International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 18  (2014)  





The Effect of Cooling on Al2O3-Water Nanofluid Pressure Drop in Circular Tubes

pp. 4239-4254
Authors: Sudarmadji Sudarmadji 


An Investigation of Extended Kalman Filter and Design of a Model Predictive Controller for Quadruple Tank System
pp. 4255-4261
Authors: C. Bharath Kumar, S. Muthumari and S. Jayalalitha

Effect of Lime on the Index Properties of Rice Husk Ash Stabilized Soil
pp. 4263-4272
Authors: Jijo James, S. Vidhya Lakshmi, P. Kasinatha Pandian and S. Aravindan

Replication in a simply Distributed, Mobile Ad-hoc, Cloud, Internet and Peer to Peer Environment: A Multi Dimensional Analysis and the scope for extension
pp. 4273-4282
Authors: P. J. Kumar, P. Suganya and P. Ilango

A Query Adaptive Fuzzy Based Dynamic Sampling Algorithm to Manage Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 4283-4296
Authors: Sureshkumar V., Sandeep Reddy T, Aishwarys Malepati and Radhika N

Improved Speech Recognition Using Neural Network
pp. 4297-4325
Authors: Ravi Lakshmanan, Sathish Kumar Selvaperumal and Chow Hin Mun

A Brief Study on Technical Challenges in Migrating from 3G to 4G
pp. 4327-4336
Authors: Suresh Kumar V, Anantha Narayanan V and Sasi Kumar R

A Repairable Retrial Queueing System with Two Types of Service, Modified Vacations and Orbit Search
pp. 4337-4357
Authors: Shaik Noor Ahamned, P. Rajadurai, K. Indhira and V.M. Chandrasekaran

Automatic Cricket Highlights Generation Baesd on Key Frame and Image Subtraction
pp. 4359-4367
Authors: E. Vijayan

Performance and Emissions Characteristics of a Diesel Engine using Biodiesel and N -Butanol as an Additive
pp. 4369-4376
Authors: R. Pradeepraj and K. Rajan

On Multi-Criteria Area Selection for Promoting Thailand Northern Food Valley
pp. 4377-4381
Authors: S.Ramingwong, K.Y.Tippayawong

Hybrid Micro-grid with Renewables and Energy Storage addressing Power Quality
pp. 4383-4395
Authors: Hariharan T.V. Rajesh N.B. and Dr.Viswanathan B

Real Time Road Accident Sensing System using Wireless Sensors and Microcontroller
pp. 4397-4404
Authors: Vivek Hari Narayan and Raju. N

High Speed Carry Select Adder Using Prefix-Adders for ALU Application
pp. 4405-4417
Authors: Tripura Sundari. A, Fazal Noorbasha, D. Divya and P. Eswara Sindhu

Growth and Properties of Electron Beam Evaporated WO3-V2O5 Composite Thin Films
pp. 4419-4427
Authors: K. V. Madhuri, K. S. Rao and O. M. Hussain


Design of High Performance Truncation Error Tolerant Adder
pp. 4429-4439
Authors: D. Divya, Fazal Noorbasha, A. Tripura Sundari and P. Eswara Sindhu

Performance Analysis of Error Control Codes in STBCOFDM System over Rayleigh Channel
pp. 4441-4451
Authors: Ayona philipose, Aneesha Baby, K. V. N. Kavitha and Sibaram Khara

Use of Brick Dust and Quarry Dust as Fine Aggregate Replacement in Self Compacting Concrete
pp. 4453-4460

The Study of Traffic and Energy Impact from The First Car Policy: Case Study Bangkok, Thailand
pp. 4461-4466
Authors: Jaran Ratanachotinun and Nat Kasayapanand

Energy and Environmental Performance: Exploratory Indicators in the Accommodation Sector in Jordan
pp. 4467-4480
Authors: Yahya Ali, Kholoud Mashal, Mousa Mohsen and Mairna Mustafa

Hybrid Query Generation Schemas for Full Text Retrieval in P2P Networks
pp. 4481-4488
Author: L. Yuvana

An Approach to Energy Efficient Speed Profiles Optimization in Railway Systems
pp. 4489-4502
Authors: Amedeo Andreotti, Valerio De Martinis and Vincenzo Torrieri

Meta Data Transmission using Secret Sequence over OFDM
pp. 4503-4514
Authors: A.Sudharshanan, N.R.Raajan, N.Varun, R.Prasanna and B.V.Vijayakarthik

Modified UWB for BER Reduction Using HAAR Wavelet Transform
pp. 4515-4532

The Effects of Induced Magnetic Field and Viscous Dissipation on MHD Mixed Convective Flow Past a Vertical Plate in the Presence of Thermal Radiation
pp. 4533-4547
Authors: A G Vijaya Kumar, B. Rushi Kumar, B. Reddappa, K. Raveendra Babu and S.V.K. Varma

Can Quick Response Code Enhance Confidentiality in Cloud? - An Access Test
pp. 4549-4558
A.Parvathy, C.Nithya, Naveen Ganesh Muralidharan, Shivanesh Bharathi, B.VenkataKrishnan and V.Venkata Subbu

Vehicle Tracking and Automatic Speed Control for Intelligent Transportation System
pp. 4559-4568
Authors: Vidhyapathi CM, Ramya Avula and Alex Noel Joseph Raj

A 33kV Distribution Network Feeder Reconfiguration by Using REPSO for Voltage Profile Improvement
pp. 4569-4582
Authors: M. F. Sulaima, S. N. Othman, M. H. Jali, M. S. Jamri, M. N. M. Nasir and Z. H. Bohari

Optimal Placement of Facts Device Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique (PSO) and Coordinated Tuning Of the Device Using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
pp. 4583-4594
Authors: V. Sriguruprasath, N. B. Rajesh, Dr. B. Viswanathan, P. Sivan and G. Venkatesan

An Approximation Single Phase Algorithm for Connected Dominating Set of a given Graph
pp. 4595-4610
Authors: T.N.Janakiraman and Lakshmi Prabha S


Design and Development of WSN Communication Prototype for Industrial Automation
pp. 4611-4620
Authors: Bhartesh. M and Manivannan. D

Development of Indoor Industrial Monitoring Using LPC2148 with Data Logger Unit 
pp. 4629-4637
Authors: M. Nasreen and R. Seethalakshmi

Robotic Control with Android & PC Using X-Bee
pp. 4639-4644
Authors: T. M. Sirish and J. R. Suresh Babu

Novel Ferrocement Light Weight Wall Panels
pp. 4645-4657
Authors: S. Grija, P. Sivakumar, K. N. Lakshmikandhan, R. Ravichandran and B. Karthikeyan

A Frame Work for Wireless Embedded Networking Using LPC 2148 with Xbee Series2
pp. 4659-4666
Authors: Bhagavathy Nanthini. S and Manivannan. D

Cost Effective Solution for Energy Efficiency in Urban Water Supplies: Developing Countries
pp. 4667-4682
Authors: G Rudra Narsimha Rao, E Nand Gopal and K V Sharma

A Study of Digital Signal Processing Application for Remote Patient Monitoring System Using Live EEG Data Transmission
pp. 4683-4692
Authors: Sasikumar Gurumurthy, Senthilkumar N C and Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib

Location-Aware E-passport: Enhancing Security and Privacy
pp. 4693-4697
Authors: Raguramajayan M, Sivasubramaniam K, Ananthi Y and Nagarajan S

Error Detection Using Compression Based Architecture in MLDD
pp. 4699-4706
Authors: K Yaswanthi, K Hari Kishore and Fazal Noorbasha

Classification of Rice Disease Based on Color and Shape Features
pp. 4707-4716
Authors: Vignesh. R and Vaithiyanathan. V

F-Norm Theory Based Leaf Classifier by Content Based Image Retrieval Technique
pp. 4717-4730
Authors: Srividhya.K.V and Vaithyanathan.V

Mining High Profit Itemsets using Heuristic Rule Framing Algorithm from Transactional Database
pp. 4731-4737

CB-Asymmetric Coplanar L Strip-Fed Dual Band Antenna for GSM/WLAN Application
pp. 4739-4747
Authors: Ansal K A and T. Shanmuganatham

Performance Improvement of Horizontal Aggregations in SQL by using Top-Down Join Enumerations and Secondary Indexing
Authors: G. Rama Krishna, V. P. Krishna Anne and G.Sameer

Comparative Study of Ontological Wrapper Technique and Minimum Description Length (MDL) Principle to Extract the Web Data
pp. 4761-4771
Authors: Dr. B. Vijaya Babu and Venkata Kishore. Koniki

Analysis of Gateway Relocation Strategies in 802.16 Heterogeneous Networks
pp. 4773-4783
Authors: Divya. Vadlamudi and J.Raja Mohan Reddy

ECV Body Leakage Test Analysis at its Discharge Port (Pd) Location
pp. 4785-4791
Authors: Md. Iqbal Mahmud and HaengMuk Cho

Detection and Prevention of Sinkhole Using Mobile Agent and Md5 Algorithm
pp. 4793-4799
Authors: S.Karthick and T.Kavitha

Analysis of Electromagnetic Heat Loss and Performance in Flow Rate of a Vehicle ECV for Air Conditioning System
pp. 4801-4808
Authors: HaengMuk Cho and Yong Jun Yoon


Surface Improvement of H13 Hot Die Steel Material by EDM Method using Silicon Carbide Powder-mixed Dielectric
pp. 4809-4815
Authors: Nitin K. Khedkar, T.P.Singh, VijayKumar S. Jatti

Effects of the OPF Constraints on the Reactive Power LMPs
pp. 4817-4823
Authors: Mojtaba Shirvani, Mostafa Abdollahi, Ali Akbar Dusti and Iman Baghbani

Cannier and Intelligent Office Environment: An Interesting Attempt
pp. 4825-4836
Authors: Mounika G, Rahmyashree R., Prakash P, Shriram. K. Vasudevan and Chandni Suresh

A Simplified Adaptive Control Scheme for HVDC Transmission Systems
pp. 4837-4856
Authors: Ganapathi Busam and Dr. M. Venu Gopala Rao

Mechanical Property Evaluation of Coir Reinforced Aluminium Laminate Epoxy
pp. 4857-4868
Authors: Shan M Assis, M Harishankar Nair, Anoop Khan P, Deepak S and Joji Oommen George

Secure Storage Services in Multi-Cloud Environment 
pp. 4869-4876
Authors: V P Krishna Anne and Siva bala vinod.Puppala

Study on Dynamic Behaviour of Integral Bridge using Finite Element Method
pp. 4877-4885
Authors: S. Sujin Jose and S.Shobana

Engineering Graduates Attitude towards Teaching Career: A Review of the Motivating Factors
pp. 4887-4894
Authors: Sweta Bhattacharya

Analysis of Channel Estimators in LTE Systems
pp. 4895-4903
Authors: Dhanush H N and Amutha Prabha. N

Comparison of Round Robin CPU Scheduling Algorithm with Various Dynamic Time Quantum
pp. 4905-4916
Author: G.Siva Nageswara Rao


A Graphical Password Authentication System for Touch Screen Based Devices
pp. 4917-4924
Authors: M. Kameswara Rao

Adaptive Modulation and its Detection Using Deterministic Approach
pp. 4925-4935
Authors: M.Subrahmanyeswara Rao and Dr B.Seetha Ramanjaneyulu

Analysis of Single Side Band Generation Techniques Using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering and OTSSB for 1 Gbps ROF Downlink
pp. 4937-4945
Authors: G. Aarthi, Anshul Agarwal, Ankit Kumar and N. Sangeetha

Bone Crack Detection and Classification Using Segmented Multimodal Fusion Images
pp. 4947-4962
Authors: J. Vijayabaskar, Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan

Thus Spake Road Users on the Road Accidents and their Views to Prevent Road Accidents: A Case Study in the Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu
pp. 4963-4981
Authors: C.Nedumaran and Dr. T.Ramachandran

Thumb Dimensional Market Analysis Using CFSMethodology Focusing on Steel Sectors
pp. 4983-4995
Authors: N.Rajagopal, K.R.Sekar and J.Sethuraman

Image Processing based Energy Meter Reading using ZigBee and GSM
pp. 4997-5005
Authors: Vidhyapathi. C.M, M.Chetana Sri Krishna, C.Harieswar Reddy and G.Karthik Reddy

A Survey on Multi-Relational Database based Classification Approaches
pp. 5007-5014
Authors: M. Angulakshmi and I Nagarajan

Analysis and Mitigation of Subsynchronous Resonance due to Torsional Interaction
pp. 5015-5028
Authors: G Muthuselvi and M Shanmugasundaram

Mathematical Matrix Method to Predict Project Total Cost & Schedule
pp. 5029-5056
Authors: Phuor Ty, Narayanan Sambu Potty and M.K.M Akram


An Empirical Analysis of Spam E-mail Classification using Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 5057-5073
Authors: Ajay U. Surwade Manoj P. Patil and Dr. Satish R.Kolhe

Surface EMG Signal Analysis and Pattern Classification to Drive Prosthetics
pp. 5075-5083
Authors: Prema Pitchaipillai and Ashish Sundar

HDL Implementation & Performance Comparison of Various Filtering Techniques Using FPGA
pp. 5085-5094
Authors: Ch. Sravana Vaidehi, B. Murali Krishna, G.L.Madhumati and N. Kalyan

Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images Using Multi Stage Prediction
pp. 5095-5104
Authors: S. AnanthaKrishnan, K. S. Suresh and E. Ponmani

Automatic Fall Detection for Elderly Providing Timely Aid Using GSM Modem
pp. 5105-5114
Authors: Yashwanth Agrawal, P. Jaya Mallikarjuna Rao and Alex Noel Joseph Raj

Real Time Delay Application for Digital Circuits with Peripheral Based Digital Clock Using FPGA
pp. 5115-5123
Authors: B. Murali Krishna, P. Tejaswi, G. L. Madhumati and K. Vinay Kumar

Pressure and Heat Transfer over a Series of In-line Non-Circular Ducts in a Parallel Plate Channel
pp. 5125-5139
Authors: S. D. Mhaske, S. P. Sunny, S. L. Borse and Y. B. Parikh

A Mixed Approach for Power Dissipation Reduction in Nanometer CMOS VLSI Circuits
pp. 5141-5147
Authors: Korraprolu Brahma Reddy and K Hari Kishore

Performance and Analysis of Reconfigurable Video Game Design Using FPGA
pp. 5149-5160
Authors: N. Kalyan, B. Murali Krishna and Ch. Sravana Vaidehi

Timing Analysis Attack based on Hamming Weight
pp. 5161-5169
Authors: Deevi Radha Rani and Prof. S. Venkateswarlu


Secure Speech Transformation Using Enhanced DNA Cryptography
pp. 5171-5180
Authors: N. Gyanadeep, P.V.S Dinesh Kumar, K. Girish Kumar and Dr. Madhu Viswanatham V.

Imprecision Delicacy in Semantic Based Query Processing
pp. 5181-5196
Authors: P.Mohankumar and Dr.J.Vaideeswaran

Productivity Improvement in Bottleneck Machine for Automated Cylinder Block Line
pp. 5197-5208
Authors: Ajinkya P. Patil and Yash B. Parikh

Numerical Simulation of a Tube in Tube Helical Coiled Heat Exchanger using CFD
pp. 5209-5220
Authors: Soby P. Sunny, Siddharth D. Mhaske and Yash B. Parikh

40-Gbps PDM-RZ-DPSK Transmission with Wireless Integration
pp. 5221-5232
Authors: G. Aarthi, G. Ramachandra Reddy, Ankit Upadhyay and Nikhil Mittal

Mitigation of Sub Synchronous Oscillations in Power System with Static Synchronous Series Compensator Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
pp. 5233-5248
Authors: Haricharan. Nannam and Dr. P. Linga Reddy

Design of Radix-4 FFT Algorithm
pp. 5249-5265
Authors: Y. Chaitanya Ram Reddy, B. K. V. Prasad and CH. Jagadish

ECG Signals: Simulation and Analysis in MATLAB
pp. 5267-5276
Authors: Madina Hamiane and May Hashim Ali

Visualization of Big Data: Its Tools and Challenges
pp. 5277-5290
Authors: Sucharitha V, Subash S R and Prakash P

Comparative Analysis of Auto-Tuners for Pressure Tank Process
pp. 5291-5298
Authors: Priyadharshini.R and Rakeshkumar.S










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