International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 10 (2010)






Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Control In A Batch Process
pp. 1667–1674
Authors: Vipul A. Shah

Porosity Related Durability of Cement Concrete with ISF Slag as Fine Aggregate
pp. 1675–1688
Authors: S.M.S. Shashidhara and Ashok K. Vyas

A New Pulse Stretcher Circuit Suitable for Nanosecond Pulses and Simulated in VHDL
pp. 1689–1692
Authors: H.C. Medhi, S.C. Rajbongshi2, J.P. Pokhral, P.K. Boruah and K. Boruah

Risk Assessment and Mathematical Analysis on Effect of Thermal Stress Among Employees of a Paper Industry
pp. 1693–1698
Authors: S.V.S. Raja Prasad and K.P. Reghunath

Some Classes of Graphs Known to be Graceful
pp. 1699–1705
Authors: S. Venkatesan and R. Sattanathan

Research Issues in Application of Sinking EDM Technology on Some Modern Composite Materials
pp. 1707–1712
Authors: Sharanjit Singh and Kuldeep Ojha

Simulation of Dynamic Response of PEM Fuel Cell
pp. 1713–1724
Authors: G. Naga Srinivasulu, T. Subrahmanyam and V. Dharma Rao

Redtacton-A Human Area Networking Technology
pp. 1725–1736
Authors: N. Sainath, S. Muralikrishna and P.V.S. Srinivas

Study the Dynamic Behavior of Railway Single Wheelset on Curved Tracks with Single-point and Two-point Wheel-rail Contact
pp. 1737–1756
Authors: R. A. Khan and Karim H. Ali Abood

Optimization of Compresive Stregth of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Using Scheffe’s Second DegreeSimplex Model
pp. 1757–1764
Authors: J. C. Ezeh and O. M. Ibearugbulem

Detailed Dynamic Modeling and Vector Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator
pp. 1765–1778
Authors: Bhola Jha, K. Ram Mohan Rao and Y. Sumanth

Assesment of Dielectric Bevaviour of Sf6/N2 Gas Mixtures In The Presence Of Metallic Particle Contamination in A Common Enclosure Gas Insulated Busduct
pp. 1779–1787
Authors: D. Padmavathi, J. Amarnath and S. Kamakshaiah

Determination of Relationship between Product Quality and Maintenance

pp. 1789–1794
Authors: Remy Uche

A Theoretical Model of Dynamic Control – Critical Progress in Milling
pp. 1795–1800
Authors: A. Bhaskar, B.K. Vinayagam and P. Vasanthi

Application of ANN in the Machining Fixture Layout Optimization for Minimum Deformation of Workpiece using FEM
pp. 1801–1820
Authors: S. Selvakumar, K.P. Arulshri and K.P. Padmanaban

Empirical Study for Six Sigma Success: Mapping Organizational Hierarchy with Barriers
pp. 1821–1826
Authors: M. Shanmugaraja, M. Nataraj and N. Gunasekaran


Multi Objective Optimization of Axial Flow Compressor Stage Using Genetic Algorithm Approach
pp. 1827–1842
Authors: G. Chaitanya, J. Suresh Kumar and K. Srinivas





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