International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 8, Number 8, (2013)






Experimental and Numerical Study of Strengthened Flexure Deficient Reinforced Concrete Beam using Cement Composite Binders

pp. 873-884

Authors: P. Bhuvaneshwari and K. Saravana Raja Mohan


Agewise Parametric Classification of Myoelectric Signals

pp. 885-894

Authors: Vivekanandan S., D.S. Emmanue and Ganesh R.


Active Power Loss Minimization by Optimal Placement of SVC Devices Using Evolutionary Programming Technique

pp. 895-908

Authors: K. Balamurugan, Dr. V. Dharmalingam and Dr. R. Murlisachithanandam


Substrate Permittivity Effects on the Performance of Slotted Aperture Stacked Patch Antenna

pp. 909-916

Authors: B.T.P. Madhav, D. Ujwala, Habibulla Khan, Atluri Lakshmi Tejaswani, Sriram Guntupalli and Atluri Bala


Low Profile Square Dielectric Resonator Antenna for IEEE 802.11a/n WLAN Application
pp. 917-924
Authors: Archana Sharma, Kavita Khare and S.C. Shrivastava

PSO Based Optimization Technique for Wireless Optical Communication
pp. 925-934
Authors: Jabeena A. and Jayabarathi T.

Particulate Matter Modelling of Coarse and PM10 of Cigarette Smoke based on the SPH Scheme
pp. 935-947
Authors: Sugeng Rianto, Arinto Y.P. Wardoyo, Soemarno and M. Nurhuda

A Novel Approach for Compressing Welding Radiographic Images Using Multilevel Steganography
pp. 949-956
Authors: V. Vaithiyanathan, B. Karthikeyan and B.Venkatraman

Observer Design For Non-Linear Systems
pp. 957-967
Authors: Pallavi Srivastava, Abhaya Pal Singh Trisha Srivastava and N. M. Singh

Best Approximate Hyperbola Drawing Algorithm on Hexagonal Grid
pp. 969-975
Authors: Manoharan Prabukumar and Bimal Kumar Ray










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