International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 2 (2010)






Content Based Image Retrieval Using 2DPCA
pp. 195-204
Authors: Ch. Ganapathi Reddy, G. R. Babu and P. V. D. Somasekhar

Design Automation of Microcontroller Based Load Frequency Control System
pp. 205-212
Authors: Sushma Gupta, Jaswinder Singh and Monish Gupta

Performance and Emission Analysis of Diesel engine using of Single Composition Fatty Acid Methyl Esters
pp. 213-220
Authors: T. Hari prasad, K. Hema Chandra Reddy, and M. Muralidhara Rao

Two Echelon Inventory Supply Chain Model for Optimal Total Cost under Inflation and Deflation
pp. 221-232
Authors: D. Nagaraju, A. Rama Krishna Rao and P. Suresh Babu

Turbulence Anisotropy Effects in Bubbly Two-Phase Flow
pp. 233-240
Authors: M. Taqi, N. Belouaggadia and A. Barhoun

Fuzzy Logic Based Hybrid AC Voltage Regulator
pp. 241-246
Authors: M. Senthil Kumar and P. Renuga

Fabrication of High Brightness Blue LED
pp. 247-252
Authors: J. K. Singh, B.R .Singh, Kuldip Singh and V Kumar

Experimental Investigation on A Mixed Biodiesel Fueled Direct Injection Diesel Engine
pp. 253-260
Authors: M.K. Duraisamy, T. Balusamy and T. Senthilkumar

A New Transmission Gate based Single Ended SRAM Cell
pp. 261-267
Authors: T. Siva Kumar and Arvind Kumar

Fabrication of 3D Medical Model Build from Computed Tomography Images with the Aid of Rapid Prototyping Technique and Finite Element Analysis of L3-L4 Lumbar Model to Enhanced Intervertebral Disc Fusion
pp. 269-283
Authors: Ashish B. Deoghare and Pramod M. Padole

Statistical and Regression Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste- A Case Study
pp. 285-292
Authors: J. Sudhir Kumar, K. Venkata Subbaiah and P.V.V. Prasada Rao

Prediction of Micromechanical Behaviour of Hybrid Elliptical Fiber Reinforced Lamina for Longitudinal Load
pp. 293-304
Authors: V. Srinivasa Sai, V. Bala Krishna Murthy, MRS Satyanarayana
G. Sambasiva Rao and P. Phani Prasanthi

Study on Circular Concrete Columns Confined by GFRP Wrapping
pp. 305-312
Authors: Jagannathan Saravanan, K. Suguna and P.N. Raghunath

Simulation of Power Transformer Winding Sections Provided with Metal Oxide Surge Absorber Blocks with Faults in Portion of Sections
pp. 313-321
Authors: Mohd. Zahed Ahmed Ansari, G. R. Gurumurthy and J. Amarnath

Determination of Friction Factor for Cold Upsetting Aluminium Powder Preforms under Different Lubricating Conditions
pp. 323-328
Authors: M. Sivaraj, R. Jebin, Satheesh Mohan and S. Muthuraman

Simulation and Analysis of Efficiency for Variable Chevron angles in Plate heat Exchanger
pp. 329-342
Authors: M. Amala Justus Selvam, P. Senthil kumar and S. Muthuraman

Estimation of Solar Still Output under Indoor Environment
pp. 343-350
Authors: S.K. Shukla and A.K. Rai

Finite Element Analysis of Locomotive Wheel Rim and Brake Block Thermo-Mechanical Interaction during Braking
pp. 351-359
Authors: Amarjeet Singh Randhawa, Varinder Sahni and Rajesh Kumar


Modal Analysis of Thin FRP Skew Symmetric Cross-Ply Laminate with Elliptical Cutout

pp. 361-366

Authors: U. Koteswara Rao, V. Bala Krishna Murthy and V. Anurupa





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