International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 6, Number 14 (2011)




Experimental Investigation of Diesel Engine Performance Neat and Preheated Transesterfied Cotton Seed Oil
pp. 1673-1682
A.G. Rokade, P.C. Jikar and A.K. Shadab

Attitude of Youths towards Career in Agriculture in Kogi State, Nigeria
pp. 1683-1693
Stephen J. Ibitoye

Determining the Effect of Magnetic Field on TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) Reduction in Water at Different Flow Rates
pp. 1695-1704
Rameen S. Abdelhady, Mohammedadel A. Younes,Ahmed M. Ibrahim and Mohammed M. Abdelaziz

Study of Surface Integrity from Ball and Roller Burnishing Processes
pp. 1705-1711
Raja Ramesh Doradla, Murali Krishna Prasad Adusumilli, and Chandra Sekhara Kumar Aduru

Application of Continuous Wavelet Transform in Crack Detection on Structural Members
pp. 1713-1720
D. Srinivasa Rao, K. Mallikarjuna Rao and G.V. Raju

Influence of Cryogenic Cooling in Turning of AISI 1045 Steel with Modified Cutting Tool Inserts
pp. 1721-1731
M. Dhananchezian and M. Pradeep Kumar

Computer Simulation of Biogas–Diesel Duel Fuel Engine Exhaust Gas Emission, Determination of Mole Fractions of Constituents in Exhaust.
pp. 1733-1744
Shaik Magbul Hussain, Yohan, Vijaya Kumar Reddy and Sudheer Prem Kumar

Wireless Sensor Network for Ubiquitous Sensing in Cryogenic Environment
pp. 1745-1755
Rajiv Kumar Das, Moiz Chasmai and Rajesh Kumar Garg

Performance Comparison of PID Controller Tuned using Classical and Genetic Algorithm Methods
pp. 1757-1766
Gopi Krishna Rao P.V., Subramanyam M.V., Satyaprasad and Hanuman Naik R

FMS Layout Design by Genetic Algorithm and Tabu Search
pp. 1767-1776
K. Mallikarjuna, V. Veeranna and K. Hema Chandra Reddy

Generation of Chaotic Pulse Compressionsequences for Noncoherent Radar
pp. 1777-1784
K. Sridevi, J.B. Seventline, T. Madhavi and D. Elizabath Rani





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