International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 17 (2010)




Manufacturing Advancement : Holistic Approach
pp. 2883-2885
Authors: A.P. Sharma and Satya Prakash

A Discussion on Study of Surface Roughness in Turning
pp. 2887-2898 
Authors: Bhuvnesh Bhardwaj, Rajesh Kumar and Pradeep Kumar Singh

Optimal Selection of Parting Line for Die-Casting
pp. 2899-2906
Authors: Ranjit Singh, Jatinder Madan and Amrik Singh

Bead Geometry with Crushed Slag in Submerged Arc
pp. 2907-2912
Authors: Kulwant Singh, Hardeep Singh and Handip Singh

Identification of Inner Race Defect in Bearing by Analyzing Vibration Signal Using Wavelet Transform
pp. 2913-2920
Authors: Manpreet Bains, Dibya Prakash Jena and Rajesh Kumar

Theoretical Study of Some Thermal Properties of Group-III Nitrides
pp. 2921-2927
Authors: M.M. Sinha and Daljit Singh

A Study on Self Propelled Rotary Tool During Turning of E0300 Alloy Steel
pp. 2929-2933
Authors: S.M. Salodkar and A. Manna

The Effect of Dam and Weir on Intermixing During Grade Transition in Two Strand Slab Caster Tundish
pp. 2935-2942
Authors: Suman Kant, Achitanand Dubey, Pradeep Kumar Jha and Pradeep Kumar

An Experimental Investigation During EAFF of Al/Al2O3-MMC
pp. 2943-2948
Authors: Sunil Kumar and A. Manna

Meshless Methods for Process Simulation of Die Casting : A Review
pp. 2949-2956
Authors: Sunil Kumar and Jatinder Madan

Effect of Operating Parameters on the Performance of Thermocouples
pp. 2957-2964
Authors: Jaspal Singh and S.S. Verma

Automatic Grain Counting in Metal Structure Using Image Morphology and Skeleton by Zone of Influence
pp. 2965-2973
Authors: Rajesh Kumar, Dibya Prakash Jena, Hasyamayee Garanayak and Varinder Sahni

Modelling and Forecasting of Detention Period of Coal Rakes in Low Capacity Thermal Power Plants
pp. 2975-2981
Authors: R.K. Yadav

Multi-Criteria Scheduling with Uncertainties : A Review and Future Directions
pp. 2983-2997
Authors: Arvinda Kumar Pandit, Amol Singh, Rajesh Kumar and Pradeep Kumar Singh




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