International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 10  (2014)  





A 16kV Distribution Network Reconfiguration by Using Evolutionaring Programming for Loss Minimizing
pp. 1223-1238

Authors: M. F. Sulaima, M. S. Shidan, W. M. Dahalan, H. Mokhlis, M. F. Baharom and H. I. Jaafar


Data Security Using Image Scrambling and Steganography

pp. 1239-1249

Authors: V. Keerthika and C. Nithya


Comparison of Sensor Networks in Clustering and Backbone Based Structures for Lifetime Maximization

pp. 1251-1263

Authors: S.Sathya, A.Ragavi, R.Aarthi, R.Vijayaraghavan and G.Rajkumar


A Soft Computing System to Investigate Hepatitis using Rough Set Reducts Classified by Feed Forward Neural Networks

pp. 1265-1278

Authors: S. Srimathi and N. Sairam


A Modified and Efficient Genetic Algorithm to Address a Travelling Salesman Problem

pp. 1279-1288

Authors: M.Senthilkumar, M.K. Nallakaruppan, T.Chandrasegar and S.Prasanna


Comparative Study of EMG based Joint Torque Estimation ANN Models for Arm Rehabilitation Device

pp. 1289-1301

Authors: M. H. Jali, M. F. Sulaima, T. A. Izzuddin, W. M. Bukhari and M. F. Baharom


Secure Efficient Neighbourhood Discovery in Wireless Networks

pp. 1303-1311

Authors: Dr. Mohammed Ali Hussain, Dr. T. V. Suryanarayana and Dr. Syed Umar


Classification and Quality Evaluation of Apples using Machine Vision

pp. 1313-1321

Authors: Sankaranarayanan. V, Narasimhan. K, Visaka Simhan. J


Enrichment of Tamil-Scripts Using Graphical User Interfacing

pp. 1323-1331

Authors: R. Manoorubini, R. Vijayaraghavan, N. R. Raajan, R. Aarthi and K. Rajan


Cognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Networks: Routing and Its Challenges

pp. 1333-1345

Authors: Pavan Kumar T, Ramesh Babu Battula, Rajasekhar Rao K, Manoj Singh Gaur and Dinesh Goplani


Intrusion Detection System in VoIP

pp. 1347-1357

Authors: Ramya U.M, Jagathish.B, Kamalakannan.K, Prashanth.S, Sri Chandra Saranya.V, Subathra.K


Double Threshold Detection for OFDM Signal Using STransform in Cognitive Radio

pp. 1359-1366

Authors: P. V. Lavanya, R. Saravanan and R. Muthaiah


Energy Detection Spectrum Sensing Technique for Cognitive Radio using 802.11a Signal

pp. 1367-1377

Authors: R. Sindhubargavi, R. Saravanan and R Muthaiah


ASIC Implementation of High Speed Pipelined DDR SDRAM Controller Design

pp. 1379-1388

Author: Satheesh Kumar.S


Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Using MTM-SVD for Cognitive Radio Networks

pp. 1389-1397

Authors: P. Harika, R. Saravanan and R. Muthaiah


Modified Trace Buffer for Error Detection Using Efficient Compaction Method

pp. 1399-1410

Authors: Agalya. R and Dr. S. Saravanan


An Enhanced and Efficient Security Using Steganography

pp. 1411-1417

Authors: J. Priyadharshini, Sruthi Sridhar, Prakash P and Shriram.K.Vasudevan


Threshold Prediction of a Cyclostationary Analysis Method based Spectrum Sensing on Cognitive Radio for OFDM 802.11 Signal

pp. 1419-1430

Authors: M. Yuvasrri Sindhu, R. Saravanan and R. Muthaiah


Impact of Greedy and Traffic Information in Geographical Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

pp. 1431-1446

Authors: Saravanan Palani and Arunkumar Thangavelu


Intelligent Intrusion Detection System

pp. 1447-1452

Authors: Prashaanth R, Shriram.K.Vasudevan, Srijitha M and Sindhoori Rupakula


Mathematical Modeling of Gas-Liquid Process in Tubular Reactors
pp. 1453-1459
Authors: S. A. Mustafina, R. S. Davletshin and S. I. Spivak

Feature Reduction Using Support Vector Machine
pp. 1161-1167
Authors: Prof. A.Anitha and Prof. S.Sureka

Double Threshold Matched filter based Spectrum Sensing on Cognitive Radio
pp. 1469-1475
Authors: Backialakshmi. S, Saravanan. R and Dr. R. Muthaiah

Rule Curve of Selorejo Hydro Power to Have Maximal Electrical Energy
pp. 1477-1481
Author: Rispiningtati







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