International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 8, Number 2, (2013)





Effect of the Thickness-wise Location Delamination on Natural Frequency for Laminate Composite
pp. 103-116
Authors : R. Sultan, S. Guirguis, M. Younes and E. El-Soaly

IPV6 Packet Transmission for High Speed Networks
pp. 117-125
Authors : Shahsad A.S. and Dr. K.V. Purushothaman

Effect of Fineness on Engineering Properties of Alkali-activated GGBFS Paste
pp. 127-142
Authors : Mohd. Nadeem Qureshi and Somnath Ghosh

Strength Investigations of Processed High Volume Fly-ash based Cement Concrete
pp. 143-155
Authors : V. M. Sounthararajan and Dr. A. Sivakumar

Sequences with Low Peak Side Lobe Levels for Constant PAPR VSF OFDMA System
pp. 157-174
Authors : Susan R J and Sakuntala S Pillai

Development of a Condition Monitoring System for GVSU’s Wind Turbine
pp. 175-185
Authors : Jacob Griffin and Prof. Min Lu

Impact of Coefficient of Subgrade Reaction on Raft Foundation Design
pp. 187-201
Authors : Thulaseedharan V. and Narayanan S.P.














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