. Sidda Reddy, J. Suresh Kumar, K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy and A. Aruna Kumari

Algorithms for Design Feature Data Extraction From DXF Files
pp. 1185-1195
Authors: P. Srikanth, C.S.P Rao and G. Ranga Janardhan

Laboratory Studies on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Solid Waste Landfill Liner Material
pp. 1197-1205
Authors: G. Venkatesan and G. Swaminathan

Flow and Turbulence Inside an Electrostatic Precipitator Using CFD
pp. 1207-1221
Authors: M.R. Swaminathan, N.V. Mahalakshmi and J. Subramani

Sensorless Methods for Brushless DC Motor With Trapezoidal Back EMF – A Survey
pp. 1223-1239
Authors: N. Muruganantham and S. Palani

Numerical Approach for Determining Critical Flow Velocity of Suspended Particles in Pipelines
pp. 1241-1246
Author: Joseph I. Achebo

Optimization of Burnishing Parameters by the Application of Design of Experiments
pp. 1247-1257
Authors: Murali Krishna Ravuri, Eshwara Prasad Koorapati and G.K. Srinivas

Performance Analysis of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Cotton Seed Oil
pp. 1259-1264
Authors: M. Shameer Basha, B.G. Krishna Reddy, K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy, P. Ravi Kumar and B. Sudheer Prem Kumar

A Semi-empirical Approach in Predicting Oxides of Nitrogen from C.I. Engine using Diesel –Biodiesel blends
pp. 1265-1275
Authors: Abhay. A. Pawar and Ratnakar. R. Kulkarni

Modeling & Analysis of Connecting Rod of Four Stroke Single Cylinder Engine for Optimization of Cost & Material
pp. 1277-1286
Authors: S B Jaju and P G Charkha

Modified Space Vector Modulated Z source Inverters with Wide Modulation Range and Lowest Switching Stress
pp. 1287-1299
Authors: S. Thangaprakash and A. Krishnan

Analysis of Failure in Boiler Indystry – A Case Study
pp. 1301-1310
Authors: C. Sowmya Danalakshmi and G. Mohankumar

The Refuge Area Anti-Sismic in The Urban Design
pp. 1311-1321
Authors: Boualem El Kechebour and Ammar Nechnech

Turmeric FRP Composites: Experimental Determination of Flexural and Impact Properties
pp. 1323-1332
Authors: N. Srinivasababu, K. Murali Mohan Rao and J. Suresh Kumar

Application of Reverse Engineering Using Vision – Based Data
pp. 1333-1346
Authors: Ghassan A. Al-Kindi and Luma I. Abdul–Kareem

Locating Partially Captured Objects for Eye–in–Hand-Robot Systems
pp. 1347-1367
Authors: Ghassan A. Al-Kindi Hussam K. Abdul-Ameer and Waladin K. Sa’id

CFD Modelling for Parametric Investigation of Flow Through the Inlet Valve of a Four-Stroke Engine
pp. 1369-1383
Authors: S. Thirumalini, C. Lakshmikanthan and S. Dhandapani

Experimental Studies in a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Palm Oil as Alternate Fuel
pp. 1385-1390
Authors: M. Shameer Basha, B.G. Krishna Reddy, K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy, P. Ravi Kumar and B. Sudheer Prem Kumar

Vehicular Emissions: Estimation, Future Prediction and Control Strategies for The Capital City of India
pp. 1391-1411
Authors: Amit Pal, S.Maji, O. P. Sharma and M. K. G. Babu





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