International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 14  (2014)  


Dynamic Prediction of Collective Behavior using Incremental Clustering Algorithm
B. Rajeswari and N. Sairam

Design of Controllers for Single Inductor Multiple Output DC-DC Converter
PP. 2435-2446
N. Priya, S. Augustilindiya and K. Vijayarekha

Detecting Explosives using Cell Phones: An Approach to Save the Humanity
PP. 2447-2452
Chirag Juyal and R. H. Goudar

Efficient Load Balancing Techniques in Server Using Prediction based Algorithm
PP. 2453-2458

Dynamic Optimization Local Search Offloading Algorithm for Mobile Cloud Computing
PP. 2461-2472
K. Ravindranath and Dr. K. Rajasekhara Rao

Assessment of Perceived Flexibility in House Design using Conjoint Analysis (CA)
PP. 2473-2486
Khwla A.M.H. laraji and Mahmud Bin Mohd Jusan

Emergency Spybot to Detect and to Help Human In Disaster
PP. 2487-2494
M. Karthiga and Dr. S. Justin Samuel

Carrier Grade NAT- A Solution for Prolonging IPV4 Address Availability
PP. 2495-2505
Ram Kaousik. V and Mr. Clint Rebello

A Review on Sampling Technique in Sensitivity Analysis
PP. 2507-2513
Sonu Kumar Kunwar and Santhi B

Simulation of Closed Loop Vector Controlled Spooler Drive System Using SVPWM Based Six-Pulse Inverter
PP. 2515-2529
Anna Philo Antony and Dr. Sankaran R.

Dimension Reduction using Multivariate Statistical Model
PP. 2531-2538
N. Deepa, Chandrasekar. R, R. Viswanathan, R. Sathiyaseelan

Cloud Computing: A Technical Gawk
PP. 2539-2554
Shiva Jegan. R. D, Shriram. K. Vasudevan, Abarna. k, Prakash P, Srivathsan. S And Gangothri. V

Experimental Research on the Phosphorus Removal Effect by Aeration Biological Filter
PP. 2559-2566
Yinsong Liu and Chunbao Xiao

Fusion Image Estimation of Figure and Form in 3 Dimension Human Pose
PP. 2567-2578
S. Anjalidevi, R. D. Sathiya and P. M. Yokidha

READAT-Reliable Attribute Aware Data Aggregation Using an Ant Colony Technique in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
PP. 2579-2589
R. Jayalakshmi, B. Baranidharan, B. Santhi

An Expert System for Diagnosis of Bearing Faults of Rotating Machinery
PP. 2591-2599
K.V.Ramana, B.Raghu Kumar and K.L.Narayana

3 Classification on Various Sampling Techniques based on Biological Data
PP. 2601-2610
M. Monisha and B. Santhi

A Survey Paper on Sorting Techniques in Parallel Databases
PP. 2611-2618
Senthilkumar N.C* Jesna James Parappilly and Shilpa S

An Optimal Secure and Efficient AODV Protocol for MANETs using Hashing
PP. 2619-2625
Dr. Mohammed Ali Hussain, Dr. K. Kiran Kumar, Dr. M. Kameswara Rao, Dr. R. Bulli Babu

Cluster Based Efficient Secure Routing Using Particle Swarm Optimization in Manets
PP. 2627-2633
R. Chirpika and V. S. Shankar Sriram

Buffer Based Parallel Downloading in P2P Network
PP. 2635-2640
S.Nagarajan, A.Needhidevan, M.Prithiviraj and K.Vigneshwaran

FPGA Implementation of Test Data Compression by Using Dictionary Selection, Bit Mask and Look-Up Table Method
PP. 2641-2654
Kasthuri Vijay S, Sanjivee V, Paneer Selvam R

Management of Hemiplegia for Adult Survivors: A Review on Therapeutic Procedures
PP. 2657-2666
A.N.Nithyaa, S.Poonguzhali, Kanchana.D\

An Adomian Decomposition Method to Solventh Order Linear Fuzzy Differential Equations
PP. 2667-2684
S.Narayanamoorthy and T.L.Yookesh

Vehicle Classification and Traffic Density Calculation for Automated Traffic Control Systems
PP. 2685-2692
M.P. Muthu Vaanathi and K. Narasimhan

Security Risks and Prevention in Web Applications
PP. 2693-2704
K. Vidhya and R. Ezhilarasie

Video Stabilization Using Feature Matching
PP. 2705-2716
Dr. Vullanki Rajesh, R.J. Manoj, K.S. Yaswanth and K.K. Sagar

A Framework on Secure Data Transmission Using Steganography Techniques
PP. 2717--2726
Prof. A. Anitha, Prof. S. Sureka and P. Jeevitha

A Review on Optical Ethernet and its Evolution
PP. 2727-2732
Harshita Agrawal, Anil Kumar Shukla and Lata Rani

Attitude Determination of Spacecraft Using FOAM and Kalman Filtering
PP. 2733-2744
Deeptha Shree G., Vineeta Singh, Bijoy Kumar Dai and Sunitha R.

Multi-objective Optimization of Magnetic-field-assisted EDM Process during Machining of AlSI 4140 Using Non-Dominated Sorted Genetic Algorithm
PP. 2745-2752
Hemant Walkar, Vijaykumar S. Jatti and T.P.Singh

Multiline Voltage Sag Mitigation Using Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Fuzzy Logic Controller
PP. 2753-2762
S. Yasar Arafath, K. Shanmugam and M. Nagarajan

Texture Analysis for MRI Brain Images Using Automatic Segmentation Algorithm
PP. 2763-2770
Naveen Kishore Gattim and Dr. V. Rajesh