International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 3 (2010)





Mechanical Properties and Stress Strain Behaviour of High Strength Self Compacting Concrete
pp. 367-376
Authors: G. Giri Prasad, M.V. Seshagiri Rao and G.V. Rama Rao

Regular Planar Sub-Graphs of Complete Graph and Their Application 
pp. 377-386
Authors: Anupam Dutta, Bichitra Kalita and Hemanta. K. Baruah

Effect of Frequency and Position of the Accelerometer on the Displacement of Vibrating Cantilever Beam 
pp. 387-392
Authors: RS Prasad, SC Roy, KP Tyagi and MN Khan

Analysis of Defects in Gas Shielded Arc Welding of AA 6351 Using Taguchi Methods 
pp. 393-399
Authors: K. Kishore, P.V. Gopal Krishna, K. Veladri and G. Kiran Kumar

Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer in Power System 
pp. 401-422
Authors: Nitin Aggarwal, K. Rajendra, Ratna Dahiya and Arvind Dewangan

Cement Manufacturing Using Alternative Fuel
pp. 423-429 
Authors: Ogbeide S.O. and Nordiana J.O.

A Study on Design and Cost of Flexible Pavement in Fiber Reinforced Highly Compressible Clay
pp. 431-439
Authors: K.V. Maheshwari, C.H. Solanki and A.K. Desai

Exposed Area Influence for Light Off of Catalyst to Reducing Hc/Co Emission from Automobile Si Engine Exhaust by Using Low 
Mass Electrically Heated Metal Catalyst

pp. 441-448
Authors: N. Nithyanandan, S. Sendilvelan, K. Bhaskar, N.Balaji, S.Mohanamurugan

Online Condition Monitoring of Induction Motor through WPD Technique
pp. 449-464 
Authors: Dilip Dey, P. B. Duttagupta and S. Sengupta

Effect of SVC/STATCOM on Power Systems at Different Locations with and Without Faulty Conditions
pp. 465-470
Authors: B. Ravindhranath Reddy, M. Vijay Kumar and M. Surya Kalavathi

Synthesis of Planar Six-bar Mechanism for Function Generation: A Variable Topology Approach
pp. 471-476
Authors: Shivanand G. Sarganachari, V. B. Math and Syed Abbas Ali

Dufour, Soret and Viscous Dissipation Effects on Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media with High Porosities
pp. 477-484
Authors: M. Ferdows, Koji Kaino and Chien-Hsin Chen

Impact Assessment of Causes of Vehicular Traffic Congestion on Urban Roads in Nigeria
pp. 485-495
Authors: J. C. Ezeh and L. Anyaogu

Digital Simulation of Closed loop ZVS-ZCS Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Fuel Cell and Battery Application
pp. 497-508
Authors: Bhajana V.V. Subrahmanya Kumar and S Rama Reddy

A New Technique for Image Denoising Using Fourth Order PDE and Wiener Filter
pp. 509-516
Authors: N. P. Anil and S. Natarajan

Retrieval of User Profiles by using Web Mining Techniques
pp. 517-522 
Authors: M. Gayathri, M. Venkata Krishna Reddy and P.V.S. Srinivas

Six Sigma DMAIC - Methodology to Improve the Quality of Cylinder Liners by Reducing the Black Dot
pp. 523-536
Authors: Kishore Kumar Paleti, T. Seshaiah, Venkata Ramesh Mamilla, 
M.V. Mallikarjun and S. Mohan Babu

Design and Thermal Analysis of Heat Exchanger for Energy Conservation 
pp. 537-544
Authors: M.T. Naik, Ramya Yasodha, B. Anjaneya Prasad, G. Ranga Janardhan and M. Basaveswara rao




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