International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 1 (2010)




A Novel Technique for Speckle Noise Reduction on Medical Images
pp. 1-8
Authors: Raman Maini and Himanshu Aggarwal

Quality Characterization of Groundwater in Tirupur Region, Tamil Nadu, India
pp. 9-24
Authors: Arumugam Karuppapillai and Elangovan Krishnan

MHD Free Convective Poiseuille Flow and Mass Transfer through a Porous Medium Bounded by Two Infinite Vertical Porous Plates
pp. 25-35
Authors: N. Ahmed, D. Kalita and D. Barman

Open Source Software Utilization in Software Engineering Projects: A Study on Student Preferences
pp. 37-45
Authors: G.I.U.S. Perera and D.A. Meedeniya

A Solution of the Burgerís Equation Arising into the Instability Phenomenon in Fluid Flow through Porous Media
pp. 47-54
Authors: Twinkle Patel and Mehta

Vibration of Nimonic-86 and Inconel-738 Turbine Blades Due to Temperature Variations during Start-Up Process
pp. 55-66
Authors: S. Narasimha and G. Venkata Rao

Ceramic Composite for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
pp. 67-74
Authors: N.V. Deshpande, S.C. Kongre and P.N. Deshpande

Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of HVOF Sprayed Molybdenum and Nickel/Chromium Coatings
pp. 75-86
Authors: M. Prince, P. Gopalakrishnan, M. Duraiselvam and S. Natarajan

Influence of Cooling Type, Duration and Cyclic Heating on Strength of Concrete Exposed to Elevated Temperatures
pp. 87-90
Authors: SSSV Gopala Raju and K.V.G.D. Balaji

Direct Routh Approximation Method for Linear SISO Uncertain Systems Reduction
pp. 91-98
Authors: G.V.K.R. Sastry and M. Sivakumar

High Order System Reduction using Interval Pole Clustering Technique
pp. 99-108
Authors: G.V.K.R. Sastry, P.M. Rao and G. Surya Kalyan

Experimental Investigation on the Behavior of Retrofitted Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints with CFRP Wrap Subjected to Load Reversal
pp. 109-120
Authors: S. Robert Ravi and G. Prince Arulraj

A New Identification String for Kinematic Chains and Their Derived Mechanisms
pp. 121-129
Authors: M. K. Lohumi, Aas Mohammad and I. A. Khan

Effect of Excess Sulfur on the Optical Absorption of Some Chemically Deposited CdS-Se Films
pp. 131-136
Authors: Anjali Oudhia and Shashibhushan

Optimizing the Power Output of Air Bottoming Cycle
pp. 137-148
Authors: Mohd. Nadeem Khan, M.M. Hasan and Neha Bhadauria

Experimental Damping Studies of FRP Hybrid Nanocomposites with Nano Reinforcement
pp. 149-156
Authors: D. Lingaraju, K. Ramji, M. Pramiladevi, Ganesh Kumar P.V.S. and B. Satya Kumar

Measure for the Fuzzy Activities Schedule for Regular and Irregular Product
pp. 157-165
Authors: Bharat Chede, C.K. Jain and S.K. Jain

Isolation of Thyroid Cancer Cells in FNAB Images using Image Processing Techniques
pp. 167-175
Authors: B. Gopinath and B.R. Gupta

Computational and Mathematical Aspect of Artificial Ground Water Recharging into Unconfined Aquifer
pp. 177-188
Authors: Pratima Patel and M. D. Desai

Determination for Particulate PAH Emission from Direct Injection Diesel Engine
pp. 189-194
Authors: R. Ramaudayamarthandan, Durgaprasad and S. Muthuraman





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