International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 5 (2010)



Characteristics of Low Voltage Power Line when Used as Communication Channel 
pp. 747-762
Authors: Adnan S. Obeed, Nitin M. Kulkarni and Arvind D. Shaligram

Prediction of C.I. Engine Performance and NOx Emission Using Canfis 
pp. 763-778
Authors: B. Sidda Reddy, A.V. Hari Babu, J. Suresh Kumar and K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy

A Mechatronic System for Power Control 
pp. 779-784
Authors: Venkata Ramesh Mamilla, Meda Chandra sekhar, M.V. Mallikarjun 
and G. Lakshmi Narayana Rao

Combined Thermophillic Composting and Vermicomposting in the Bioconversion of Vegetable Market waste 
pp. 785-794
Authors: C. C. Monson and A. Murugappan

Parametric Study on the Influence of Steel and Polyester Fibers in the Self-compacting Concrete
pp. 795-806
Authors: D.L. Shah and C.D. Modhera

Earthing System Technique 
pp. 807-824
Authors: Miqdad T. Younis

Protection of LV Wiring against Electromagnetic Interferece in the HV/EHV Electric Substations
pp. 825-836
Authors: Mikdad T. Younis

Design and Performance Verification of Cache RAM 

pp. 837-844
Authors: Pradeep Dhakad and R. S. Gamad

Workplace Design and Working Postures for Repair and Maintenance Task in A Petroleum Dump
pp. 845-850
Authors: Imaekhai Lawrence

Analysis of QoS by Combining MAC and Routing Protocols with TCP mechanisms in MANETS
pp. 845-850
Authors: J. Premalatha and P. Balasubramanie

Analysis of Nonlinear System Dynamics in State Space Modeling with Recurrent Neural Networks
pp. 861-870
Authors: Authors: M.V Rajesh, R. Archana, R Gopikakumari and A Unnikrishnan

GFRP Jacketed High Strength Concrete Columns under Compression 
pp. 871-878
Authors: Jagannathan Saravanan, K. Suguna and P.N. Raghunath

Fuzzy Availability of the Feeding System in the Sugar Industry 
pp. 879-894
Authors: Kuldeep Kumar and Pawan Kumar

On The Way towards Efficient Enhancement of Multi-Channel Underwater Images
pp. 895-903
Authors: Vikrant Singh Thakur and Neeta Tripathi

Numerical Study of Unsteady Laminar Natural Convection in A Square Cavity Having Partial Lengths of Vertical Walls Differentially Heated and Cooled
pp. 905-922
Authors: Rangaswamy Navamani and Natarajan Murugan





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