International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 11 (2010)




Technical Aspects of Modern Bio Fuels in Internal Combustion Engines 
pp. 1843-1854
Authors: D.F. Melvin Jose and B. Durga Prasad

Prediction of Thermal Profile of HAZ During Welding using MATLAB 
pp. 1855-1863
Authors: R.V. Taiwade, A.P.Patil, M. S. Bihade, N.N. Khobragade

The Prospects of Fiber Technology in Wireless Network 
pp. 1865-1876
Authors: Tarun Singhal, Deepak Rana, Arvind Dewangan and Nitin Agarwal

Implementation of Content Addressable Memory Using Block XOR Based Pre Computation Technique in Reconfigurable Platform for Network Applications
pp. 1877-1886
Authors: M. Arun and A. Krishnan

Finite Element Analysis of Poiseuille Flow in A Channel Bounded Below by A Permeable Bed
pp. 1887-1898
Authors: S. Kiranmaiye, P.S. Ravi Kumar and S. Sreenadh

Performance of A Small Capacity Steam Turbine 
pp. 1899-1903
Authors: C. L. Prabhune, G.V. Parishwad, N. K. Sane and H. N. Kudal

Preparation of Gasoline Anti-knock Additives by Light Petroleum Products Fractionation
pp. 1905-1914
Authors: Eiman Ali Eh. Sheet

A Novel Approach for Sitting and Sizing of UPFC using Multiobjective Function
pp. 1915-1924
Authors: P.R. Sharma, Pinky Yadav and S.K. Gupta

Automatic Heartbeats Classification Based On Discrete Wavelet Transform and A Combination Of Probabilistic Mlp Neural Networks
pp. 1925-1936
Authors: Hendel Mounia, Benyettou Abdelkader, Hendel Fatiha, Khelil Hiba

Experimental Analysis on Engine Performance and Exhaust Emission Characteristics of CI Engine Running With Blends of Ignition Improvers
pp. 1937-1946
Authors: M.P. Sudeshkumar and G. Devaradjane

ECG Noise Correction Using Adaptive Discrete Wavelet Transform 
pp. 1947-1956
Authors: R. Vanithamani and R.S.D. Whahidabanu

Investigation and Optimization of Material Removal Rate for Wire Cut Electro Discharge Machining of SS 304L using Taguchi Dynamic Experiments
pp. 1957-1967
Authors: Vishal Parashar, A. Rehman, J.L. Bhagoria and Y.M. Puri

Emission Reduction on Ethanol Gasoline Blends using Oxygenated Additives
pp. 1969-1978
Authors: C. Ananda Srinivasan and C.G. Saravanan

A Technical Study of Performance of a Cascaded Incoherent Spectrum Sliced Transversal Photonic Microwave Filter
pp. 1979-1986
Authors: R. K. Jeyachitra and R. Sukanesh

Optimization of Construction Projects with Multiple Objectives in A Fuzzy Environment
pp. 1987-2000
Authors: Mir Iqbal Faheem, Syed Saleem Basha , M.A. Khalique and M.A. Kalam

Response of Structure with Conventional and Buckling Restrained Braces
pp. 2001-2014
Authors: W. N. Deulkar, C. D. Modhera and H. S. Patil

A Location-Dependent Data Encryption for Mobile Information System with Key Dependent Permutation
pp. 2015-2020
Authors: Prasad Reddy P.V.G.D., K.R. Sudha and S. Krishna Rao

Structural Strength Enhancement of Rigid Pavement Using Natural Fibre Reinforcement
pp. 2021-2030
Authors: G. Niranjana, Samson Mathew and P. Jayabalan




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