International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 6, Number 12 (2011)




Process Plant Reliability through Infra Red Thermography
pp. 1421-1430
D. Azad and K. Ramji

Microbial Indoor Air Quality Associated with Homemade Composting Process
Gabriel Andari Kristanto, Evy Novita and Ika Putri

Evaluating the Role of Bioactivators in Home Made Composting 
pp. 1437-1444
Djoko M. Hartono, Gabriel Andari Kristanto and Angga Kusuma

Finite Design against Buckling of Structures under Continuous Harmonic Excitation
pp. 1445-1460
Christopher. C. Ihueze, Pius. C. Onyechi, H. Aginam and Godwin C. Ozoegwu

Performance Investigations of Routing Protocols for WSNs based on Congestion-Aware Routing with Different Radio Models 
Deepti Gupta and Ajay K. Sharma

High Quality Converters with Reduced THD for Enhanced Mains Power Quality Multi-Level with Synchronous Logic
pp. 1481-1499
Anantha Baddam Reddy and G. Tulasi Ram Das

Finite Element Modelling of FRHP Concrete Reinforced Beam-columns Subjected to Monotonic Loading
pp. 1501-1519
D. Maruthachalam, R. Mohan Ganesh and B.G. Vishnuram

Introduction to Electrical Capacitance Tomography and its Measurement Circuitry
pp. 1521-1525
K.R. Prabhu, R. Sudha, V. Arulmozhi Varman and Rao Tatavarti

Development of Automated Robotic Arm to Handle Sampler and Reagent for Chemistry Analyzer
pp. 1527-1530
R. Sudha, Prabhu K. Ramanathan and Sudesh Sivarasu

Study on Effect of Member Failure on 220kV M/C MA Transmission Tower
pp. 1531-1542
V. Lakshmi

Fuzzy based Decision System for Moisture-Free PVC Temperature 
pp. 1543-1554
Sunil S. Nirmale, Tukaram R. Kumbhar and R. R. Mudholkar





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