International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 8, Number 19 (2013)  Special Issues





Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Study of Zinc Aluminate Nanopowders against Rhodamine B and Crystal Violet Dyes
Authors: G. Ragul and S. Sumathi

Removal of Cadmium (II) and Nickel (II) Ions by Copper Substituted Hydroxyapatite
Authors: Mopuri Nehru and S. Sumathi

Real Time Control of a Television Set Using Hand Gesture Recognition
Authors: Saranya.K.C , Sachin Kumar, Shubham Bajpai, Chaitanya Goel and Sukanya.K.C

Physicochemical Analysis on Water Quality Status of Eastern Rivers (India)
Authors: Saikat Sinha Ray, Ayan Mandal and D. Sangeetha

Abdominal Hematoma Detection Using Microwave Tomography
Authors: G. Vinay Kanth and Nadipi Prabhav Reddy

Mutation Analysis of GJB2 GENE (EXON 2-1) in Non-Syndromic Congenital Deafness
Authors: Stuti Mukherjee, Mayuresh Abhyankar, Anagha Tapaswi, Badari Nath ARS, Radha Saraswathy, Siva Kumar, E, Kalidas and Equally Contributed

Evaluation of Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activity of Bioactive Compounds Extracted from Nocardiopsis VITSRTB
Authors: Surjit Singh, Neha Pradhan, Reena Kumari and Dr. K.V. Bhaskara Rao

Optical Characterisation of Biological Tissues Using Double Integrating Sphere and Monte Carlo Simulation
Authors: Prof. J.B. Jeeva, Lakshmi Narayanan A and Meera Srikrishna

PCR Assisted Detection of ESBL Genes among Lake-water Bacterial Isolates 
Authors: Ray Ankita, Deenesh Nandita, Krishna Raja M and Asit Ranjan Ghosh

An Algorithmic Approach for Data Prefetching Design for Multilevel Cache-Initial Insight
Authors: Suvechhya Banerjee, V. Davina and Harsh Arora

Improved GPU Co-processor Sorting Algorithm with Barrier Synchronization
Authors: K. Avinash, Monu Pandey, Ajinkya Deshpande and Prof. M. Rajasekhara Babu

Android Based Automatic Toll Payment with OTP Using Cloud Environment
Authors: Beeda Anusha Rani, Sayali Nishikant Chakradeo, Riya Mary Abraham and Govinda K

A Novel Digital Information Data Storage Approach in DNA
Authors: Salunke Avinash N., Shruti Gupta, Varsha Agarwal, and Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib

Feature Based Image Stitching on Aerial Images
Authors: Y. Haripriya, K.V. Bindu Pavani, S. Lavanya and V. Madhu Viswanatham

Name Entity Recognition by using Maximum Entropy
Authors: Chittaranjan Swain, Pratik Prakash Bansod and Satish Janghel

Homomorphic Token for Data Storage Security in Cloud computing
Authors: Nagoor Siva, A. Vijay Kumar, Deepak M and G. Arun Kumar

An Effective Congestion Control Mechanism for Wireless Networks Based on CL Approach
Authors: Prof. K. Manikandan and Dr. M.A. Saleem Durai

Directory Based Cache Coherence Modeller in Multiprocessors: Initial Insight
Authors: Rijubrata Mukherje, Abhijit Bej, Hillol Adak and Harsh Arora

Design of a Cloud Based Emergency Healthcare Service Model
Authors: Arindam Banerjee, Prateek Agrawal and R. Rajkumar

Rainfall Prediction Using Multiple Regression Technique
Authors: Imran Ahmed(13MCS0041), Shruti Menon(13MCS0050) and Nikitha K B(13MCS0053)


Interactive System with Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Ramneek Singh Grover, Shailesh Kishore, Nikhil Gaude and Dr. Sandeep N

An Enhancement of Dynamic Source Routing by Efficient Load Balancing in Wireless HOC Networks
Authors: Ashwin Kumar, Sreenivasulu, Praveen Kumar Reddy and Ajanthaa Lakkshmanan

A New Simulated Annealing Based Learning Vector Quantization Algorithm
Authors: D. Geraldine Bessie Amali, Siddhartha Bhuyan and Vijayarajan.V

Energy Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author: Kartik N. Shah, Shantanu Santoki, Himanshu Ghetia and Abdul Gaffar H.

Storage Optimization for Big Data
Authors: K. Govinda and S. Maragatham

P2P Cloud Architecture for Rural Health Center: Monitoring and Evaluation
Author: Prof. R. Rajkumar

Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Mobile AD HOC Network
Authors: K. Manikandan, A. Saranya, Shanthi and C. Vinodini

An Incremental Conductance Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for a Solar Photovoltaic System
Authors: Prof. Chitra A., Rose Mary S. Palackal, Greeshma K. Viswanathan and Nirupama Nambiar

Design and Simulation of CSI FED Snubberless Half Bridge Isolated Front End DC-DC Converter for Solar Renewable Energy Application
Authors: V.K. Sarath Kumar, B. Thiyagaraj, P. Praveen Kumar, D. Elangovan and Dr. R. Saravanakumar

Design and Simulation of Current-Fed Full Bridge Active Clamp DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy Applications
Authors: Mule Sai Krishna Reddy, P. Chandana, K. Shruthi and D. Elangovan

Fuzzy Controlled Symmetrical Cascaded Multicell Inverter
Authors: Mayank Varshney, Dhanesh Chaudhary, CH. Kalyani and P. Ponnambalam

Interleaved Buck Converter using Low Voltage and High Current Application
Authors: S. Sugumar, E.M. Saravanan, E. Dinesh, D. Elangovan and Dr. R. Saravanakumar

Mixed Cascaded Multicell Inverter
Authors: K.A. Siddartha, M. Varun Mohan, N. Manikanta Babu and Dr. Y. Suresh

Performance of 9-Level Inverter Employed for 1-Ф Induction Motor Drive with Different PWM Techniques
Authors: P. Poovarasan, M. Saraswathi, M. Uthra and K. Subramanian

Sensorless Speed Control of PMSM Drives using Stator Current Based MRAC Scheme
Authors: A.L. Aaqib Parvez, Narne. Jyothsna, K. Naveen and Dr. R. Saravana Kumar

State Estimation of Non-linear Process Using Extended Kalman Filter
Authors: Vikram.A.Gajare, Ravikumar. D. Koturwar, Rahul.S. Kore and Manimozhi.M

System Identification from Step Response using Integral Equation
Authors: K.J. Nidhil Wilfred, S. Sreeraj, B. Vijay and V. Bagyaveereswaran

Transformer Less Full Bridge Neutral Point Clamped Topologies for Grid-tied Inverters with Unipolar Sinusoidal PWM
Authors: Prem Sai.T, Ambica sony.S, Sumathi.A and Umasankar.S

Voice Controlled Robot
Authors: Valiyullah Khan F, Narayana Siva Teja and Rashmi Ranjan Das

An Efficient FPGA Implementation of Median Filter for Removal of Salt and Pepper Noise
Authors: Shubhangi Shrivastava, Prasanthi Mortha and Dr. Alex Noel Joseph Raj


Wireless Remote Monitoring, Controlling and Storing Real-Time Data Using ARM CORTEX M0

Authors: Rai Suresh Jaishankar, Narayankar Sonal Ramachandra and Ukande Sushant A.


Room Temperature Synthesized Nano Metal Oxide Humidity Sensor

Authors: Sreelekshmi M V, Sonali Gupta and Dr. K. Chidambaram


Controller Design for Vehicle Suspension System Using Lab View

Authors: Akhil James, Neethu M S and Aish J Thaha


Measurement of Viscosity for Various Liquids by Using Ostwald Viscometer and Interfacing with Labview

Authors: Monika Verma, Nayan Wasnik, T. Sai Sneha and 1Sivacoumar Rajalingam


Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring Using Labview Interfacing

Authors: Deepika Vijayan, Juny Thomas and Sivacoumar Rajalingam


Power Reduction Techniques in Mobile Enviroment

Authors: Mayank Saxena, Mohit Asrani and T. Shankar


Numerical Analysis of Circular Ring Arrays Using Python

Authors: Srinivas Rao Zinka, Geethanjali V and Thushara Moha


Design of Meander Line Monopole Patch Antenna for LTE Applications

Authors: Nitin Popatlal Kothari, Nikhil Pandurang Thakre and Prof. Thiripurasundari. D


Analysis of Multi-Carrier CDMA in MIMO Environment

Authors: Prof. Noor Mohammed V, AnkurKar and PriyabrataTripathy


RF Stability Performance of Junctionless Tri-Gate Transistor

Authors: Lochan Vyas, Deshpande Akshay, Jadhav Alok and K. Sivasankaran


Crosstalk Avoidance in VLSI Interconnects Using Bus Encoding Method

Authors: B. Venkataramana, P. Kishore Kumar, P. Srikanth Reddy and Harish Kittur M


Design of 1-bit Full Adder Using FINFET

Authors: Indraneel Suryavanshi, Ajit Gangad and Prathamesh Chodankar


Selective Match-Line Energizer Content Addressable Memory (SMLE-CAM)

Authors: Mohammed Zackriya. V. and Harish M. Kittur


Design and Analysis of Double Balanced Gilbert Cell CMOS Mixer for Heterodyne receivers

Authors: Arun J, Ezra K, Nithin M and Ravi S


Ethernet in Embedded Automotive Electronics for OBD-II Diagnostics

Authors: Himanshu Sourav, Mohsin Ali and 1Gerardine Immaculate Mary


Secure Data Sharing of Patient Record in Cloud Environment using Attribute Based Encryption

Authors: Stiffy Sunny and L. Agilandeeswari


Adaptive Network Intrusion Detection System Using Decision Tree with Sampling

Authors: Pankaj R. Ambartani1, Bhushan B. Shinde2 and Prof. Usha Devi G3


Analysis of QoS in MANET Using AntHocNet Protocol

Authors: Kasa Sreenivasa Reddy and Prof. Usha Devi. G


Deploying Scalable Car Reservation System Based on Cloud Using Google App Engine

Authors: Patel Kishan Vinodray, Jagatap Vijayendra Krishna, L.D. Dhinesh Babu and Bidwe Nitish Nagnath&


Enhanced Methodology of Shopping Payments in Mobile Application

Authors: Divya M, Soorea Likitha, C. Revathi and Prof. P. Karthikeyan


Improved Motion Compensation Temporal Filtering (MCTF) for Scalable Video Coding (H.264/SVC) Standards

Authors: Ankur Vora


Framework for ATM Banking System Using 3G GSM

Authors: Prof. Kamalakannan J, S. Shanthosh Priyanka and Raval Dhwani Jayant


Reducing the Key Generation Time Using Enhanced AES-128 Algorithm to Secure the Data over Wireless Networks

Authors: Manasa.S, Mullaimalar.P and Gnanaprakash Singh.G.B., Prof. Manivannan.S.S.


Improvised Nymble Model for Blocking Misbehaving Clients in Anonymizing Networks

Authors: Rutuja Shah Varsha, Anandani and Prof. S.S. Manivannan


Image Processing Techniques in Cellular Automata System

Authors: J. Pavithra, R. Monisa and G. Ramya


Comparative Estimation of Methane from Flooded Paddy Fields in Andhra Pradesh

Authors: Anup Matthew, Atul V. Rao, Sriram Siripurapu and Venkata Ravibabu Mandla


Identification and Mapping of Red Sandalwood using Hyperspectral Imagery

Authors: Archana, Joshi, Tanushri, S. Swetha, M. and Venkata Ravibabu Mandla


Edge Detection of Images Using Fuzzy Logic Technique

Authors: C. Kavitha and Dr. S. Denis Ashok


Fabrication and Analysis of Hybrid Polymer Green Composite

Authors: Mohan Babu K, Ramanathan K, Viswanath S, Venkatachalam G and Narayanan S.


Analysis of Crack Propagation on Epoxy Plate with Circular Hole

Authors: Tushar Nikam, Rushikesh Parit and Akash Mohanty


Estimation and Comparison of Stress Intensity Factor in Epoxy Resin Components with Eccentric V-notches

Authors: Sandipkumar Bhagat, Sandesh Patil, Nilesh Dhavale and Akash Mohanty


Design of the Crash Deterrent Bumper for Heavy Vehicle to Car Collision

Authors: Hrishikesh Gadage, Siddharth Dhamke and Pravin Jadhav


Reinforcing Efficiency of Different Fiber Types on Improved Matrix Properties

Authors: Jeremiah Kingston, Raj Kumar M and Kannan R and Dr. Sivakumar A


High Strength Concrete Using Recycled Aggregate

Authors: Prashant Motwani, Rajendhiran, Anand Elumalaiand Dr. A.S. Santhi


Light Transmitting Concrete Using Plastic Optical Fibers

Authors:P. SiddarthaReddy, Shaik.jabaulla and Dr. D. Neeraja


Extraction of Plastic Oil from Plastic by De-Polymerization Technique as an Alternative Fuel

Authors: Santosh Ukamnal, Ketan Nalawade, Anil Jadhav and T. Vijayakumar


Performance and Emission Analysis of Diesel Engine Using Blended Fuel and Study of Emulsion

Authors: Abhijit Kulkarni, Gauri Salvi, Mandar Gophane and Prof. B. Ashok


Comparison of Swirl, Turbulence Generating Devices in SI Engine

Authors: Sarang Rajabhau Bire, Chetan Dhondiram Sagar, Yogesh Subhash Thube and Prof. K. Ravi


Fabrication and Testing of Jute Epoxy Biocomposite

Authors: Subramanian Raman, Shattaki Chakraborty, Chattopadhyay Subhanjan Salil Kumar and Sharan Chandran M


Automatic Identification of Sub Assembly in an Assembly

Authors: Arun Tom Mathew, Ishan Kossambe, Aniket Kavlekar and Nikhil Karve


A Machine Vision System for Biscuit Classification and Fault Detection

Authors: K. Ganesan, Givith Abraham and Sachin K Jayan


Automatic Battery Terminals Disengagement

Authors: Amol S. Dhotre, Sumit S. Gavasane and Ganesan K


DC-DC Buck Converter with Input Output Isolation for Li-ion Battery Management System

Authors: Karthik H, Sanjay Gupta, Subramaniam C.K. and Ganesan K.


Parked Vehicle Location Finding System

Authors: Jenish V Abraham, Vishnu S. Nair and K. Ganesan


Energy Based Dual Blind Wavelet Medical Image Watermarking

Authors: K. Anusudhaa and N. Venkateswarenb


Novel Steganographic Algorithms Based on Colour Visual Cryptography/ Exact Histogram Matching

Authors: Arun Prakash. J and Dr. G. Ramachandra Reddy


Visible Watermarking for Digital Images in Wavelet Domain Using Centralized and Zernike Moments

Authors: V. Santhi and P. Arulmozhivarman


Minutiae Ranking and Its Application to Fingerprint Recognition

Authors: Rajesh Muthu, Ahmed Bouridane and Fouad Khelifi


Design and Development of Vibration Monitoring System

Authors: Aparna T.,Sravani B., JaswanthReddy K., ZakirHussain Sk., Venkatesh K., Sravya Rao, Niharika A., Manikanta V., Gowtham Kumar N., Anil Kumar J., Arulmozhivarman.P and Rao Tatavarti


Comparative Analysis of the Present and the Future Technologies for WDM-PON and WDM-TDM-PON Systems

Authors: G. Aarthi and P. Sathya


Silicon Nanowire Embedded Spiral Photonic Crystal Fiber-Supercontinuum Generation

Authors: E. Gunasundari, K. Senthilnathan, S. Sivabalan, K. Nakkeeran and P. Ramesh Babu


Waveguiding Properties of Solid-Core Photonic Quasicrystal Fiber

Authors: M. S. Aruna Gandhi, P. Ramesh Babu, S. Sivabalan, K. Nakkeeran and K. Senthilnathan


Enhancing the Efficiency of Second Harmonic Generation from 800 nm wavelength using an 8-Fold Photonic Quasi-Crystal Fiber

Authors: Ritapa Bhattacharjee, K. Senthilnathan, S. Sivabalan, K. Nakkeeran and P. Ramesh Babu


Image Feature Extraction Techniques for Biometric Recognition Systems-A Survey

Authors: Rajesh Muthu, Ahmed Bouridane and Fouad Khelifi


Seeing the Light - Catching the Wind Technological Advances in Optical Air Data Systems

Authors: Rao Tatavarti, Arulmozhivarman P., Kishore M.P.K., Anil Kumar J., Sanjay SarmaO.V. and Aparna T.









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