International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 6, Number 15 (2011)


Behavioural Study of Piled Raft Foundation in Layered Soil Deposits
pp. 1785-1792
S.J. Shukla, A.K. Desai and C.H. Solanki

Designing a Cellular Manufacturing System using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 1793-1800
Kirti Bala, Shahzad Ahmed and Pawan Kumar Arora

Mathematical Model Simulator Development of Normal Alkanes C10 to C24 Non-Hydrodesulfurization Process using Method of Quantum Chemistry
pp. 1801-1809
M. Aslam Abdullah and T. Sekar

Prediction of Surface Water Availability for Gumti River Basin and its Reservoir at Hydro Power Plant, Tripura, India
pp. 1811-1818
Kaberi Majumdar, Manish Pal, Pankaj Kr. Roy and Asis Mazumdar

Experimental Investigation on Structural and Mechanical Properties of Tungsten Carbide Composite Coatings using Atomic Force Microscope
pp. 1819-1831
P.S. Hanumanta Rao, Ch. Srinivasarao, G. Diwakar and Dr. C. Eswara Reddy.

Analytical and Experimental Studies on Force-Depth Relations of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nano Tubes
pp. 1833-1847
S. Dileep, Srinivasa Rao, G. Diwakar and C. Eswara Reddy

Parametric Analysis and Comparative Study of Pin Fin Heat Sinks in Natural and Mixed Convection
pp. 1849-1856
S.B. Mane-Deshmukh, P.A. Deshmukh and S.B. Barve

Prediction of Weld Bead Reinforcement Height for Steel using Submerged Arc Welding Process Parameters
pp. 1857-1871
Shahnwaz Alam and M.I. Khan

Implementation of Multilevel Indexing in Search Engines
pp. 1873-1882
Parul Gupta and A.K. Sharma

Some Studies of Strip Footing on Granular Bed Overlying Weak Soil
pp. 1883-1892
Srinath Shetty K., R. Shivashankar and Shailesh K.




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