International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 11  (2014)  





Power Quality Improvement in Three Phase Four Wire Distribution System Using Multilevel Inverter Based Unified Power Quality Conditioner
pp. 1483-1496
Nivedita Shanmugam, Jayachandran. J and Manimekalai Natrajan

Role of Asynchronous Generators on the Stability of Synchronous Generators
PP. 1497-1514
T. Suganya

Transforming an Audio into an Image Cryptic Effect
PP. 1515-1522
R. Vijayaraghavan, R.Manoorubini, N. R. Raajan, E.Dinesh Kumar, A.Satheesh Kumar

Cellular based Air Contamination Tracking in Perspective Aware Environment
PP. 1523-1529
C. Saranya, M. Lakshmiprabha, Gajjala Bhavana Reddy and Veerabomma Sushma

Mercury Intrusion Penetrometry Method for Pore Size Characterisation of Cement Concrete: A Review
PP. 1531-1540
Karthika, S.

Estimation of Scene Flow based on the Warping Theory
PP. 1541-1549
Sudeepa D.R.S., R. Hema and C. Jaiseeli

A High Speed 14 Transistor Full Adder Cell Using Novel 4 Transistor XOR / XNOR Gates Based on Dynamic CMOS Logic
PP. 1551-1564
Shamim Akhter and Saurabh Chaturvedi

Designing EM Energy Harvesting Antenna to Give Power Support to Embedded Sensor
PP. 1565-1574
Dinesh Kumar K and Hemalatha M

A Modified Concept of the Optimal Solution of the Transportation Problem in Fuzzy Environment
PP. 1575-1580
S. Narayanamoorthy and S. Kalyani

Tuning of Fractional PID Controllers for Higher Order Systems
PP. 1581-1590
Sandip M Baviskar, Pritesh Shah, Dr. S. D. Agashe

On Xilinx Design Language Format for Reconfigurable Evolvable Hardware
PP. 1591-1602
Atul K. Srivastava, Saurabh Chaturvedi, Hariom Gupta

Autoclaving Cement Concrete: A Review
PP. 1603-1617
Suhasini, R.

PP. 1619-1623
T.N.Janakiraman, G.Sathiamoorthy

Multi-Agent System for Service Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
PP. 1625-1633
Ch. V. Phani Krishna, K.. Rama Krishna Rao, S. Satyanarayana, K. Rajasekhara Rao

EPFCM for Studying the Uncertainty and Ambiguity in the MR Images
PP. 1635-1641
K. Ramanujam Iyengar, Dr. Sriram. A. L., M. Rajasekhar Reddy, Hariharan K and Parameswaran R

An Agent Based Model for Service Composition in Pervasive Computing: Web Service Computing Approach
PP. 1643-1653
N. Moganarangan, D. Chandramohan, T.Vengattaraman and P.Dhavachelvan

A Clear Study of Augmented Reality-Jargons Answered
PP. 1655-1661
Srivathsan. S, Shriram. K. Vasudevan Shiva Jegan. R. D and Janani. N

Fuzzy Inventory Model Based on Activity-based Costing
PP. 1665-1674 PLS. CHECK PAGE NO.
LIN Xudong, YE Jun, ZHANG Xianjun, HE Li

Enhancement of Transient Stability in Transmission System Using SSSC Incorporating ESD
PP. 1675-1690
M. Sudharani and J. Rajamohan

Leakage Analysis of ECV in Variable Displacement Swash Plate Type Compressor
PP. 1691-1699
Md. Iqbal Mahmud, Yong Jun Yoon and Haeng Muk Cho

Utilization of Eclectic Masking Technique to Reduce Unknowns in Test Patterns
PP. 1701-1709
K. Vishnu Priya and Dr. S. Saravanan

Improved Observability of Test Pattern Using X Alignment Technique
PP. 1711-1719
D. Narmatha and Dr. S. Saravanan

Evaluation of Total Transfer Capability (TTC) to Analyze the Performance in Deregulated Power System Network
PP. 1721-1734
R. V. Radha, Dr. R. Murali Sachithanantham and K. Balamurugan

Big Data Analytics: A Detailed Gaze and a Technical Review
PP. 1735-1751
Abarna. k, Manikandan Rajamani and Shriram. K. Vasudevan

Web Usage Mining for Better Understanding of User Pattern to Improve Productivity of E-Business
PP. 1753-1763
S. Priyadarsini and R. Viswanathan

The Application of Drillability Properties in Measuring the Strength of Hardened Concrete
PP. 1765-1786
Wail Asim Mohammad Hussain, M. Hanim Osman, A. Latif Saleh, Izni Shahrizal Ibrahim







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