International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 6, Number 13 (2011)




Repair Materials for Heated Concrete 
pp. 1555-1564
J.V. Suresh Babu, K. Manjulavani and M. Potharaju

Fresh and Hardened Properties of Steel Fibres Reinforced Self-Compacted Concrete 
pp. 1565-1578
S.A. AlTaan and Z.S. AlNeimee

Performance Improvement in Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Fed by Three Level Inverter
pp. 1579-1590
Y.S. Kishore Babu and G. Tulasi Ram Das

Application of Taguchi Experimental Design for Optimization of Biodiesel Production by Transesterification of used Cooking Oil with Methanol
pp. 1591-1598
Math M.C., Sudheer Prem Kumar and Soma V. Chetty

Optimization of Parameters Involved in Machining of Austenitic Stainless Steel 304l by Taguchi Method
pp. 1599-1615
N. Arunkumar, A. Prabhakaran and R.K. Karthikeyan

Computational Analysis for Enhancement of Natural Convection Heat Transfer on Vertical Heated Plate by Multiple V-Fin Array
pp. 1617-1628
M.J. Sable, S.K. Bhor, S.B. Barve, P.A. Makasare and S.J. Jagtap

An Interactive Programming System for Generation of Wire Path for Wire-cut EDM
Authors: Jagannadha Raju M.V., Ramji K. and Satyanarayana B.


Experimental Study of Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer Coefficients in a Packed Bed Column with Glass Beads
pp. 1639-1650
G. Srinivasa Rao, K.V. Sharma, K.V.S. Narayana and S.P. Chary

Properties and Performance Evaluation of Direct Injection Diesel Engine with Blends of Ambadi Oil Methyl Ester and Diesel
pp. 1651-1660
Meda Chandra Sekhar, T. Srinivas Reddy and K.Vijayakumar Reddy

Computer Integrated Injection Mould Split Design-Reverse Engineering Approach
Sandeep Patil, U.M. Choudhari and A. Chennakesava Reddy





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