International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 7, Number 6 (2012)




Soft Starting is Essential in the Rolling Mill Electric Motors for Energy Conservation

pp. 559-567

Authors: A.M. Bisen, P.M. Bapat and S.K. Ganguly


Three Echelon Inventory Model for Optimal Total Relevant Cost using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

pp. 569-580

Authors: Abhishek Raj, Vishal Narayan, Anshul Gupta, Nagaraju D. and  Narayanan S.


Inverse Kinematic Solution for Serial Manipulator Applying Neural Network

pp. 581-590

Authors: Ahmad Ghanbari and Arash Rahmani


Exhaust System Retrofit for Improving the Thermal Performance and Lower Emission Levels in A C I Engine

pp. 591-598

Authors: Raja A., Ramanathan A.R. and Vaidyanathan S.


Optimal Location of FACTS Devices for Zonal Congestion Management under Contingency

pp. 599-511

Authors: J. Sridevi, J. Amarnath and G. Govinda Rao


Magneto-Rheological (MR) Damper based Vehicle Suspension

pp. 613-626

Authors: Ashfak A., J. Abdul Jaleel, and K.K.Abdul Rasheed


A Novel Power Control Algorithm for OFDM-Based Opportunistic user Cognitive Radios
pp. 627-647
Authors: Andre M. Mayers, G.V.S. Raju and Mahdy Saedy

Evaluation of an Advanced Proximity Detection System for Continuous Mining Machines
pp. 649-671
Authors: Christopher Jobes, Jacob Carr and Joseph DuCarme

Experimental Verification of Mold Filling Analysis for an Automotive Recliner Lever
pp. 673-680
Authors: Jayalakshmi N., Ramesha D.K. and PremaKumara G.
pp. 681-689
Authors: Ijogbemeye C. Oseghale, Soji J. Adeyinka and Allen E. Tamonu









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