International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 7, Number 10, (2012)




Experimental Heat Transfer Analysis of Pin Fin for Different Geometric Shapes with and Without Metallic Foam Inserts
pp. 1069-1080
Authors: A.K. Pundlik and V.M. Kriplani

Technology of Hyperthermia Steam in-situ Mining Shale Oil
pp. 1081-1088
Authors: Yi Pan, Peng Zhou, Shouhui Liu, Shuangchun Yang and Guiyang Ma

Effect of Ethanol Blending with Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) Biodiesel on Engine Performance and Exhaust Emissions in a CI Engine
pp. 1089-1099
Authors: A. Velmurugan and M. Loganathan

Flexible Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Process Automation using PLC: A Simulation Approach
pp. 1101-1114
Author: Dinesh Singh Rana

Speed Distribution of Heterogeneous Traffic on a Two-lane Highway Passing through Peri-urban Area
pp. 1115-1121
Authors: Pritam Saha, Dr. Ashoke Kumar Sarkar and Dr. Manish Pal

Analysis of Lattice Steel Towers using STAAD Pro
pp. 1123-1130
Authors: Serajuddin Ahmed and P.R. Maiti

Sound Spectrum Measurements in Ducted Axial Fan under Stable Conditions at Frequency Range from 9000 Hz to 9600Hz
pp. 1131-1139
Authors: Manikandapirapu P.K., Srinivasa G.R., Sudhakar K.G., Madhu D.

Two inductor boost converter fed inverter for induction motor drives
pp. 1141-1152
Authors: G. Kishor, D.Subbarayudu, S.Sivanagaraju and T.Bramhananda Reddy

The effect of Coaxial Cavity Configuration on RF parameter For High Power Electron Accelerator

pp. 1153-1159
Author: A.Poursaleh


Specially structure n-job, 3- machine flow shop scheduling to minimize the rental cost, with job block criteria
pp. 1161-1168
Authors: Deepak Gupta, Shashi Bala and Payal Singla


Generalized Pulsewidth Modulation Method for Induction Motor Drives with Reduced Complexity
pp. 1169-1181
Authors: J. Bhavani, J. Amarnath and D. Subba Rayudu


Properties of Residential Construction Demolition Waste (CDW)
pp. 1183-1190
Authors: Robert M. Brooks, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASCE







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