International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 7 (2010)



Soil Stabilization with Lime and Rice Husk Ash	
pp. 1077-1086
Authors: Robert M. Brooks
MIMO RADAR for Vehicular Safety and Communication	
pp. 1087-1095
Authors: Nirmalendu Bikas Sinha, R. Bera and M. Mitra
Deposition of TiO2 Thin Film Using Sol- Gel Method	
pp. 1097-1104
Authors: Kapil Sirohi, Mukesh Kumar, Rajiv Kumar, Arvind Dewangan and Nitin Aggarwal
Time- Frequency Analysis of Very Fast Transient over Voltages for Effective Shielding of Control Circuits in A 245kv Gas Insulated Substation
PP. 1105-1120
Authors: J.V.G. Rama Rao, J. Amarnath and S. Kamakshaiah
Systems Engineering Approach to Reusable Launch Vehicle	
pp. 1121-1135
Authors: Rupesh Kumar Pati
Simulation of Electric Field Intensity and Computations of Point Plane Corona Inception in Air at Atmospheric Pressure
pp. 1137-1146
Authors: B.R. Natarajan, G.R. Gurumurthy and J. Amarnath
Experimental Determination of Reactions of Wind-Resistant Support of Circular Stacks in Various Configurations
pp. 1147-1158
Authors: Debojyoti Mitra
FPGA Modeling of Analog Data Acquisition for Real Time Interface	
pp. 1159-1170
Authors: K. Babulu and K. Soundara Rajan
Selection of Compensator Location and Determination of Weak Bus Ordering Vector from Voltage Stability View Point
pp. 1171-1181
Authors: H.L. Suresh M.S. Raviprakasha and V. Siva Prasad
Modeling and Simulation of Fiber Bragg Grating for Strain Sensor	
pp. 1183-1188
Authors: Jaikaran Singh, Anubhuti Khare and Sudhir Kumar
Modeling and Simulation of Fiber Bragg Grating as Temperature Sensor	
pp. 1189-1196
Authors: Jaikaran Singh, Anubhuti Khare and Sudhir Kumar
Effect of Thermal Fatigue Behaviour on Bending Strength of Al/Al2O3 MMCs
pp. 1197-1202
Authors: C. Yuvaraja and K.V. Sharma
Effect of Drilling Parameters on Drillability Behaviour of Al/Al2O3 MMCs
pp. 1203-1213
Authors: C. Yuvaraja, K.V. Sharma and M. Krishna
Performance of a Constant Speed Diesel Engine with Hexanol Blended Fuels
pp. 1215-1222
Authors: Sundar Raj, C, Robin Edward Issac, Nimosh Joseph, Nidish Mon Gopinath and Rameez, Y.M.
Dispersion Compensation in WDM using DS-fiber and NRZ Modulation	
pp. 1223-1228
Authors: Shradha Gupta, N.K.Shukla and Shikha Jaiswal
SPIHT Classification Based Fast Fractal Image Coder	
pp. 1229-1242
Authors: A. Muruganandham, R. S. D. Wahida banu and P. Sivaprakash
Design and Performance Evaluation of a Three Flute Drill by Taguchi Methods	
pp. 1243-1250
Authors: P.V. Gopal krishna, K. Kishore and T. Ram Mohan Rao
Study and Analysis of Diesel Fuelled C.I Engine with Optimum  Compression Ratio
pp. 1251-1254
Authors: C. Thayaparan, N. Manoharan, R. Subashchandrabose and S. Muthuraman





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