International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 8, Number 18 (2013)  Special Issues





Mixed Phase Nanostructured TiO2 Thin Films for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
pp. 2057-2066
Authors: Ajay Sharma, R.K. Karn and S.K. Pandiyan


Sonophotocatalytic Degradation of Monocrotophos Pesticides Using Immersion Well Reactor
pp. 2067-2074
Authors: Amarpreet Kaur and Varun Agarwal


Construction of a Parabolic Reflecting Solar Cooker 
pp. 2075-2080
Authors: Anand Haridas, Arunn S.T., George Varghese T., Hari Mukundan V. and Mithul Krishna P.


Geothermal Energy: An Analysis in India
pp. 2081-2086
Authors: Mohd Arif, Ashish Lochan and Manzer Hussain


Removal Heavy Metals from Electroplating Wastewater by Low Cost Adsorbents
pp. 2087-2092
Authors: Fazlollah Changani Khorasgani and Sohail Ayub


Assessment of Water Quality in the Naturally Made Water Body of Phagwara Tehsil of Punjab on the Basis of Dissolved Oxygen and its Demand
pp. 2093-2100
Author: Harashit Kumar Mandal


Nuclear Energy and Environmental Sustainability: Issues and Challenges
pp. 2101-2106

Author: Harinder Singh


Effects of Human Threats in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve 
pp. 2107-2114

Authors: Abhinav Padmanabhan S, Sandeep C, Lacxmi Narasimhan V, Pruthvi Raj and Surya Kiran T


Phase Change Materials and Potential Applications
pp. 2115-2120
Authors: Ashish Lochan and Mohd Arif


Mathematical Modeling of Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustor of Power Plant Based on Biomass Fuel
pp. 2121-2126
Author: Mohit Gaba


Emperor Nuruddin Muhammad Jahangir—An Appraisal of His ‘Environmental Perspectives and Concerns’ Through the Mirror of History
pp. 2127-2132
Author: Mumtaz Ahmad Numani


Impact of Regional Dynamics on the Growth of a Small Town
pp. 2133-2138
Authors: Neha Saha and Debanjana Chatterjee


An Alternative to the Use of Plastics
pp. 2139-2144
Authors: Abinesh Anbarasan, Jaganath Baskaran, Nidhi Unnithan and Pavitra


Utilization of Thorium Resources in Meeting the Future Energy Needs of India
pp. 2145-2150
Authors: R.C. Sharma and Ambika


Effect of Coil Diameter on Pressure Drop in Archimedean Spiral Coils 
pp. 2151-2156
Authors: Rakesh Baghel and Sushant Upadhyaya


Optimization of CBM Extraction
pp. 2157-2162
Authors: Shivam Mishra and Shivani Yadav


Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment of India for the 21st Century
pp. 2163-2168
Author: Sneh Gangwar


Water Resource Distribution, Assessment and Management in India: Need for Integrated Approach
pp. 2169-2174
Author: Sneh Gangwar





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