International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 8, Number 12, (2013)





CPW Fed Serrated Antenna Performance Based on Substrate Permittivity
pp. 1349-1354
Authors: B T P Madhav, Habibulla Khan, D Ujwala, Y Bhavani Sankar ,Madhuri Kandepi, A Siva Nagendra Reddy, Davuluri Nagajyothi

Trident Shaped Ultra Wideband Antenna Analysis based on Substrate Permittivity
pp. 1355-1361
Authors: B.T.P.Madhav, S. S. Mohan Reddy, Bandi Sanjay, D.Ujwala

Assessment of Chip Morphology, Cutting Forces and Tool Wear in Precision Turning Process of Ti-6al-4v Alloy
pp. 1363-1371
Authors: Saras Chandra T Reddy, M.Vinayagamoorthy, and Anthony Xavior 

Dry Machining of Ti-6Al-4V using PVD Coated Tools
pp. 1373-1381
Authors: R. Vinayagamoorthy and M. Anthony Xavior

Appraisal of the Performance of PVD Coated Carbide Tools during Precision Turning of Ti-6al-4v
pp. 1383-1394
Authors: R.Vinayagamoorthy, K.Vamsi Krishna , Saras Chandra T Reddy , and M.Anthony Xavior 

An Efficient Method for High Secured Image Steganography Using Image Segments
pp. 1395-1403
Authors: B. Elangovan, K. Rajesh and P. Venkateswari

Modeling, Analysis and Control of Passive and Active Suspension System for a Quarter Car
pp. 1405-1414
Authors: Abhijeet S. Taksale


Taguchi Modeling and Optimization of Laser Processing In Machining of Substantial Industrial PVC Foam
pp. 1415-1426
Authors: Sivaraos, K.R.Milkey, A.R.Samsudin, A.K.Dubey and P.Kidd

Microstructure and Corrosion Behaviour of WC/AL Nano Particulate Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 1427-1437
Authors: Dr. K.V. Sharma and Amarnath. G

A Fuzzy Image Processing System for the Analysis of Liver CT Images
pp. 1439-1448
Authors: Hariharan.S and Sajith.A.G

An Efficient Method for High Secured Image Steganography Using Image Segments
pp. 1449-1457
Authors: B. Elangovan, K. Rajesh and P. Venkateswari

Seismic Evaluation of High Rise Structures in Malaysia
pp. 1459-1477
Authors: Narayanan Sambu Potty, Mohd Redzuan Abdul Hamid and Muhamad Afiq Rosli

River Flood Modelling for Nzoia River Basin, Kenya:a quasi-2D approach
pp. 1479-1491
Authors: Lawrence Omai, Joel Kibiiy and Patrick Willems


A Comparative Study on Ionospheric Parameter (hF) Measured with Ionosonde and Predicted using IRI 2007 Model at Japanese Longitudes during Low Solar Activity Years

pp. 1493-1504
Authors: N. S. M. P. Latha Devi, P. S. Brahmanandam, K. S. Ramesh and G. Uma











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