International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 6, Number 6 (2011)




Structural, Electrical and Optical Properties of In2Te3 Thin Films 

pp. 699-706
B. Rajesh Kumar and T. Subba Rao

Adaptive Steering of Boat using Model Reference Approach 

pp. 707-717
M. Murali Krishna, V. Ramachandra Raju and B.S.K. Sundarasiva Rao

FEM Modeling of Compressive Deformation Behaviour of Aluminum- Cenosphere Syntactic Foam

pp. 719-730
Raghvendra Khedle, D.P. Mondal, S.N. Verma and Sanjay Panthi

Improving the Effectiveness of a Heat Exchanger using Nanofluids

pp. 731-743
Sanukrishna S.S., Krishnakumar T.S. and Jose Prakash M.

A New Approach to Model Acoustic Radiation and Scattering from Thin Bodies using Boundary Element Method

pp. 745-761
P.R. Venkatesh, B. Chandrasekhar and Mahagundappa M. Benal

Design (CAD) of Coupler Screw in Narrow Gauge Railways 

pp. 763-770
Tejpal Parshiwanikar, Siraj Sheikh and Pranav Charkha

Parameter Optimization of a CNC Turning Process using an ANN–GA Method

pp. 771-779
T.V.S.R.K. Prasad and D. Satyanarayana

On Size Invariance Texture Image Retrieval using Fuzzy Logic and Wavelet based Features

pp. 781-794
Shailendrakumar M. Mukane, Dattatraya S. Bormane and Sachin R. Gengaje

Logic based Detection of Negative Sequence Currents for Six Phase System

pp. 795-806
G. Chandra Sekhar, P.S. Subramanyam and B.V. Sanker Ram

Unsteady Hydromagnetic Flow of an Incompressible Electrically Conducting Oldroyd-B Fluid through a Porous Medium in a Rotating Parallel Plate Channel

pp. 807-820
M. Veera Krishna and S.G. Malashetty

Design of Master Power System for an Integrated Steel Plant

pp. 821-839
J.K. Das, A. Kumar, T. Choudhury and D. Chakraborty

Single Multi-band Fractal Antenna for L, S, C and X-band

pp. 841-847
Milind S. Shah and Sanjeev Gupta

An Experimental Investigation of Multiple Water and Air Jet Impingement Cooling

pp. 849-860
Niranjan Murthy, V. Krishnan and A. Chennakesava Reddy




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