International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 15 (2010)




Some Studies on the Effect of Constraining Layer in the Vibration Control of Beams using PCLD
pp. 2545-2556
Authors: K.S.K. Sasikumar, K.P. Arulshri and S. Selvakumar

Non-Linear Analysis of Adhesively Bonded Single Lap Joint in Laminated FRP Composites
pp. 2557-2564
Authors: N. Vijeta, V. Bala Krishna Murthy, G. Ranga Janardhana and V.V. Sridhara Raju

Higher Order Dispersion Compensation in Different Modulation Formats 
pp. 2565-2578
Authors: Manjit Singh and B.C. Choudhary

Fuzzy Tuned AHF for Input Current Wave Shaping using PWM Converters
pp. 2579-2594
Authors: R. Balamurugan and G. Gurusamy

Fatigue Behavior of Lateritic Soil Stabilized with Bio-Enzyme-A Case Study
pp. 2595-2608
Authors: I. Ramesh Mithanthya, A.U. Ravishankar, N. Bhavanishankar Rao and Ganesha Chatrada

Speed Control of PMBLDC Motor using Fuzzy Logic Controller 
pp. 2609-2616
Authors: E. Kaliappan, A.V. Sayee Krishna and C. Sharmeela

Automatic Recognition of Turning Features using 2-D Image Files 
pp. 2617-2627
Authors: S. Srinivasa Rao, B. Satyanarayana and M.M.M. Sarcar

Morphological Image Enchancement with Poor Lighting 
pp. 2629-2637
Authors: B. Bazeer Ahamed

Customer Oriented Lean Product Development for Lean Manufacturing by using Fuzzy Logic Approach
pp. 2639-2649
Authors: T. Venkatamuni, A. Ramakrishna Rao and Vemuri Lakshminarayana

Numerical Simulation of the 3-D Flow Fields in a Multi-Stage Axial Steam Turbine
pp. 2651-2660
Authors: Liu Bo, Wang Qingwei, Bo Xiangfeng, Xiang Xiaorong and Hou Weimin

Crack Detection in Simply Supported Beam Using Vibration Response 
pp. 2661-2669
Authors: K. Ravi Prakash Babu, T. K. Paul and G. Durga Prasad

Flexural Strength Prediction of RC Beam Strengthened By Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheet
pp. 2671-2676
Authors: Kaushal B. Parikh and Chetan D. Modhera

Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of AA 5083 Welded Joint by Pulsed Current Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
pp. 2677-2685
Authors: K. Subbaiah, Geetha Manivasagam, N. Sridhar and S.R.K. Rao

Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-compacting Concrete with a High-volume Fly Ash
pp. 2687-2697
Authors: B. Krishna Rao, V. Ravindra and A. Rajagopal

Comparison of Basic Control Theories Applied to Shunt Active Filter for Harmonic Compensation
pp. 2699-2709
Authors: Naimish Zaveri, Ajitsinh Chudasama and Tejas Zaveri

Experimental Investigations and Numerical Analysis on Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Characteristics of a Laminar Flow for Internally Grooved Tubes
pp. 2711-2722
Authors: P. Selvaraj, J. Sarangan and S. Suresh

Comparative Performance Study of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Using Blends of Diesel Fuel with Tamanu Seed Oil
pp. 2723-2732
Authors: T. MohanRaj and K. Murugu Mohan Kumar

Application of Neuro-Fuzzy Models to Grinding Wheel Parameters 
pp. 2733-2745
Authors: Andrew O. Odior and Festus A. Oyawale




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