International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 12 (2010)




Dyeing of Silk with the Stem of Achras Sapota Dye using Combination of Mordants
pp. 2031-3237
Authors: M. Kumaresan and P.N. Palanisamy

Optimal Synthesis of Crank-Rocker Mechanism for Specified Rocker Amplitude and Time Ratio
pp. 2039-2048
Authors: Shivanand G. Sarganachari, Basayya. K. Belleri, V. B. Math and Syed Abbas Ali

A Numerical Approach for Estimating the Entropy Generation in Cylindrical Heat Pipes
pp. 2049-2057
Authors: P. Maheshkumar and C. Muraleedharan

The Influence of Process Parameters on Surface Roughness in Dry Machining of Hardened Steel En31 with CBN Cutting Tool –by ANN
pp. 2059-2068
Authors: M.V.R.D. Prasad and G. Ranga Janardhana

Study of Line Commutated Converters and Capacitor Commutated Converters for HVDC Weak AC System
pp. 2069-2078
Authors: A. Rama Devi, G.R.K. Murthy and J. Amarnath

The Prospects & Impediments of Technology and Know How Transfer in Present Industrial Scenario
pp. 2079-2086
Authors: Pankaj Upadhyay

Environmental Impact on Pollution 
pp. 2087-2090
Authors: Er. Satish Kumar, Arvind Dewangan, Varsha Sood and Bhavana Arora

Analysis and Comparison of Pattern of Crack Growth Rate along Vibrating Cantilever Beam using FEM Package
pp. 2091-2095
Authors: R.S. Prasad, S.C. Roy and K.P. Tyagi

Evolving an Artificial Neural Network Classifier for Condition Monitoring of Massy Ferguson Tractor Gearbox
pp. 2097-2107
Authors: K. Heidarbeigi, Hojat Ahmadi, M. Omid and A. Tabatabaeefar

Characteristics of Buried Gate MESFET Under Front Side Ilumination using Optical Fibre
pp. 2109-2118
Authors: T. Jaya and V. Kannan

Estimation of In-plane Off-axis Strength of Fiber Metal Laminates Consisting of Magnesium Layers and GFRP Laminas
pp. 2119-2126
Authors: M.V. Rao Pavuluri, V. V. Subba Rao and T. Rajagopalachary

Some Studies on the Modelling of Kinemetic Chain ‘By Using the Concept of Multiple Jointing and Interactive Weighted Distance Matrix’
pp. 2127-2142
Authors: Aas Mohammad and Mohd. Shoeb

Leakage Mitigation in Nanoscale CMOS VLSI Circuits 
pp. 2143-2153
Authors: Jyoti Deshmukh and K. Khare

Mathematical Modeling of Double Fed Induction Wind Generator (DFIWG)
pp. 2155-2164
Authors: E.K. Okedu

Wind Energy and its Application in Hydrogen Production 
pp. 2165-2172
Authors: E.K. Okedu

Wind Park Stabilization with External Compensation Device 
pp. 2173-2181
Authors: K.E Okedu

Performance Analysis of Heat Pipe Using Novel Working Fluid 
pp. 2183-2191
Authors: R. Senthilkumar, S. Vaidyanathan and B. Sivaraman

Experimental Analysis of Natural Convection from Horizontal Plate in a Vertical Channel.
pp. 2193-2201
Authors: K.S. Shelke and V. M. Kriplani




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