International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 8, Number 7, (2013)






Numerical Simulation of Optimization of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooler in Compression Ignition Engines Using CFD Codes

pp. 767-781

Authors: Aditya Ramesh, Dr. R Thundil Karuppa Raj, Ayush Sood, Vignesh Iyer, Santosh Bhaleghare and Aditya Eshwar


Bit Error Rate Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System Using LS and DPSS-BEM Techniques

pp. 783-796

Authors: K.V.N. Kavitha, Sibaram Khara and Harikrishna Potluri


Streamline Simulation Technology: Trends and Applications in Oil Industry

pp. 797-822

Authors: Abdullah A. Al-Najem, Shameem Siddiqui and Mohamed Y. Soliman


FEM Based Spring-Back Investigations of Perforated Sheet Metals: Influence of Open Area, Ligament Ratio and Thickness

pp. 823-829

Authors : Venkatachalam G., Narayanan S. and Sathiyanarayanan C.


Design and Analysis of New Type Slots on Piston to Control Thermal Expansion

pp. 831-836

Authors: Chitthaarth M.R., Charles Dhony Naveen I.A., Sunil Kumar G. and Dr. K. Manivannan


Image Encryption and Decryption from Pixel Values using VHDL

pp. 837-850

Authors: Dr. J. Abdul Jaleel, Reshna S. and Jisha Mary Thomas


Design of Low Power Floating Point Multiplier with Reduced Switching Activity in Deep Submicron Technology

pp. 851-859

Author: S. Sivanantham


Numerical Study on Optimising the Heat Transfer Characteristics of an Automobile Radiator Using CFD Codes

pp. 861-871

Authors: R. Thundil Karuppa Raj, Salman Khan, Dipak Dash and Mridul Hedau







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