International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 12  (2014)  





Content Based Image Classification based on Texture and Shape Analysis using Wavelet Feature and Clustering Model
PP. 1787-1799
A. Veeramuthu, Dr. S. Meenakshi Dr. S. Justin Samuel and S. Reena Esther

Energy Conservation and Energy Theft Detection Using Intelligent Energy Meter in Cloud Computing Environment
PP. 1801-1813
Dhiraj Anand and R.Seethalakshmi

Pattern Based Gene/Protein Synonyms Identification from Biological Databases
PP. 1815-1827
Shahana Bano and Dr. K. Rajasekhara Rao

3D Reconstruction for 2D Spinal Ultrasound Imaging: An Overview
PP. 1829-1840
Rucha Deshpande, Rajkumar Elagiri Ramalingam, Nachiappan Chockalingam and Roozbeh Naemi

Analysis on the Coordinated Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator System and Battery Energy Storage
PP. 1841-1853
N. Manojkumar

Role of Asynchronous Generators on the Stability of Synchronous Generators
PP. 1855-1873
T. Suganya

Significance of Color & Texture Features in Computerized Melanoma Diagnosis Using Soft Computing Techniques
PP. 1875-1884

Minimization of Control Overhead using Position-Based Opportunistic Routing Protocol in Manets
PP. 1885-1890
C. Eswari, A. Ragavi, S. Sathya, G. Rajkumar

Optimal Placement of Super Conducting Fault Current Limiter for Power Systems Protection
PP. 1891-1909
Dr. K. Vijayarekha and P. Niranjanee

Effect of Temperature Gradient in Concrete Curing Using SEM
PP. 1911-1915
Tamizhazhagan, T.

A Tunable Square Shaped Split Ring Resonator Using Micro Electro Mechanical (MEMS) Switch
PP. 1917-1926
Tanuj Kumar Garg1, S.C.Gupta, S.S.Patnaik, Vipul Sharma

Design of Bufferless Router using Matrix Arbiter
PP. 1927-1933
N. Kalaimani, D. Muralidharan, R. Muthaiah

An Implementation of Optimal Id3 Based Decision Tree Algorithm
PP. 1935-1941
Mohammed Moulana and Dr. Mohammed Ali Hussain

Implementation of One Cycle Controller Based Unified Power Quality Conditioner System for the Improvement of Power Quality in Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution System
PP. 1943-1953
Manimekalai Natarajan, Jayachandran.J, Nivedita Shanmugam

Design and Implementation of Toxic Gas and Fire Alarm System with Energy Harvesting Module
PP. 1955-1965
Immanuel Rai Rosario. P and Hemalatha M

High Reliability Single Stage Transformerless Grid Connected Inverter with Fuzzy Logic Controlled MPPT Based Photovoltaic System
PP. 1967-1985
P. Girija, R. Malathi and D. Sathish

Rendering A Fortify Key to Enhance the Security of Cryptographic Algorithms
PP. 1987-1995
G. Manikandan, R. DalhousePrabu, P. SravanKumar, M. SudhakarRaj, S. Venkatakrishnan

Two–Tubes, 4-Step Operation, Pressure Swing Adsorption Process for Oxygen Separation from Air Using Zeolite Type 5A
PP. 1997-2008
Dr. Hussein H. Hamed

Secure QR Coding of Images Using the Techniques of Encoding and Encryption
PP. 2009-2017
Delphin Raj K. M and Nancy Victor

E-learning through Wireless Sensor Networks using SATCOM and ZRP
PP. 2019-2025
Ojaswa Swarnkar, Shubham Agarwal, Sanyam Jain, Nallakaruppan M.K., Jayakumar. S

Multiple Reference PWM Modulation Technique for a New Hybrid Cascaded Seven Level Inverter
PP. 2027-2041
S. Jagadeesh and M. Nandhini Gayathri

Decolourisation of Treated Wool Scour Effluent by Trametes Versicolor
PP. 2043-2052
Sadiq, A. Kanber

A Relational Analytic Platform with Hadoop using on Demand Integration (ODI) Capability
PP. 2053-2060
Dr. K. V. Daya Sagar

Ellipsometry Studies of Electrochromic WO3 Thin Films
PP. 2061-2073
K. V. Madhuri1, G. Bader and P. V. Ashrit

Determination of Optimum Power Flow with DG Disruptions using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Method (BFOA)
PP. 2075-2086
P. Ronil Sherin, Dr. R. Muralisachithanandam, K. Balamurugan


Super Resolution Using GMM in Scene Flow
pp. 2087-2093
R. Hema, Sudeepa D. R. S., C. Jaiseeli