International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 6, Number 8 (2011)




Modeling and Simulation of Row based Flexible Manufacturing Systems 

pp. 989-997
C. Srinivas, B. Satyanarayana, K. Ramji and Naveen Ravela

Asymptotic Performance Analysis of 2oo3 Cold Standby System with Constrained Repair and Arbitrary Distributed Inspection Time

pp. 999-1008
R.K. Bhardwaj and S.C. Malik

Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Two–Phase Closed Thermosyphon (TPCT) using DI Water/N-Butanol Mixture

pp. 1009-1015
Alagappan N. and Ramanathan A.R.

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring in Chidambaram, Cuddalore District, India

pp. 1017-1029
P. Balashanmugam, M. Ramajayam, V. Nehru Kumar and E. Elango

Design and Analysis of Injection Molding of Mineral Water Bottle Cap 

pp. 1031-1040
P. Ravinder Reddy, Hemendra Kr. Srivastava and S.S. Hebbal

Face Recognition System using Discriminant Analysis on Support Vectors.

pp. 1041-1052
Shahnaz Fatima, Alka Mahajan and P.G. Krishna Mohan

A Reconstruction and Enhancement Technique for Microwave Imaging from Noisy Synthetic Data

pp. 1053-1060
Anjan Kumar Kundu and Bijoy Bandyopadhyay

Use of Esterified Mustard, Karanja and Neem Oils as a Substitute for Diesel Fuel in C.I. Engine

pp. 1061-1073
Ajit Pal Singh and K. Anbumani

Odd and Even Graceful Labelings in Extended Duplicate Twig Graphs

pp. 1075-1085
B. Selvam, K. Thirusangu and P.P. Ulaganathan

An Analysis of Effects of Laser Transformation Hardening Parameters on Heat Input, Hardened-Bead Profile and Microhardness of Unalloyed Titanium Sheet

pp. 1087-1097
Duradundi Sawant Badkar, Krishna Shankar Pandey, C.M. Agrawal and Buvanashekaran G.




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