International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 4, Number 9 (2009)




Development of Economic Water Tower Systems Using Graphical Method 
pp. 1597-1606
Authors: B. Kareem

Optimal Reconfiguration Algorithm for Radial Distribution System Feasible under Normal and Abnormal Conditions
pp. 1607-1618
Authors: S. Thiruvenkadam, A. Nirmalkumar and A. Sakthivel

Robust Sliding Mode Controller Design for Practical Buck Converter Using Initial Conditions Based Approach
pp. 1619-1630
Authors: Anasraj R. and Susy Thomas

Effect of Thermal Diffusion on an Oscillatory MHD Convective Flow with Mass Transfer through a Porous Medium
pp. 1631-1646
Authors: N. Ahmed and J.K. Goswami

Fuelwood Shortage and Forest Waste in Nigeria 
pp. 1647-1652
Authors: Odia. O. Osadolor

Fuzzy Expert System Application to Under Voltage Load Shedding 
pp. 1653-1668
Authors: M. Rathina Kumar and Mrs. R. Suganesh

To Study the Performance of E-Glass Fibre Composite Cladding on the Shear and Flexure Zones of Reinforced Concrete Beams
pp. 1669-1678
Authors: S. Govindarajan, Dr. K.L. Muthuramu and A. Chandran

Analyzing of Technical Feasibility in Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Engine Operating at Different Fuel Conditions Using a Secondary Injector
pp. 1679-1688
Authors: S. Mohanamurugan, Dr. S. Sendilvelan and M.Dinesh Kumar

The Mixing of Multiple Identical Nozzles 
pp. 1689-1703
Authors: Odia, O. Osadolor

Numerical Analysis of a Plate-Fin Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Having Plane Triangular Secondary Fins and Inline Arrangement of Rectangular Wing Vortex Generator
pp. 1705-1713
Authors: Gulshan Sachdeva, K.S.Kasana and R.Vasudevan

Preliminary Studies on Recovery of Total Heavy Minerals from Konark–Ramchandi Beach
pp. 1715-1721
Authors: Sunita Routray, D.S. Rao and R. Bhima Rao

Stability of Diesohol using Biodiesel as Additive and its Performance and Emission Characteristics in a Compression Ignition Engine under Various Compression Ratios
pp. 1723-1738
Authors: V. Arul Mozhi Selvan, R.B. Anand and M. Udayakumar

A Novel Approach to Read Values from Graph 
pp. 1739-1742
Authors: Murali Saggarla and Bhaskar Rao Yadavalli

Numerical Simulation Model to Study the Dynamic Behavior of Railway Single Wheelset on Tangent Tracks with Single-point and Two-point Wheel-rail Contact
pp. 1743-1764
Authors: Karim H. Ali Abood and Prof. R.A. Khan

Handwriting Arabic Segmentation : The All Operation 
pp. 1765-1780
Authors: Dr. MELAAB Djamel and Dr. ATHAMENA Noureddine

Performance Evaluation of Modified Solar Pond 
pp. 1781-1788
Authors: S.C. Sharma and Ashesh Tiwari

Power System Contingency Analysis Using Complex Valued Neural Networks
pp. 1789-1800
Authors: D. Venu Madhava Chary and J. Amarnath

Selected Coding and Modulation Techniques for Reliable Power Line Communications
pp. 1801-1812
Authors: Adnan S. Obeed, Nitin M. Kulkarni and Arvind D. Shaligram

Softsynth of Inharmonic Tones of Piano using Limited Memory Resources 
pp. 1813-1822
Authors: Varsha Shah and Dr. Rekha S.Patil

Effect of Winding Wire Insulation on the Reliability of Squirrel Cage Submersible Induction Motor for Inverter Duty Operation – A Case Study
pp. 1823-1831
Authors: R. Subramanian, S.N. Sivanandam and C. Vimala Rani

Effect of Environmental Conditions on Okra Fiber:Flexural and Impact Properties of Okra Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites
pp. 1833-1849 
Authors : N. Srinivasababu, K. Murali Mohan Rao and J. Suresh Kumar.





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