International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 17  (2014)  





Computing Scene Flow Using Regularization Approach
pp. 2825-2832
Authors: S. Nivethitha, C. Jaiseeli, N. R. Raajan and S. B. Sahana


Distributed Generation Placement for Real Power Loss Reduction in Distribution Systems using Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA)
pp. 3649-3662
Authors: B. Karthika Vigneswari, N. B. Rajesh, Dr. B. Viswanathan and S. Ramya

Augmented Reality: The Future World
pp. 3663-3674
Authors Name: S.Karthik , N.R.Raajan , A.Ragavi , Joseph Pablo Varun and K.Balamurugan

Data Experience Elevation through Network Intervention
pp. 3675-3681
Authors: Siddharth.R, Raju.N, Jagannathan.B

Energy Harvesting: A Mandatory Technique for Green Technology
pp. 3683-3691
Authors: Hemalatha M, Dinesh Kumar K., ImmanuelRaiRosario P, Jayasri T and Ramya S

Traffic and Revenue Analysis by a Feedback Module
pp. 3693-3699
Authors: Jagannathan. B, N. R. Raajan and Siddharth. R

Effect of Recycled Masonry Brick Aggregate on Concrete Properties
pp. 3701-3710
Authors: Vijayalekha. K and Saravanakumar.P

Applying the LMS and RLS Beamforming Algorithms on Actual Linear and Planar Antenna Array
pp. 3711-3722
Authors: Mohamed M. M. Omar, Wael A. E. Ali and Sara A. Elesawy

Elemental Modal Strain Energy for Damage Identification of a Space Frame: A Numerical Approach
pp. 3723-3731
Authors: Sharon Ann Mathew, S.Parivallal, K. Ravisankar, K .Kesavan And P. Saravanakumar

Modelling Study on the Suitability of Demolishing Waste for the Production of Hot Mix Asphalt
pp. 3733-3753
Authors: Assist. Prof. Dr. Hamed M. Jassim, Assist. Lect. Omar T. Mahmood and Assist. Lect. Sheelan A. Ahmed

Thermal Analysis of Cryogenic Systems for Liquefaction of Various Gases
pp. 3755-3780
Authors: Devender Kumar and R. S Mishra

Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Algorithms for Monophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation: A Technical Review
pp. 3781-3805
Authors: Mahesh Chandra, Asutosh Kar and Pankaj Goel

An Efficient Model for Share Market Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques
pp. 3807-3812
Gembali Swaroop, Senthil Kumar P and Muthamil Selvan. T

Fuzzy Logic Based Variable Duty Cycle Control for Power factor Improvement and output voltage regulation of Boost Converter
pp. 3813-3824
Authors: S. Malathi, R. Murali Sachithanantham and J. Jayachandran


Performance analysis of Precoded Altamouti scheme in MIMO System
pp. 3733-3647
Authors: P. Satyanarayana, Dr. S. Srigowri and Dr. B. Prabhakara Rao


Performance Analysis of Silicon and GaAs Single Junction Solar Cell Using PC1D
pp. 3833-3842
Authors: Priyanka Dhamija, Preeti Jha and P. Sathya

Notation based Content Extraction from Disparate Databases Using Ontology
pp. 3843-3852
Authors: A.Usha and Dr. D. Venkatesan

Experimental Study and Performance Evaluation of an Organic Rankine Cycle Using Micro Radial Turbine
pp. 3853-3862
Authors: Pattanachok Saiai, Sumpun Chaitep, Damorn Bundhurat and Pipatpong Watanawanyoob

Fault Data Aggregator Recovery Process in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 3863-3871
Authors: K. Abinaya and D. Manivannan

Performance Analysis of Secrecy Rates of MIMO Wiretap Channels
pp. 3873-3884
Authors: Phanish Chava S Balaji Ankit Gothwal and Santhakumar

Efficient Crossover Operator for Genetic Algorithm with ODV based Population Seeding Technique
pp. 3885-3898
Authors: N. Moganarangan, R. Raju, R. Ramachandiran, P. Victer Paul, P.Dhavachelvan and V.S.K. Venkatachalapathy

Implementation of Unscented Kalman Filter for Non Linear Process
pp. 3899-3905
Authors: P. Annapoorani, R. Valarmathi, K. Ramkumar and S. Rakesh Kumar

Cluster Based Secure Aggregation(CBSA) in WSN Using Pairwise Key Establishment Technique
pp. 3907-3920
Authors: G. Muthulakshmi and R. Seethalakshmi

Enhancement of Lifetime and Maintain Coverage Using Adaptive Clustering and Network Coding in Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 3921-3930
Authors: M. Rijuvana Begum and S. Kamakshi

Investigation on Addressing Model Inaccuracy in Nonlinear Process Using EKF
pp. 3931-3938
Authors: Ravikumar A, Rakesh Kumar S and Muthumari K

Design of Neural Network Controller for Non Linear Two Tank Interacting Process
pp. 3939-3949
Authors: K. Prasanthi, S. Rakesh Kumar, N. S Manigandan and K. Ramkumar

Location and Sizing of Multiple Distributed Generation (DG) Units for Voltage Stability and Loadability Enhancement in Radial Distribution Systems using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)
pp. 3951-3965
Authors: S.Ramya, N.B.Rajesh, Dr.B.Viswanathan and B. Karthika Vigneswari

Product Reliability in Preferable Top-K Products Using Cronbach's Alpha Procedures
pp. 3967-3975
Authors: J.VenkataRao, CH.RamyaSri, V.KrishnaReddy and M.Srikanth

Child Rescue System against Open Bore-wells at Agricultural Fields in India
pp. 3977-3983
Authors: N. Suresh Kumar, K.V.K.V.L. Pavan kumar and G. Mahesh

Retriving Top Result Cells from a Text Cube
pp. 3985-3992
Authors: Gitanjali J,C.Ranichandra and M.Pounambal

Impact Services of Dropbox and Google Drive in Cloud System
pp. 3993-3999
Authors: Ranjith. D and Ramya. J

pp. 4001-4025
Authors: M.Nivetha and P.Kanimozhi

Dependence of Archwire on Different Orthodontic Brackets; Numerical Study on Stress Distributions and Deformations
pp. 4029-4040
Authors: Shrestha Ranjit and Wontae Kim

A Brief Study on Technical Challenges in Migrating from 3G to 4G
pp. 4041-4050
Authors: Sureshkumar V, Anantha Narayanan V and Sasikumar R

An In-depth Review of Optical Networking, SONET/SDH
pp. 4051-4063
Authors: Janani. N, Arunagiri .J and Shriram.K.Vasudevan

Theoretical Analysis and Design of PbSe/PbSrSe Quantum Well Structures for Fabricating Tunable Mid-Infrared Lasers
pp. 4065-4081
Authors: Majed Khodr and Patrick McCann

Investigation on 1-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter Based on P-Q Theory
pp. 4083-4092
Authors: P. Venugopal, C. Dhanamjayulu, Dr. Y. Suresh

Mechanical Properties and Micro-structure Analysis of High-Strength Concrete with Nano-Metakaolin
pp. 4093-4106
Authors: V.Shanmugavadivu, B.Karthikeyan and G.Dhinakaran

ODCRP-CRWMN: On Demand Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Networks
pp. 4107-4120
Authors: Pavan Kumar T and Rajasekhar Rao K

Ensuring Secure Storage using Multi-clouds
pp. 4121-4129
Author: Dr. S. Satya Narayana, D. Mounica and B. Pavani

An Integrated PI/LQR Speed Control of Sensorless Brushless DC Motor with Extended Kalman Filter
pp. 4131-4140
Authors: Surya Susan Alex and Dr. Asha Elizabeth Daniel

Alternate Source of Emergency Power for Telecom Towers in India
pp. 4141-4148
Authors: C Sri Saranya and K P Muniraj Singh Hazare

Performance Analysis of Intrusion Detection System over Mobile Cloud System
pp. 4149-4159
Authors: Dr. S. Satyanarayana and B. Pavani

Modeling and Simulation of Power System Stabilizer based on Model Reference Adaptive Control for Power System Stability Improvement
pp. 4161-4167
Authors: A. Kalaiselvan

Identification of Factors Leading to Construction Project Success Using Principal Component Analysis
pp. 4169-4180
Authors: Sayali Sandbhor, Snehpriya Choudhary, Anubhav Arora and Prlavya Katoch

Mitigation of Voltage Sag by Dynamic Voltage Restorer using Single Phase Z Source Inverter
pp. 4181-4188
Authors: V. Jayalakshmi and Dr. N. O. Gunasekhar

Dimensional Parallelism and Rigidity of Planar Parallel Manipulator Structures: A Measure
pp. 4191-4200
Authors: Dr. A. SRINATH

Design and Analysis of Heterogenious Networks
pp. 4201-4208
Authors: Dr Seetaiah Kilaru, Y Ashwini Prasad, K Sai Kiran and N V Sarath Chandra

Performance Comparison of Data Mining Techniques for Predicting Earthquakes Survivability
pp. 4209-4227
Authors: K.R.Lakshmi, Y.Nagesh and M.Veera Krishna

Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Control of Quadruple Tank MIMO Systems
pp. 4229-4238
Authors: Hari Prasath. M, Gomathi. V and Rakesh kumar. S








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