International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 6, Number 11 (2011)




Influence of Minerals Additions on the Chlorides Ingress into Reinforced Concrete

pp. 1303-1313
Authors: Athanas Konin

Maintenance Scheduling in a Packaging Industry Using Genetic Algorithm

pp. 1315-1323
Authors: H.U. Nwosu and D.E. Isaac

Fabrication and Characterization of Cd Chalcogenide Semiconductor Devices-M S Contacts and FETís

pp. 1325-1331
Authors: T.M. Rajakumar, T. Bhuvaneshwarababu and R. Chandramani

Effect of Diesel Emissions on Human Health: A Review 

pp. 1333-1342
Authors: Rashid Ali

One Dimensional Numerical Modeling of a Parallel Flow Type Thermoelectric Generator

pp. 1343-1354
Authors: Proloy Jyoti Naskar

The Study of the Effect of Constant Frequency Sound with Varying Intensity Levels on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate of Healthy Individuals

pp. 1355-1361
Authors: Meena Laad

Design of Integral Controller for Static Synchronous Series Compensator Based Hydrothermal System under Deregulated Environment Employing Genetic Algorithm

pp. 1363-1378
Authors: K. Subbaramaiah, V.C. Veera Reddy and V.C. Jagan Mohan

Determination of Electrical Resistance of Ball Bearings from Radial Load of Loaded Balls

pp. 1379-1384
Authors: Surendra Pal Singh Matharu

Influence of Material of the Flap on Vibration Control of Plate: A Finite Element Analysis

pp. 1385-1393
Authors: P. Mahadevaswamy and B.S. Suresh

Experimental Studies on Behaviour of Normal Strength Concrete under Elevated Temperature

pp. 1395-1404
Authors: Anand N. and Prince Arulraj G.

Prediction of Weldpool Reinforcement Height of Plasma Transferred Arc Hard Facing on Austenitic Stainless Steel

pp. 1405-1411
Authors: P. Prabhuraj and R. Muralimanohar

Tubular Combustion Chamber for Micro Gas Turbine Application: Numerical Simulations

pp. 1413-1419
Authors: Brijesh Dharani, Digvijay Kulshreshtha, K.C. Joshi and A.N. Jejurkar





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