International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 6 (2010)



The Effect of External Roller Burnishing On the Surface Roughness and Surface Hardness of Composite Material E-Glass Epoxy
pp. 923-934
Authors: P. Ravindra Babu, T. Siva Prasad, A.V.S Raju and V.V. Nagaraju

Techno-Economic Analysis of Double Slope Active Solar Still Under Natural Circulation Mode on the Basis of Energy and Exergy
pp. 935-948
Authors: V.K. Dwivedi, J.K. Yadav and Rohit Tripathi

Simulation of AGC in Deregulated Environment	
pp. 949-961
Authors: K. Rajendra, Nitin Aggarwal, S.P. Jain, Arvind Dewangan and Kapil Sirohi

Experimental Investigation on Durability Properties of Latex Polymer Modified Concrete
pp. 963-970
Authors: J. Megala and S.K. Sekar

Experimental Studies on Permiabilty of Glass Fibre Self Compacting Concrete
pp. 971-978
Authors: P. Srinivasa Rao, P. Sravana and T. Seshadri Sekhar

Active Vibration Control of Composite Cylindrical Shell Structure using Piezoelectric Composite Actuators
pp. 979-996
Authors: G. Vijaya Kumar, S. Raja, K. Mohana Rao, J. Suresh Kumar, Shashikala Rajappa and H.M. Ragavendra

Design of Spreading Codes with Increased Performance in Correlation Property
pp. 997-1008
Authors: Rajiv Mohan David, Kumara Shama, K. Prabhakar Nayak and Vasanth Maiya

Application of Advanced Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in the Automation of Industry
pp. 1009-1016
Authors: Vinod Sharma and J.P. Kaushik

Performance Analysis of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Jatropha Oil
pp. 1017-1024
Authors: M. Shameer Basha, B.G. Krishna Reddy, K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy, B. Sudheer Prem Kumar and P. Ravi Kumar

Primary Searcher Using Golay Correlator in WCDMA	
pp. 1025-1034
Authors: N. Amutha Prabha, N. Ramesh Babu and S. Balamurugan

The Science of Cooling  From a Historical Perspective	
pp. 1035-1044
Authors: Dr. Pushpendra Singh

Effect of Welding Current on Tensile Properties of Low Carbon Steel Sheets in Resistance Spot Welding
pp. 1045-1052
Authors: Abbas Honarbakhsh-Raouf , Hamid Reza Ghazvinloob and Nasim Shadfar

Experimental Investigation of Effect of Low Space Velocity on Performance of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
pp. 1053-1058
Authors: Vivek W. Khond, M.M. Deshmukh, M.S. Deshmukh and K.S. Shelke

Integrated Water Resources Management: Approach of Vague Fuzzy Eia	
pp. 1059-1064
Authors: Srijit Biswas, Pankaj Kr. Roy and Sekhar Datta




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