International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 8, Number 3, (2013)





CFD Analysis of Centrifugal Pumps with Variations of Blade Number at 3300 RPM
pp. 203-214
Authors: Sujoy Chakraborty, Nabarun Biswas, Kishan Choudhuri, Prasenjit Dutta


Modeling And Suppression Of Vfto’s In A 420kv Gas Insulated Substations
pp. 215-222
Authors: Rama Krishna P Reddy and Amarnath J


Role of Custom Power Devices to Enhance the Power Quality in Grid Connected Renewable Energy Systems
pp. 223-237
Authors: Prof. S. Suresh, Dr. N.Devarajan, A.S. Dinagaran, S. Gnanaprakash


Web Pre-Fetching And Caching In Mobile Environment Using Hidden Markov Model
pp. 239-247
Authors: Jayasudha J. S. and Greeshma G Vijayan


Dual band Micro strip C slot Reflect array Antenna For Wireless Applications
pp. 249-257
Authors: M.Venkata Narayana, I.Govardhani, Sarat K Kotamraju, Habibulla Khan A.Bala, Mohd Saleem Pasha, A.Ashok Reddy, K.Jeevan Babu


CFD Analysis of Merged Airfoil for Incompressible and Compressible Flows
pp. 259-271
Authors: Bibin Prasad, AbyNinan Varghese, Jaison Jacob, Jayaram M,S Sathyajith and Sarat Krishna


A Novel Modeling Approach to Real Time Digital Simulation of Induction Generator based Wind Energy Conversion System
pp. 273-285
Authors: Umashankar S, Vijayakumar D,Kothari D P and Vasudevan M


Secure Communication Using Chaos Synchronization Principle
pp. 287-294
Authors: Dr. K. Gopakumar and Lienu Udayakumar , Kothari D P and Vasudevan M


A Review on Recent Replica Placement Algorithms in Distributed Environment
pp. 295-314
Authors: Kala Karun. A and Dr. Jayasudha. J. S


Robust Design of Process Parameters of Shielded Metal arc Welding (SMAW) to Weld Mild Steel Pipe of ø48x3mm by Dr. Genichi Taguchi's Method

pp. 315-321

Authors: B.S. Praveen Kumar and Dr. Y. Vijaya Kumar


Impact of Inlet Velocity on Lesions in the Left Main Coronary Bifurcation–A Comparative Study Using 3D and 2D Models

pp. 323-346

Authors: Binu L.S., Dr. A. Sukesh Kumar and Dr. Prabha Nini Guptha


Design of Low Cost Compact Modular Small Scale (CMSS)-CNC Lathe Machine

pp. 347-358

Authors: Roni Permana Saputra and Tinton Dwi Atmaja


Comparative Evaluation of Multilevel Modular Inverter Topologies

pp. 359-368

Authors: Ambili Mathew, Sujyothi P, Mandar Balekar, Umashankar S, Nithya V.G, and Sreedevi T.S


Investigation of Multi-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters Using Multi-Carrier PWM Techniques

pp. 369-379

Authors: Sreedevi T. S., Nithya V. G., Surabhi Chandra, Umashankar S., Ambili Mathew and Sujyothi P.


Comparison of Raft and Folded Plate Foundations

pp. 381-398

Authors: Thulaseedharan V and Narayanan S.P






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