International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 23-24 (2010)




Performance Analysis of Measurement based Dynamic Resource Allocation Scheme in WCDMA Cellular System
pp. 3595-3610
Authors: S. Malarkkan

Oxidative Hypothesis in Relation to Aging of Mung Bean Cuttings 
pp. 3611-3626
Authors: Abdullah I. Shaheed, Oda M. Yasser Al-Zamely and Basheer A.H. Al-Alwani

A Multi Criteria Decision Making Methodology for Material Selection using Inner Product of Vectors
pp. 3627-3632
Authors: S. Senthil, M. Jaheerhussain and P. Meenatchi Sundaram

Vibration Response of Composite Plate with Delamination using FEA 
pp. 3633-3643
Authors: P. Ravinder Reddy and J. Pradeep Kumar

Weight Estimation of a Single Seater Home Built Air Craft 
pp. 3645-3652
Authors: M. Venkatesan

Bonded and Spot Weld-Bonded Analysis of Dissimilar Materials Using Three Dimensional Finite Element Models
pp. 3653-3664
Authors: Essam A. Al-Bahkali

Feature Extraction from Micrograph Images Using Watershed Segmentation Approach
pp. 3665-3674
Authors: Fahimuddin. Shaik and M.N. Giri Prasad

Laboratory Study of the Influence Some Variables on Mechanical and Dynamic Properties of Roller Compacted Concrete
pp. 3675-3688
Authors: Amer M. Ibrahem and Khalid A. Abdul Wahab

Artificial Neural Network Approach for Forced Convection Solar Air Heater with Thermal Storage Materials
pp. 3689-3695
Authors: P.T. Saravanakumar and K. Mayilsamy

Kinematic Chain Isomorphism Identification By Discrete Hopfield Neural Network
pp. 3697-3703
Authors: Anurag Verma and Mehul M Gor

Numerical Studies of Liquid Metal Magnetohydrodynamic Flows in Turbulent Impinging Jets
pp. 3705-3714
Authors: Alan McCausland and Abhilash J. Chandy

Requirements and Recent Developments in Wire Electrodes for High Performance WEDM
pp. 3715-3723
Authors: S.K. Garg, A. Manna, Ajai Jain and Sehijpal Singh

A Cross-layer Approach to Fairness Provisioning in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
pp. 3725-3732
Authors: Jatinder Singh, Lakhwinder Kaur and Savita Gupta

Application of Swarm Intelligence in Mobile Adhoc Networks 
pp. 3733-3740
Authors: Jatinder Singh and Nirmaljit Singh