International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 8, Number 9, (2013)





A Relation between Grain Size and Process Parameters in Friction Stir Processing of AZ31B

pp. 977-982

Authors: A.H. Ammouri and R.F. Hamade


An Efficient Web Service Selection Technique using QoS based Service Level Agreement
pp. 983-1001
Authors: N. Balaji, Renuka Sruthi Thorati, M.S. Saleem Basha and P. Dhavachelvan

Face Recognition in Automated Teller Machines
pp. 1003-1020
Authors: M. Jasmine Pemeena Priyadarsini, K.Murugesan, Srinivasa Rao Inbathini Srijith Santhosh, Sabiha Yasmin, Kasturi Avinash

Optical Character and Object Recognition Using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 1021-1033
Authors: Bijlu S Thomas, Srinivas Koppu, V. Madhu Viswanatham,Suzanna Manoj Williams and C Deepak

Micro Mechanical Analysis Of Nano Concrete
pp. 1035-1046
Authors: P. Jaishankar and K. Saravana Raja Mohan

Insects Intrusion Avoidance in Two Wheelers using Ultrasonic Frequency
pp. 1047-1051
Authors: Shriram. K. Vasudevan, Lokesh. S, Vineet Nair, Ajeeth. K and Rohit. S

Thin Layer Drying Kinetics and Modelling of Spinacia oleracea Leaves
Authors: Prithvi Simha and Ashita Gugalia

CT Liver Image Segmentation for the Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer
pp. 1067-1080
Authors: Hariharan. S and Sajith. A.G

A Novel Watermarking Technique Based on Chaos Theory
pp. 1081-1089
Authors: Dr. K. Gopakumar and Rija M. Raju

Modeling of Magnetic Field Assisted Abrasive Finishing Process Using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 1091-1102
Authors: T.C. Kanish, P. Kuppan and S. Narayanan









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