International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 6, Number 10 (2011)




Forced Convective Heat Transfer Analysis on Pin-Fin Array 

pp. 1201-1209
Authors: P. Velmurugan, P. Ramesh and V. Vinothkumar

Edge-magic Total Labeling in Extended Duplicate Graph of Path 

pp. 1211-1217
P.P. Ulaganathan, K. Thirusangu and B. Selvam

Delineation of Shoreline Changes using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System

pp. 1219-1226
Authors: Rajagopalan V. and Ushanatesan

Diminution of BER in OCDMA Systems by using Non Uniform Optical Normalizer

pp. 1227-1237
Authors: Sunil S. Chavan, P.H. Joshi and D.D. Shah

Integrated Approach of Remote Sensing and GIS in Identification of Groundwater Potential Zones: A Study at Thennampattinam Village, Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu, India

pp. 1239-1246
Authors: Rajesh Kumar V.

Transient Analysis of 3-Lobe Bearings at 20000 RPM for A Gas Turbine

pp. 1247-1261
Authors: K.M. Pandey, Nabarun Biswas and A.P. Singh

Parametric Investigations into Non-Linear Elastic Behaviour of Cylindrical Shell by using 4 Noded Flat Plate Shell Element in Finite Element Method of Analysis

pp. 1263-1271
Authors: S.S. Angalekar and A.B. Kulkarni

Numerical Simulation of Cavitating Flow over Oscillating Hydrofoil’s 

pp. 1273-1283
Authors: Ramesha D.K., Kumarswamy N.S., Kishore, H.N. Vidya Sagar and Premkumara G.

Influence of Age Hardening on Hardness and Wear Properties of Al-Si-Mg (A357) Alloy

pp. 1285-1293
Authors: B.N. Sarada, Soma V. Chetty, K. Radhakrishna and Umamaheswargowd

Investigations of Structural Materials Properties using Uniaxial Tensile Test

pp. 1295-1302
Authors: M.K. Gupta and S.K. Srivastava





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