International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 15  (2014)  





Three Dimensional FE Modeling and Simulation of Nano-indentation and Scratch Test for TiN Coated High Speed Steel Substrate
PP. 2771-2778
Pravin S. Pandure, Vijay Kumar S. Jatti and T.P. Singh

Kalman Filter Based Estimation of the Position of Planar Cable Driven Robot Using Visual Feedback
PP. 2779-2788
Sneha Raj, S. Rakesh Kumar, V.S. Balaji and K. Ramkumar

Artificial Neural Network Based Wind Forecasting for the Unit Commitment of a Thermal Power Station
PP. 2789-2798
S.R. Vasudevan, K. Shanmugam and K. Thirumavalavan

Privacy Preserving for Hospital Data Using Earth Mover’s Distance
PP. 2799-2808
P.V.R.D. Prasad and E. Rudrani Devi

Live Video Streaming Over Bittorrent with Various Bitrate and Multiple Trackers
PP. 2809-2818
D. Sowbakya, K. Rajkumar and P. Swaminathan

Data Assessment Techniques for Handling Misuseability in Publishing Research Documents
PP. 2819-2830
D. Rajeswara Rao, S. Sahitya, J.V.R. Murthy and G. Apparao Naidu

Multi Attribute Keyword Search Over XML Data
PP. 2831-2842
D. Rajeswara Rao and Ch. Lavanya Susanna


Investigation on the Application of Kalman Filter for Heat Exchanger Process
pp. 2843-2850
Authors: S. Muthumari, V.M. Haran, S. Rakesh Kumar and S. Venkatesh

Common User Activities behind Social Networks Using Link Based Clustering
pp. 2851-2860
Authors: D. Rajeswara Rao, A. Raghuveer, J.V.R. Murthy and G. Apparao Naidu


Lung Cancer Edge Detection Using Canny Edge Detector
pp. 2861-2866
Authors: P. Sri Nandhana and N. Sairam

Water Bodies Extraction from Satellite Images Using Threshold Technique
pp. 2867-2874
Authors: E. Sowmiya and N. Sairam


Employee Engagement–A Study with Reference to Insurance Industry
pp. 2875-2886
Authors: V. Vijay Anand and Dr. C. Vijayabanu


Design and Parametric Simulation of Planar Inverted Folded Antenna
pp. 2887-2892
Authors: B.T.P. Madhav, K.S.L. Soumya and Girish Dasari

Diagnosis of Booster Pump Unit Using Vibration Response
pp. 2893-2904
Authors: G. Durga Prasad Dr. K.L. Narayana and Dr. K. Ramji

Neuro Adaptive PID Controller Optimized by Genetic Algorithm for Nonlinear Time Invariant Systems
pp. 2905-2914
Authors: N. Ramesh Raju and Dr. P. Linga Reddy


Cluster Based Aggregation Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 2915-2922
Authors: M. Evangeline Nancy and N. Bharathi

Sell-then-build and Build-then-sell: House Buyers Preferences
pp. 2923-2936
Authors: Fazdliel Aswad Ibrahim, Mohd Wira Mohd Shafiei and Hanafi Jusoh

A Study on Image Watermarking Techniques
pp. 2937-2948
Authors: Ishwarya.V and Priya.S


Some Elements of Quality Technical Education
pp. 2949-2956
Author: Dr. Akshaya Kumar Sabat

Skid Resistance Behaviour of Bituminous Pavements – Case Study
pp. 2957-2966
Authors: Athem Gowtham, Sudesh Kumar, R.K. Srivastava and Dr. R Prasanna Kumar

Segmentation of Multispectral Image Using Enhanced Watershed Transform
pp. 2967-2974
Authors: E. Dinesh Kumar and K.R. Manjula

Analysis and Design of Earth-mat for 132kV Substation using Finite Element Method
pp. 2975-2984
Author: R. Iyswarya

Scalable Model of a 3G/WLAN Hybrid Cell for co-existing Voice and Data Services
pp. 2985-2994
Authors: K.S. Preetha and S. Nanda Kumar


A Novelty of Sand Column Coefficient from Physical Modeling and Calculation
pp. 2995-3008
Author: Akhmad Azis


Implementation of Dynamic Matrix Control for Cement Plant
pp. 3009-3014
Authors: Vijaya Kumar.M, R. Valarmathi, K. Ramkumar and G. Balasubramanian

Analysis of Automobile Cooling Pump Failures in Gasoline Cars: A Case Study
pp. 3015-3021
Authors: Pramod B. Kolse, Amol B. Ubale and Parag J. Idya

Smart Home Network for Controlling Systems through Voice
pp. 3023-3031
Authors: D.Hari Prashanth, Priya.M and Raju J


A Review of Investigation and Comparing IDSs for Detecting Malicious Nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
pp. 3033-3046
Dr.S.Sudhakar, S.A.Suguna, A.Pagalavan, T.Aarthi, R.Vinothini


Design of High Speed, Low Power Error Tolerant Adder 
pp. 3047-3056
Authors: Dhanabal R, Bharathi V, Deepika Srivastava, Roshni Gunerkar and Rahul Rathore

Performance Analysis of 2-D and 3-D Indoor UWB Localization using RSSI
pp. 3057-3064
Authors: Aarthi.R, Jayabharathy.R, Haripriya.K and Ronica.B.I.S


The Cloud Programming Paradigms and APIs
pp. 3065-3074
Authors: Dr. K. V. Daya. Sagar, Dr. K. Raja Ram Mohana rao,Mounika Vallabhaneni and Sravan Ghanta


Clock Network Synthesis Based on Dual-MST Algorithm
pp. 3075-3084
Shashank Ahire, Anuja Nanhe, Gaurav Gawali and John Reuben


An Enhanced Dynamic Round Robin CPU Scheduling Algorithm
pp. 3085-3098
Author: G.Siva Nageswara Rao

Artificial Neural Network based Wind Forecasting for the Unit Commitment of a Thermal Power Station
pp. 3097-3107

Multiline Voltage Sag Mitigation Using Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Fuzzy Logic Controller
pp. 3109-3118

Modeling and Analysis of Geo-magnetically Induced Currents in Transformers and Transmission Lines
pp. 3119-3136
Authors: A.Bhargavi and S.Venkatesh

Speaker Identification System Using Correlation Techniques
pp. 3137-3144

Dynamic Time Warping Technique Based Speech Recognition System
pp. 3145-3151
Authors: N. Nithya, D. Sindhuja, L. Gopinath, N. Raju and N. R. Raajan

Enhancement of Data Replication and Scheduling Strategy for Providing Consistent Data availability in Dynamic Environment
pp. 3153-3161
Authors: S. Abinaya, K. Rajkumar and P. Swaminathan

A Smart Multi-purpose Remote Controlled Digital Clock
pp. 3163-3172
Authors: Yokesh Babu Sundaresan, Ashish Kumar Jaiswal and Kumaresan P