International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 8 (2010)




Effect of Mismatch in Poisson’s Ratio on Micromechanical Behaviour of FRP Composites under Longitudinal Loading
pp. 1255–1260
Authors: P. Phani Prasanthi, V. Bala Krishna Murthy, U. Koteswara Rao and K. Mohana Rao

Experimental Investigation on High Performance Reinforced Concrete Column with Silica Fume and Fly Ash as Admixtures
pp. 1261–1278
Authors: P. Muthupriya, K. Subramanian and B.G. Vishnuram

Improving Collector Efficency of Forced Convection Solar Heater
pp. 1279–1286
Authors: M. Sekar , M. Sakthivel, P. Sivaprakash and S. Ravichandran


Implementation of JIT in Indian Industry:A Case Study
Authors: Vikas Kumar


Minimal Topology for Feature Extraction and Multivariate Data Projection
pp. 1299–1306
Authors: A. P. Janani, M. Sakthivel and P. Sivaprakash

Computational Analysis of Dual Pressure Non-reheat Combined-Cycle Power Plant with Change in Drum Pressures
pp. 1307–1313
Authors: Nikhil Dev, Samsher and S.S. Kachhwaha

Regular sub-graph of Complete Graph
Authors:Anupam Dutta, Bichitra Kalita and Hemanta. K. Baruah

How Does Mica Contents in Sand Affects Characteristics of Concrete
Authors: Er. Jagdish Chand, D.P.Gupta and Arvind Dewangan

Spread Spectrum Based JPEG Image Transmission Using DSRC Channel for Intelligent Transportation System
Authors: D. Kandar, S. Dhar, D. Ghosh, R. Bera, A. Guchhait and C.K. Sarkar

Cost Prediction of Aeration & Clarifier Tanks on Ground Level using Artificial Neural Networks
Authors: Tulesh N. Patel, C.D. Modhera and S.A. Vasanwala

Comparative Performance Evaluation of Designed Hooped Pelton Runner with Traditional Pelton Runner
Authors: Gaurangkumar C. Chaudhari and S.A. Channiwala

The Implementation of Material Requirement Planning Techniques in Crane Hook Assembly
Authors: V. Suresh and R. Sivasubramanium

Electromagnetic Field Effect on Metallic Particle Contamination in a Gas Insulated Busduct
Authors: K. B. Madhu Sahu and J. Amarnath

Experimental Investigation on the Behavior of R.C.C. Retrofitted Beam-Column Joints with Sisal Fibre Wrap
Authors: S. Robert Ravi and G. Prince Arulraj

Kaolin as Additive in Rice Husk Poly Propylene (RHPP) Composites
Authors: Vinay Kumar, Shishir Sinha, Manohar Singh Saini and B.K. Kanungo

Low-Power Low-Frequency Multipliers
Authors: C.N. Marimuthu and P. Thangaraj

Effects of Limestone on Engineering Properties of Clays
Authors: Robert M. Brooks, Felix F. Udoeyo and Keerthi V. Takkalapelli




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