International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 2, (2014)  





Encryption for An Image Using Circular Budge on Bit-Planes
pp. 153-160
Authors: R. Vijayaraghavan, S. Sathya and N. R. Raajan

Comparison of Edge Detection Techniques Using Traditional and Soft Computing Approach
pp. 161-166
Authors: R.Manoorubini, K.Haripriya, R.Vijayaraghavan and N.R.Raajan

Comparison of Modulation Techniques in Image Transmission Using OFDM
pp. 167-174
Authors: G.Manochitra, R.Vijayaraghavan, C.Eswari and N.R.Raajan

Low Power High Performance Carry Select Adder
pp. 175-182
Authors: S S Kerur, R Saktivel, Harish Kittur and Girish V A

Comparison of ICA Algorithms for EEG Signals
pp. 183-190
Authors: Sandesh.R S and Nithya Venkatesan

A Comparative Study on Analytical and Experimental Buckling Stability of Metal Matrix Composite Columns with Fixed & Hinged Ends
pp. 191-196
Authors: G Bala Narasimha, M Vamsi Krishna and Dr. Anthony M Xavior

Doubly Fed TCSC as Voltage Regulator for Distribution System
pp. 197-202
Authors: U. Ramesh Babu, V.Vijay Kumar Reddy and S.Tarakalyani

Face Recognition for Authentication Purpose using LLE Algorithm
pp. 203-212
Authors: K. Janakiraman, T.Baghyasree and N.Krithika

Legendre Wavelet Method for the Singular System of Transistor Circuits
pp. 213-221
Authors: S.G.Venkatesh, S.K.Ayyaswamy, S.Raja Balachandar and K.Kannan

Analysis of Acute Lymphoblastic Lukemia Using Cluster Based Image Processing Approach
pp. 223-230
Authors: R.Vijayaraghavan, P.Sowmiya,G.Manochitra and N.R.Raajan


Variation in Magnetic Coupling Implemented through Wireless Power Transfer
pp. 231-237
Authors: Hema Ramachandran and Dr. Bindu G.R

Mining Association Rules Using Improved Frequent-Pattern Growth Algorithm
pp. 239-246
Authors: Anand H.S. and Vinodchandra S.S.

Combined Linear and Nonlinear Multiuser Detector for CDMA Systems with Parity Bit Selected Spreading Sequences
pp. 247-255
Authors: Dr. Haris P. A. (Associate Professor) and Syam Chandran K


An Overview of RF Power Amplifier Techniques and Effect of Transistor Scaling on its Design Parameters
pp. 257-276
Authors: VeeraiyahThangasamy, Noor Ain Kamsani, MohdNizar Hamidon and Muhammad Faiz Bukhori


Comparitive Analysis of OTSUís Method and Active Contour Model
pp. 277-282
Authors: L.Gopinath, M.Anitha, N.Nithya and N.R.Raajan


Semantic Web Service: QOS Based Integrated Approach to Discover WS Using Dynamic Configuration Model
pp. 283-291
Authors: Michael Raj T.F, Bala Krishnan.R and Hemamalini. S


Modified OFDM for Multichannel Estimation using Rajan Transform

pp. 293-296
Authors: B. I. S. Ronica, V. Mangayarkarasi and N. R. Raajan






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