International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 14 (2010)




Control of Chip-Tool Interface Temperature for Improved Productivity through a New Lubricating Technique
pp. 2373-2382
Authors: L.B. Abhang and M. Hameedullah

Process Parameter Selection for Optimizing the Weld Pool Geometry in the Metal Inert Gas Welding of HSLA Steel
pp. 2383-2392

Authors: S.K. Sharma, S. P. Tewari, Jyoti Prakash, Bipin Kumar Srivastava and Rajesh Singh

Advances in Prefilled Syringes’ Technology 
pp. 2393-2398
Authors: Bharati. G. Basantani and Dhara B. Parmar

Investigation of Process Parameters Influencing the Surface Quality of Microwave Horn Antennas Using Taguchi Design
pp. 2399-2410
Authors: Lachiram and JS Soni

Optimal Synthesis of Planar Four–bar Mechanism for Motion Generation
pp. 2411-2424
Authors: Shivanand G. Sarganachari, V. B. Math, R.A. Mehabubsubahani, Basayya K. Belleri and S. J. Sanjay

Hybrid Lift-Drag Wind Turbine 
pp. 2425-2434
Authors: Krishpersad Manohar

Design of Rectangular Monopole Antenna using Radial Basis Function Networks
pp. 2435-2440
Authors: Tanushree Bose and Nisha Gupta

The Effect of Frictional Torque by Lubricant Debris
pp. 2441-2449
Authors: A. Ghanbari, M.T. Allahyary, and A.A. Ghader

A New Low Power Multiplxer and Master-Slave D-Flipflop Design 
pp. 2451-2460
Authors: K. Ragini, M. Satyam and B.C. Jinaga

Design and Implementation of VLSI Structure for Wavelet Transform using Multiple Constant Multiplication Algorithm
pp. 2461-2470
Authors: Manu Krishna, Mithun Chandrasekharan, Rahul Ranjan, R. Vidhyalavanya and EP. Sumesh

Reliability Evaluation of Generator Systems Using SPICE 
pp. 2471-2480
Authors: A. Prasad Raju, V. Sankar and G.N. Sreenivas

A Study on FRP Laminated Ferrocement – A Modern Material for Repair and Rehabilitation
pp. 2481-2488
Authors: C. Vijayaraghavan, A. Ravichandran and S. Arul selvan

The Effect of the Resistance Magnitude of a Crowbar Switch on the Protection of a DFIG During Grid Fault
pp. 2489-2494
Authors: K.E. Okedu

Effect of Drive Train Modeling on Wind Turbines during Transient
pp. 2495-2502
Authors: E.K. Okedu

Noise Reduction in Speech Signal using Thresholding in Wavelet Transform Domain
pp. 2503-2509
Authors: Z. A. Jaffery, K. Ahmad and Pankaj Sharma

Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) with an Intelligent Controller for Power Flow Regulation
pp. 2511-2520
Authors: S. Padma, R. Lakshmipathi and K. Mekala

Effect of Injection Time on The Perfomance and Emissions of Non-Edible Nerium Biodiesel Operated Diesel Engine
pp. 2521-2531
Authors: S. Prabhakar, V.N. Banugopan, K. Annamalai, G. Devaradjane,S. Jayaraj, P. Sentilkumar and H. John Marshall Zechariach

Optimal Synthesis of Planar Six-bar Mechanism for Path Generation:A Variable Topology Approach
pp. 2533-2544
Authors: Shivanand G. Sarganachari, V. B. Math, Qadeer Ahmed Khan, R. A. Mehabubsubahani and Basayya K. Belleri




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