International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 8, Number 13, (2013)





A Method of Visualising the 3D Dimensional Variation Behaviour of Kinematic Systems
pp. 1505-1518
Authors: Leslie C. Sleath, Denis M. Sleath and Paul G. Leaney

Consequence of Load and Rotational Speed on the Performance of Glass Fiber Reinforced Delrin Spur Gears
pp. 1519-1531
Authors: S.Devendiran, Dr.K.Manivannan, Anand palani and D.Arun

Generalised Gaussian Quadrature Rules Over An Arbitrary Tetrahedron in Euclidean Three-Dimensional Space
pp. 1533-1538
Author: K. T. Shivaram

2x2 Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Corporate Feed
pp. 1539-1546
Authors: M.Venkata Narayana, I.Govardhani, K.Rajkamal and A.K.Chaitanya

Multi Layer Edge Feed Stacked Patch Antenna for S-Band Applications
pp. 1547-1554
Authors: I.Govardhani, M.Venkata Narayana, A.K.Chaitanya and K.Rajkamal

Exploration on Rough Set Approach for Feature Selection Based Reduction
pp. 1555-1566
Authors: Prof.M.Sudha and Dr.B.Valarmathi

Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Flow through Helical Channels in the Cylindrical Section of aThrust Chamber
pp. 1567-1575
Authors: Kiran Prakash, Prof. J.A. Shurafath Beevi and Dr. K. E. Reby Roy

ASIC Implementation of Reverse Access Channel CDMA
pp. 15577-1589
Authors: K.Sivasankaran, B. Harshavardhan and E.Venkata Ramesh

Real Time Analysis of Harmonics in Inverter Using LABVIEW
pp. 1591-1600
Authors: R.Saravanakumar, A.Gopi, R.M.Anusuya and V.Kavitha

Reduction of Energy Consumption in Ceramic Tableware Industry
pp. 1601-1610
Authors: AK Goel, Ajit Kumar and S Maji







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