International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 13  (2014)  





A Relational Analytic Platform with Hadoop using the On Demand Integration (ODI) Capability
PP. 2095-2102
Dr. K. V. Daya. Sagar, G. SivaNageswara Rao Thati Srikanth and K. Raghavendra

Zigbee and ARM based Electronic Toll Management System
PP. 2103-2110
B. Chanthini, M. Barathi kannamma, P. Madhumitha, D. Manivannan

An Effective and Intelligent Eye Based Device Control
PP. 2111-2117
S. Swaminathan, K. Ramasamy, A. Srinivasan

Power Oscillation Damping (POD) and Power System Controller (PSC) based Static Synchronous Series Compensator in Damping SubSynchronous Resonance
PP. 2119-2138
P.T. Anu Bharathi and S. Mohamed Ghouse

Hysteresis Current Controller based Load Compensation Scheme for Isolated Generating System Employing DSTATCOM
PP. 2139-2161
B. Sinthuja and S. Mohamed Ghouse

Performance of Support Vector Machine with Principal Component Analysis and Hybrid Features for Diabetes Detection
PP. 2163-2173
B. Shalini and K.S. Ravichandran

Multi Objective Optimal Phasor Measurement Unit Placement for TNEB 69 Bus System of Indian Electrical Grid
PP. 2175-2182
B. Aarthi

Detecting Frontal Views of Human Face Using Gabor Wavelets and Neural Network
PP. 2183-2189
R. Jagathishwaran and K.S. Ravichandran

A New Approach to Cyber Security through Keylogger
PP. 2191-2197
Thanapal P, Muthamil Selvan T, Prabhu J Tejsingh Rajput and Shubhanshu Saxena

Energy-Balanced PSO Based Unequal Clustering and Power Effective Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
PP. 2199-2209
S. Sindhu and K. S. Ravichandran

A Case Study on How the Material Influences the Productivity in Sheet Metal Forming Processes
PP. 2211-2223
C.N. Ashok Kumar

Face Recognition Based on Interpolation and Down Sampling with SVM Classifier
PP. 2225-2234
T.Aarthi and N.sairam

Implementation of Test Data Compression based on VITERBI Algorithm using HDL
PP. 2235-2240
B.Vignesh and R.Muthaiah

Effect of Aluminum Content on Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of as Cast Fe-Al-C Alloys Lightweight Steel
PP. 2241-2249
Ratna Kartikasari

A New Fuzzy Mathematical Model and its Applications
PP. 2251-2257
S. Narayanamoorthy

A Review on Trust Management Models in Cloud Computing
PP. 2259-2266
D.Marudhadevi, V.S.Shankar Sriram

Melanoma Detection using Dermoscopy Images
PP. 2267-2274
Visaka Simhan Jayaraman, Narasimhan. K, Sankaranarayanan. V and Sahana S. B

Study on the Secured Data Aggregation Techniques in WSN
PP. 2275-2285
R. Bharathi, B. Santhi, B. Baranidharan

A Survey on Gossip Protocol and its Applications
PP. 2287-2292
K. Rajkumar and S.Suganya

PP. 2293-2303

Energy Efficient Approach for Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
PP. 2305-2313
D. Priyashree, B. Baranidharan, B. Santhi

Efficient Privacy Preserving for Sensitive Information using Anonymization Technique
PP. 2315-2324
A. Sugitha and N.Sairam

Issues in Adopting Cloud for IT Services
PP. 2325-2334
V RaviTeja Kanakala, V.Krishna Reddy, P. Sai Kiran, B.Thirumala Rao, K.Thirupathi Rao

Rapid Keyphrase Extraction from Audio Transcripts of Video Lectures
PP. 2335-2340
Aruna. V, Harini. S, Ranjitha. R and Palanivel. S

Effect of Ignition Timing Advance on Performance of a Small Producer Gas Engine
PP. 2341-2348
N. Homdoung, N. Tippayawong and N. Dussadee

A Modified Approach of Three Tier Message Security System by the Combining of QR-Code, Cryptography and Stegnography
Ramkumar. N. and Santhi. B.

An Improved Matchmaking Technique for Web Service Discovery
PP. 2359-2368
S.R. Murugaiyan, G. Sambasivam, T. Vengattaraman, P. Dhavachelvan and V.S.K. Venkatachalapathy

Gaussian-Generalized Exponential Mixture Distribution
R. Seethalakshmi and V. Saavithri

Implementation of an Issue Tracking System in Private Cloud
PP. 2379-2386
Manoj Prabhakar. K. R and M. Lawanya Shri

Multiple Output Switched Mode Power Supply with Regulated and Isolated Output Voltages
PP. 2387-2395
S.Malathi, R.Murali Sachithanantham, J.Jayachandran

Lawful Interception and Monitoring using ATCA architecture in NGN
PP. 2397-2409
Krishna Chaitanya.B, Dr. N.R.Raajan, Pravin Kulkarni

Design of RTOS based Architecture to Enhance Reliable and Concurrent Data Transmission in WSN
PP. 2411-2423
M. Lakshmiprabha and R. Seethalakshmi





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