International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 23  (2014)  





CBACCN: Constraint Based Community discovery Complex Networks
pp. 18115-18127
Soumita Seth , Debnath Bhattacharyya, Tai-hoon Kim

Association Itemsets Discovery Considering Strategic Importance: WAARM
pp. 18129-18139
Jin Gyu Shin, Doug Won Choi

Electronic Resource Management using Cloud Computing for Libraries
pp. 18141-18147
R.S.M. Lakshmi Patibandla and K. Santhi Sri

The Effect of Creativity Education in Korean ‘Model Schools’ on Creativity
pp. 18149-18158
Kyung-hwa Lee, Kyoung-hoon Lew

A Study on Optimization Algorithm for Data Driven Architectural Design
pp. 18159-18166
Jin Ho Park  And Woo-Hyoung Lee

Development of Standard Work Process Model for Defect Consulting onKorea Apartment Housing
pp. 18167-18174
Junmo Park Woo-Hyoung Lee

Study on the bearing capacity of waveform Micropile using jet grouting method
pp. 18175-18182
Young-Eun Jang

A Study on the Maintenance Direction of Waterfront for Urban Regeneration: Focused on Urban-Rehabilitation Strategies and Planning Factor
pp. 18183-18190
Won Chul Lee

Analysis of the current state in order to maintain the function of the communication buildings for maintaining function in emergency
pp. 18191-18198
Gyeongmok Nam

Explicit Reanalysis Approach due to Modification of Structural Members
pp. 18199-18206
Hee-Chang Eun,Young-Jun Ahn,Seung-Guk Lee,In-Baik Lee

Comparison of Ultrasonographic Architectural Properties of Muscles and Balance Ability Based on the Spasticity of Chronic Stroke Patients
pp. 18207-18214
Tae-Gon Kim,Gi-Do Kim,Chan-Hun Choi,Kyung-Yoon Kim

Applicable Natural Staining by Sophora japonica L.and Phellodendron amurense Ruprecht
pp. 18215-18222
Suk-Yul Jung and Su-Youn Park

Algorithm for Reduction of System Order using Fast Rationalized Haar Transforms in Time Domain
pp. 18223-18230
Joon-Hoon Park

Simplification of High Order Transfer Function using General Block Pulse Functions andTransforms in Frequency Domain
pp. 18231-18239
Joon-Hoon Park,Ryum-DuckOh

The Effect of Theme Based STEAM Activity Programs on Self Efficacy,Scientific Attitude, and Interest in Scientific Learning
pp. 18241-18246
Young-Tae Kong, Sun-Chen Huh, Hui-Ju Hwang

The Implementation of STEAM Program about Pollution in Senior High School
pp. 18247-18254
Young-Tae Kong

Structural Analysis of Class Satisfaction by Internet Protocol TV
pp. 18255-18261
Hyunwook Kim and Joungmin Km

Acoustic Echo Cancellation Techniques for Far-End Telephony Speech Recognition in Barge-In Situations
pp. 18263-18271
JongHanJoo,Jung Hoon Lee,Young Sun Kim, Seung Ho Choi(Corresponding author),Se Jin Chang

Constructing an Advanced Selection Mechanism in Evolutionary Optimization
pp. 18273-18280
Don-Kyu Lee, Chang-Wook Han

Study on Finding Hidden Pet Game for Children Using Motion Cognition Technology
pp. 18281-18288
Hyun Yi Jung,Hyunggi Kim

Farming related Symptoms among Korean Farmers and their Quality of Life
pp. 18289-18294
Myoung-Hee Kim

One-hand texting usability with iPhone 5 Touch-screen keyboard vertical position
pp. 18295-18302
Calvin Jeongheon Lee,Hye Jin Kum,Hyoung-taek Lim,Frank Biocca

A Study of the Antenna Design for a 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Dual Band Wireless Communication
pp. 18303-18308
Sun-Yeob Kim, Jae-Wan Park, and Jung-Chul Lee

A Study on the Security Protocol for Passive RFID Tag using TWOFISH Algorithm
pp. 18309-18314
Jae-Wan Park and Jung-Chul Lee

Power Converter Control of Photovoltaics System for Medical Devices in the Hospital
pp. 18315-18320
Young-Choon Kim, Moon-Taek Cho, and Hong-Bae Kim

Design of aLow Supply Voltage CMOS VDTA for Multifunction Filters
pp. 18321-18326
Junho Bang, Jeho Song, and InhoRyu

Information Systems for Internal and External Communications
pp. 18327-18332
Sora Kang, Jounghae Bang, and Min Sun Kim

Study on the scientific analysis of vocal technique and training system
pp. 18333-18338
Tae-Seon, Cho

The Analysis of Interaction for the using Online Community and Brand Attitude
pp. 18339-18344
Jung-Hee Yi and Kyu-Won Park

New Innovative Product Development of Technology Assessment Business Information of Boryeong Mud
pp. 18345-18350
Moon-Hee Choi, Hyun-Seob Cho, and Hye-Kyun Kim

A Study on the UX Features of Smart Phone Launchers
pp. 18351-18356
Jung-AeLee, Hyeon-WookPark, and Jong-HoLee

Greenfoot-based Programming Education for Improving Object-oriented Modeling skills
pp. 18357-18362
Jin-Hee Ku

Modeling and Simulation of the Impact Spread of Government Investments for Agricultural Sector
pp. 18363-18370
Bae Sung Kim and Seong Bo Ko

Pool and Whirl Fire of n-Heptane by Height of Fire Source Using a Small Scale
pp. 18371-18378
Hyungju Park, Myoungjin Choi, and Jaekyung Yang

An agent scheme for wireless sensor network
pp. 18379-18384
Sangjoon Park and Jongchan Lee

Ballast Design for Reducing Harmonics Enabled Power Factor Correction and Efficiency
pp. 18385-18390
Young-Choon Kim, Moon-Taek Cho, and Hong-Bae Kim

A New Bi-Functional Inductor Using A Voltage Differencing Transconductance Amplifier
pp. 18391-18396
Junho Bang, InhoRyu, Jeho Song, and BarunBasnet

A strategic design scheme for the configuration of wireless sensor networks
pp. 18397-18402
Sangjoon Park and Jongchan Lee

The Moderating Role of Organizational Climate on Learning and Champion Manager on Innovation Projects
pp. 18403-18408
Sora Kang, Yoo Jung Kim, and Moon-Seok Kang

Analysis of element relation in wireless sensor networks
pp. 18409-18414
Sangjoon Park and Jongchan Lee

Liquid Phase Oxidation of Ethylbenzene with Cobalt Impregnated Zeolite Co-ZSM-5
pp. 18415-18420
Mei Mei Peng, Mani Ganesh, Arthanari Saravana Kumar, Abidov Aziz,Ung Jin Jeon, Rajangam Vinodh, Muthiahpillai Palanichamy and Hyun Tae Jang

A Study on the Structure and Signification of Informative TV Program
pp. 18421-18426
Hyun Hahm

A Case Study for the Application of PBL in Engineering–School: Focused on a Creative Engineering Designs Course
pp. 18427-18432
Keunsoo Lee

A Design of Key Generation Protocol for User Authority In Cloud Computing Environment
pp. 18433-18438
Byung-Wook Jin and Young-Ju Lee

A Study for IOT Based Device Access Control and Secure Communication Protocol
pp. 18439-18444
Byung-Wook Jin and Keun-Wang Lee

Radio Resource Management using Overlapped Interference in OFDMA system
pp. 18445-18450
Gi-Sung Lee and Jong-Chan Lee

Change Detection of Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City Using Multiple Satellite Sensors
pp. 18451-18456
Hee-Cheon Yun, Jong-Sin Lee, and Joon-Kyu Park


Improved Control Method for Variable Speed Centrifugal Compressor
pp. 18457-18462
Hyuntak Jang, E-Sok Kang, Wonho Lee, and Kwangho Ko

Velocity and Distance based Broadcasting Protocol for Vehicle Safety Communications
pp. 18463-18468
Si-Ho Cha

Analysis of Crustal Movement Change by Large Earthquake Using Satellite Positioning Sensors
pp. 18469-18474
Joon-Kyu Park and Keun-Wang Lee?

Development of Photovoltaic Electric Carts Using High Efficiency MPPT Algorithm
Hyoung-Keun Park and Myeong-Hun Yang

A Design of the Efficient Multi-threaded Software Control System of Industrial Equipment
pp. 18481-18487
Bo-Hun Kim, Hwang-Rae Kim

Combustion Characteristics of Organic Waste Sludge in Fluidized Bed Combustor
pp. 18489-18494
Abidov Aziz, Mei Mei Peng, Rajangam Vinodh1, Mani Ganesh1, Hyun Tae

A data gathering characteristics in wireless sensor networks
pp. 18495-18500
Sangjoon Park and Jongchan Lee

Effects of Comprehensive Nursing Service on Patient Satisfaction, Length of Hospital Stay, and Incidence of Falls and Pressure Ulcer
pp. 18501-18506
Young-Ran Yeun, Sang-Do Kim, Young-Mi Lee

Effect of Different Ski Plates Brand in Blood Lactate Concentrations
pp. 18507-18512
Jinho Back, Sun Hur, Young-Mee Lee, Wonil Son1, and Hyun-Sik Chu

Comparative Electromyogyaphy Analysis of Skiing on Slope and on Simulator
pp. 18513-18518
Minsoo Kim, Jinho Back, Siddhartha Bikram Panday, Jusung Lee, Yu Seong ,Park, Kitae Kim, and Byong Hun Kim

Field Uniformity Enhancement in the Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Facility by Quadratic Residue Sequence
pp. 18519-18526
Eugene Rhee,Jihoon Lee

Development of a Mobile Voice Book Reader Enabling Interval Listening Basd on HTML5
pp. 18527-18534
Joo Hyun Park,Ja Rang Seo,Joo Hye Hong,Soon-Bum Lim

Resource Tracing Scrap Modeling for E-Textbook Authoring System based on Transclusion
pp. 18535-18542
Ja-Ryoung Choi,Soon-Bum Lim

Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Tag Ranking and Image Search System Using Tag Similarity
pp. 18543-18550
Si-Hwa Lee,Sae-Hong Cho,Dae-Hoon Hwang

Development of LAACS(Lecture Automatic Attendance Check System) based on Student Locations
pp. 18551-18558
Lee Yong Hui, Kim Hwan Seok

Geospatial Sensor Web for Environmental Monitoring of Mountain Areas
pp. 18559-18566
Yeon-Jun An,Do-Hyeun Kim

An Assessment Index of Nonsymblic Communication (AINC) for Individuals with Severe and Multiple Disabilities
pp. 18567-18574
Kyoung Ock Park,Juhye Yook

A Study on the Application Design for the Search of Native Flowers Name in Korea
pp. 18575-18580
Junyon Kim

Application Design of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Park with Location-Based Service Technology
pp. 18581-18587
Junyon Kim

A Study on the Development of a Support System for Housing Welfare
pp. 18589-18596
Youngwoo Nam

A Study on the development of location selection system for the supply of public rental house
pp. 18597-18604
Youngwoo Nam

Implementation of Object Control Module in Spatial Audio Object Coding for Sharing Audio Contents
pp. 18605-18612
Kwangki Kim

Real-time interactive media performance using motion : Focusing on the artwork <Together>
pp. 18613-18619
Dohee Kim,Haehyun Jung,Hyun-Ju Choi,Hyunggi Kim

The Approach to the Security Analysis of JavaScript Programs in webOS App Store
pp. 18621-18629
VyacheslavBelenko, ValeryChernenko, Woosung Kim

Optimum Experimental Conditions for the Determination of Total Polyphenols Using the Peroxidase-Based Amperometric Biosensor
pp. 18631-18638
Young Tae Kong

A Study on the Implementation of the Zigbee Network System on Vessel for real time monitoring System
pp. 18639-18646
Kyung-ho Lee, Dae-seok Kim, Jung-Min Lee, Kae-myoung Park

Algorithm for Time Domain Synthesis of Transfer Function using the Single Term Walsh Series and Transforms
pp. 18647-18654
Joon-Hoon Park,Ryum-DuckOh

A Study on Predicting Candidate Players for National Baseball Team using k-Nearest Neighbor
pp. 18655-18662
Wu-In Jang, Sun-Young Ihm, Young-Ho Park (Corresponding Author)

Combining Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning to Analyze Crime Data
pp. 18663-18669
Aziz Nasridinov,Young-Ho Park (Corresponding Author)

Analysis of Effectiveness of Social Subject Digital Textbook in Elementary School
pp. 18671-18677
Seonghun Ahn, Kilhong Joo

On a Design of Undecimated Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition Filter Banks Applicable to Arbitrary Trees for Speech, Image, and Multivariate Signals
pp. 18679-18687
Min-sung Koh

Line Segmenting technique for Car License Plate Recognition
pp. 18689-18695
Dongwook Kim,Liu Zheng

An Agent-Based Approach in Demographic Research: Preliminary Study on Korean Population Dynamics
pp. 18697-18704
Jeongsik Kima, Moise Busogia, Namhun Kima, Chang-Won Ahnb, Euihyun Paikb,Minnseok Choib, Eunjeong Choib, Kiho Kimb


A Novel Method for Optimal Location of UPFC
pp. 18705-18717
Arul Ponnusamy and 2Dr. Regarajan Narayanan

Application of Various Intelligent Algorithms to Solve Optimal Power Flow Problem in Power Systems

pp. 18719-18728

Arul Ponnusamy and Dr. Regarajan Narayanan

Secure Access of Personal Health Records in the Cloud
pp. 18729-18734
Stefi Sterlin and Nisha Sebastian

Design of Modified Reconfigurable Fir Filter Using Russian Peasant Multiplication Technique

pp. 18735-18746

K. Gunasekaran and Dr. M. Manikandan

Facial Expression Classification by Thermal Image
pp. 18747-18752
Navya Menon G and Manju E.V

Catalytic Performance of TiO2-Fe3O4 Supported Bentonite for Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol

pp. 18753-18758
Restu Kartiko Widi, and Arief Budhyantoro

Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Using Nano Particle as Additive with Biodiesel
pp. 18759-18770
Prabhu L1, S. Satish Kumar, S. Ramachandran, Dr.K.Rajan

A Hybrid Power-Efficient FIR Filter Architecture Using DPL Model
pp. 18771-18787
M. Madheswarana and D. Malathi

Performance of Boron Carbide Coated Tool Using Spray Pyrolysis for Turning AISI316L
pp. 18789-18796
P. Senthilkumar and R. Saravanan

A Highly Resilient Network on Chip Router for Core Based SoC
pp. 18797-18806
Miss. Waikhom Reshmi1,Mr. Amit Kumar Sinha,Mr. Shailendra Kumar Mishra, Mrs. Jiban Priya

Modelling Inverter-Machine Drive output using Discrete Event System Approach
pp. 18807-18821
Jayarama Pradeep and R.Devanathan

Recent Investigation on Cluster based Energy Efficient Scheduling Scheme for WSN
pp. 18823-18840
R. Arun Chakravarthy and Dr. S. Palaniswami

Critical Node Management in Wireless Adhoc Networks
pp. 18841-18847
G. Sugitha and A. Albert Raj

An Efficient CRC Based Network on Chip (NoC) Architecture for Improved Quality of Service (QoS)
pp. 18849-18866
Chellappa Glory Joy Merline, Dr. C. Tharini, Govindharajan Uma Gowri

A Survey on Mobile Sampling and Broadcast Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 18869-18888
Rajasekar. R and Dr. Prakasam. P

Orientation Model for Effective Event Detection in Vehicle Location
pp. 18889-18898
R.C. Karpagalakshmi and Dr. D. Tensing

Relaying and Decoding Technique in Wireless Co-Operative Networks
S. Sadasivam and G. Athisha

High-Frequency High-Voltage Power Supply for Ozone Generator System
pp. 18913-18930
G. Udhayakumar Rashmi M R, K. Patel, G.P. Ramesh, Suresh A

Swarm based Energy Aware Mitigation Mechanism for Root Node Attacks in MANETs

pp. 18931-18951
S.Parthiban,Paul Rodrigues

Performance and Emission Characterization of Brown Gas Based Petrol Engine
pp. 18953-18961
G.Viswanath1, G.Vijayasekaran , B.Satya Krishna , D.Srinivasan1,S.Mohanamurugan

A Comparative Study of Parkinson’s Disease Prediction Using Classification and Filtering Techniques
pp. 18963-18976
K. Vasantha Kokilam and Dr. D. Ponmary Pushpa Latha

An Approach to Implementation of Intelligent Tracking System for Railway Sectors using Mobile Agents
pp. 18977-18990
R. Immanuel Rajkumar, Dr. P.E. Sankaranarayanan and Dr.G.Sundari


Building a Bernoulli Probability Bayesian Clustering On Non-Linear Regression Data
pp. 18991-19017
M. Ravichandran and Dr. A. Shanmugam

Development and Application of STDCM for Long-term Software Projects
pp. 19019-19026
K. Karnavel and Dr. R. Dillibabu

A New Approach to Improve the Performance of ASD during Voltage Sag Using Swiss Rectifier
pp. 19027-19035
S. Renukadevi and Dr. M. Rathinakumar

Error Detection for Graph Based Finite Field Multiplier Using Swapping Technique
pp. 19037-19046
Sargunam B and Dr. Dhanasekaran R

A Method for Finding Research Article Using Clustering and Co-Citations
pp. 19047-19058
G. Parthasarathy and Dr. D.C. Tomar

Low Complexity Image Compression Approach for Medical Image Security
pp. 19059-19074
Poorvi Kansara, Sneha Ambhore and K.Brindha, Srinivas Koppu

Implementation of Multi-objective Job Scheduling Algorithms with Evolutionary Representation
pp. 19075-19081
K. Bharathi1 and C. Vijaylakshmi

A Study on Role of Gold Portfolio Allocation
pp. 19083-19088
Dr. N. Gopinathan and Nitin Ramakoti

Modernised Framework for Type-2 Diabetes Prediction
pp. 19089-191001
P.C. Thirumal and N. Nagarajan

Experimental Approach and Optimization on Production of Composite Materials Using Ridge Gourd Natural Fiber
pp. 19101-19111
P. Gopinath and P. Suresh

Experimental Investigations and Optimization of Machining Parameters on Alloy 10100 OFE/OFHC by Wire EDM
pp. 19113-19122
R. Meenakshi and P. Suresh

Effect Analysis of Fouling on Heat Transfer Surfaces
pp. 19123-19133
M. Sathyapriya and Dr. L. Sivakumar

A Study on the User Perception and Awareness of Smartphone Security
pp. 19133-19144
DhanyaPramod and Ramakrishnan Raman

Fatigue Analysis of Motorcycle Chains
pp. 19145-19176
Dr. P. Sadagopan, Harish V and Pradip Udayakanth C G

Effect of Blended Dual Fuel on Operating Parameters of DI 4S Diesel Engine
pp. 19177-19188
J. Hemanandh and K.V. Narayanan

Optimization of CNC Drilling Operations in Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites Using Factorial, Nelder Mead,Genetic Algorithm Methods
pp. 19189-19201
R. Kumarasubramanian and S. Jayabal

A Novel Approach to cluster new data-items in previously clustered data-items using Agglomerative Clustering with Single Link
pp. 19203-19209
Prof Rasendu B. Mishra and Prof (Dr) Nilesh K. Modi

High Performance Operation of DTC-CSI Fed IM Drives at Low Speed with On-Line Stator Resistance compensation
pp. 19211-19230
N. Panneer selvam and Dr.V.Rajasekaran

Knowledge Based Ovarian Cancer Treatment Using SVM
pp. 19231-19241
R.Vidya and Dr.G.M.Nasira

Customer’s Inclination for Online-Shopping
pp. 19251-19258
Dr.TR. Kalai Lakshmi and Dr. S.S. Rau

A Review on Cluster Based Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 19259-19277
Narendran. M and Prakasam. P

An Experimental Investigation of Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour on Phosphor Bronze/WS2 Particle Reinforced Composites
pp. 19279-19285
Sangaravadivel P, Natarajan N, Krishnaraj V and Rajalingam S

Heat Transfer Enhancement by Using Graphite/Water Nanofluid in Corrugated Tube Equipped with Different Concentartions
pp. 19287-19301
Vedhagiri Eswaran. Va, Dr. G. Ramadossb, N. Subramaniamc and Prabhud

A Secured Fault Tolerant Based Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 19303-19320
M. Thangaraj and P. Punitha Ponmalar

Effectiveness of Rubrics on Student Performance in Higher Education
pp. 19321-19345
Gayatri Venugopal, Janhavi Pednekar, Anagha Vaidya

Routing in Ad-Hoc Networks using Modified Ant Colony Optimization
pp. 19347-19353
C. Chitra and T. Suganya Thevi

Advanced Medical Image Mining Technique using Efficient Hybrid Classifier for Small Dataset
pp. 19355-19376
S. Padmapriya,Dr. E. Kirubakaran and Dr. N.M. Elango

Effect of Joint Configuration on the Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Aluminium Copper Joints
pp. 19377-19385
M. Felix Xavier Muthua, and V. Jayabalanb

Securing Data Packets from Vampire Attacks in Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Network
pp. 19387-19402
M. Rajesh Khanna and Dr. A. Rengarajan

A Systematic Study of Feature Extraction Algorithms
pp. 19403-19420
K. Venkateswaran, N. Kasthuri, R. Shobika and R.Kiruthiga

Extraction of Lignin from Paper Industry Waste
pp. 19421-19428
Issa Korbag and Salma Mohamed Saleh

A Survey on Community Detection Techniques & Software Toolkits for Social Network Analysis
pp. 19429-19437
Manjunatha H C and Dr. M Venkatesan

Electricity Distribution Network Analysis based on Land Use and Land Cover Changes using Remote sensing: A Case Study in Chennai City, Tamil Nadu
pp. 19439-19452
Kalaiselvi. J, Vidhya. R and Manonmani. R

Video Steganography Secure Communication System Using Enhanced Most Significant Bit Irreversible Method
pp. 19453-19468
Mrs. R. Umadevi and Dr. G. M. Nasira

Combined Speaker Recognition and Compression for Secured Speech Transmission
pp. 19469-19476
D. Ambika and V. Radha

A Novel Privacy Preservation using Double Hash-based Kanonymity Technique
pp. 19477-19487
Padmapriya. G and M. Hemalatha

A Big Data Approach for Health Care Application Development
pp. 19489-19495
G. Sravya, A. Shalini and K. Raghava Rao

Effective Wavelength Assignment for Increasing Network Capacity in Multicast WDM Mesh Networks
pp. 19497-19507
D.V. Pradeep Sankar and K. Muneeswaran

Enabling Social Network for Chronical Patient and Prevent Information Stealing Attack
pp. 19509-19514
G.Valentina Puffi Graf and Ms. Mercy Paul Selvan

Bayesian and Gaussian Classifier for Isolation of Selfish Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
pp. 19515-19532
Mani P and Kadhar Nawaz G.M.


Home Automation Using Eye Control
pp. 19533-19540
Ms. S.P. Godlin Jasil and P. Vini

High Performance Concrete Using Metakaolin & Flyash with Partial Replacement of Cement
pp. 19541-19562
M. Narmatha and Dr. T. Felixkala

Three Phase Eleven Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter for Motor Drives
pp. 19563-19572
M.S. Saravanan and R. Jeyabharath

Parametric Optimization of WEDM using Utility Concept Integrated with Taguchi Method
pp. 19573-19590

FPGA Implementation of DCT Architecture Developed Using Comparative Input Method
pp. 19591-19610
K.K. Senthilkumar and R. Seshasayanan

A Multi Domain-Specific Dynamic Ontology Mapping for Semantic Term Based Information Retrieval (OMSTIR)
pp. 19611-19626
J. Mannar Mannan and M. Sundarambal

Thermal Characterization and Experimental Investigation of High Temperature Microtubular Heaters

pp. 19627-19644
N V Dhandapani, G Sureshkannan and V S Thangarasu

Performance Study of 32kb/s ADPCM
pp. 19645-19652
Muhanned AL-Rawi and Bassem Al-Saadi

Study of Genetic Algorithm, An Evolutionary Approach
pp. 19653-19662
Mrs. K. Jayavani and Dr. G.M. Kadharnawaz

Performance Evaluation of Novel Hybrid High Gain Interleaved (HHGI) converter under Dynamic Load Variations for BLDC Motor Applications
pp. 19663-19683
R. Jayanthi and I. Gnanambal

Context Aware Adaptive Threshold based Burst Switching Scheme for QoS provisioning in Optical Networks.
pp. 19881-19897
P. Boobalan and N. Sreenath

Effective Scheme for Audio/Video Streaming Using RTSP and RTP
pp. 19685-19699
Iyyanar Perumal and Prof. M. Chitra

Software Quality Maintenance on Component Dependent Data Applications
pp. 19701-19714
Pandiyan. G and Dr. P. Krishnakumari

A Deadlock Free Efficient Reconfiguration Protocol (DFRP) for Wireless Networks
pp. 19715-19727
S.Mohiadeen Abdul Kadhar and Dr. T.Revathi

The Development of the Arterial Pressure RegistrationDevice with the Increased Efficiency of Work
pp. 19729-19740
Tychkov A.Yu and Tychkova A.N.

An ODED Model for the Impact of the Ancient Times for the Assessment of Cost Behavior on E-Commerce
pp. 19741-19749
Vinayagam,P, Iyem Perumal,A, Rajagopalan, S.P, Dheva Rajan,S

Controllability of neutral functional integro-differential equations via resolvent operators in Banach spaces
pp. 19751-19766
C. Ravichandran,N. Valliammal,Kishor D. Kucche

In-Situ Strength of Concrete Using the Correlation of Different NDT Test Methods
pp. 19767-19780
M. Hanim Osman, Wail A. Alaraji, A. Aziz Saim, W. Nor Atimi W.A.Majid

Notes on Rayleigh Dispersion Curves Created by F-K Transform due to Incomplete Frequencies of Input Data
pp. 19781-19788
Eddy Hartantyo, Kirbani Sri Brotopuspito, Sismanto, Waluyo

Prediction of Missing Values in Datasets using Association Rule Mining
pp. 19789-19800
Hemalatha.S and M.Hemalatha

Low Power Consumption Polymeric Based Multimode Interference (MMI) Thermo-Optic Switch
pp. 19801-19807
N.M. Ridzuan, M.F.L. Abdullah, H.Sarkawi, M. K. Nor, M.Yaacob

Review Paper of Fetal Electrocardiogram Extraction Techniques
pp. 19809-19820
Ashish Nainwal and Gorav Kumar Malik

A Novel Power Quality Improvement Technique in Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Energy Conversion Systems
pp. 19821-19835
Agees Kumar C, Sivarani T S and Joseph Jawhar S

Comparison of Design Standards for Prestressed Highway Bridges
pp. 19837-19853
IrpanHidayat, Made Suangga, Marcela Merelin Setiadi

Comparison of the Calculated Stress Value on a “I-Girder''Bridge to the Field Sensor Measurement Results
pp. 19855-19868
Made Suangga, Irpan Hidayat, Justitia Stephanie

A Novel Pipelined Radix2-64 Point FFT with Modified Complex Multiplier in OFDM for Wireless Ad hoc Networks
pp. 19869-19879

Context Aware Adaptive Threshold based Burst Switching Scheme for QoS provisioning in Optical Networks.
pp. 19881-19897
P. Boobalan and N. Sreenath

A Survey on Assured File Deletion in Cloud Environmentpp.
B.Tirapathi Reddy, M.V.P Chandra sekhar, L.S.S Reddy,V.Krishna Reddy, P. Sai Kiran

Sentimental Analysis of S&P BSE Bankex Stocks
pp. 19909-19914
Mr. K. Sankara Moorthy and Dr. R. Krishnaraj

Design and Implementation of Photovoltaic System Using Hill Climbing MPPT Algorithm
pp. 19915-19924
P.Venkatesan,Dr. S. Senthil Kumar

Multi Level Inverter With Reduced Number of Switches And Unequal DC Input Sources
pp. 19925-19934
Subramani and Dr. S. Senthil Kumar,Dr. S. Senthil Kumar

Reliable And Scalable Routing Protocol (RSRP) For Multimedia Data Transmission In Vehicular Mesh Milieu
pp. 19935-19944
P.Dharanyadevi and K. Venkatalakshmi

Feature Selection using Hybrid GA-BPSO for Engineering Students’ Performance Prediction
pp. 19945-19958
R.R.Rajalaxmi and A.S.M.Valarr


Optimization of Ball Mill Operating Parameters for their Effect on Mill Output and Cement Fineness by Using RSM Method
pp. 19959-19967

Web Usage Mining Technique With Time Variant Transition Patterns For Personalized Web Search in Social Networks
pp. 19969-19976
T.R.Ramesh, Dr. C. Kavitha

Design and Development of a FPGA based High Speed Data Acquisition System
pp. 19977-19990
Rajasekaran C.,Jeyabharath R. and Veena P.

Link Failure Reduction with Energy based Reliability-Routing in MANETs
pp. 19991-20000
Modi Rajan Pravinchandra and Dr. K. Thirunadana Sikamani

Link Aware On-demand Multicast Routing (LAOMR) Scheme to Adopt with Dynamic Environment of MANET

pp. 20001-20009

Senthil Kumar S and Dr. V. Parthasarathy

Consistency Check on the Enhanced On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol
pp. 20011-20020
S. Muthumari Lakshmi and Dr. K. Thirunadana Sikamani,

A Comparative Study on Detection of Adulteration on Honey
pp. 20021-20027
G. Rajalakshmi and A. Gopal

Power Quality Improvement in Three Phase Power System by Combined Operation of Shunt Active Filter and Photovoltaic System
pp. 20029-20044
S.Arul Kumar and P.Madhava Sarma

A Novel Ontology-based Multi-Level Collaborative Framework for Crisis Management System
pp. 20045-20058
Sakkaravarthi Ramanathan and Aymen Kamoun

Fuzzy Based Decision Model for Detecting Misbehaving Attacks in Mobile Adhoc Network
pp. 20059-20083
V. Anjana Devi and R.S. Bhuvaneswaran

Experimentation on Drilled Hole Surface Roughness of Al/SiC Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 20085-20097
S.Senthil Babu and BK Vinayagam

Study on the Effect of the Roof Opening on the Temperature Underneath
pp. 20099-20110
Ibrahim, S.H., Azhari, N.A., Nawi, M.N.M., Baharun, A.4 and Affandi, R.

Evolution of an Algorithm for Formulating Efficient Clusters to Eliminate Limitations
pp. 20111-20118
K. Mohana Prasad and DR. R. Sabitha

A Review of Fast Converging Maximum Power Point Tracking Schemes for Photovoltaic Applications
pp. 20119-20129
D.John Sundar, K.R.Shanmugavadivu, G.Padmavathi1, A.Anbazhagan

Optimization of Cutting Parameters in PVD Coated Carbide Cutting Tool by Response Surface Box-Behnken Design
pp. 20131-20249
N.Nandakumar, Dr. M. Arularasu, R.Vivekanandan

CP-PLL Design and Implementation for Mixed Signal SOCS
pp. 20151-20159
Shravya K V, Navdeep Kaur, Sakthivel R and Vanitha M

Simulation and Optimization of P&O MPPT Algorithm for Grid Applications
pp. 20161-20170
Mr. N. Kamal, M.E.Dr. S. Suresh Kumar

Springback Effect Prediction in Wipe Bending Process of Sheet Metal using GA-ANN with Cauchy Mutation Approach
pp. 20171-20187
S.Prakasam, Dr.P.Thangavel

Multi-Objective Optimization of IIR Filters
pp. 20189-20200
P.Nirmala, Dr. R. Rani Hemamalini

Research Challenges and Future Directions of Wireless Mesh Networks
pp. 20201-20210
K.Saravanan, Dr.A.Chilambuchelvan, A.Prasina

Performance Analysis of Grid Connected Single Phase Pv Inverter Using Pi Controller
pp. 20211-20224
G.B. Mohankumar, Dr.M.Balachandran,S. Raj Kumar,

Implementation of CHAID for an Experimental Classification of Data Set Using Decision Tree Approaches.
pp. 20225-20238
Mrs.S.R.Swarna Latha, And Dr.G.M.Kadharnawaz,

Analyzing Fuzzy Project Networks With Duration of Activities on Nodes
pp. 20239-20254
S.Kalidasan and P.Pandian

Adaptive Modulation & Coding For Cross Layer Design- A Case Study
pp. 20255-20265
A.Manikandan, Dr.K.Balasubadra

Intrusion Detection System For A Wireless Sensor Networks –Mac Spoofing
pp. 20267-20272
Jaharsh Samayan KVS,Vignesh MD,AnanthSundar

Research Article Abaca Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composites
pp. 20273-20286
Ramadevi Punyamurthy, Dhanalakshmi Sampathkumar, Basavaraju Bennehalli, Raghu Patel Ranganagowda, Pramod Vasudeva dyankal,Srinivasa Chikkol Venkateshappa


Analysis of Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Packet-Based Image De-Noising Algorithms in Medical CT Scan Images
pp. 20287-20324
A.Velayudham, R.Kanthavel, K.Madhan Kumar

Pro-Active Detection of Malicious Attacks on Smart Phones using Permission Enforcer Algorithm
pp. 20325-20358
S. Fouzul Hidhaya, Mohammad Ibrahim and Angelina Geetha

Application of Taguchi Grey Relation Analysis for Multi-Response Optimization of Cylindrical Grinding Process Parameters
pp. 20359-20370
Dr. M. Janardhan

Performance Comparison and Analysis of Signal Integrity in an SoC based FPGA Processor
pp. 20371-20382
G. Sasi and V. Rajamani

Adoption of Green Manufacturing (GM) in Selected Indian Industries
pp. 20383-20404
Abhishek Kumar Singh,Sanjay Kumar Jha,Anand Prakash

Design of Fair Testimony in Reputation Systems
pp. 20405-20419
C.K. Shyamala and Aiswarya P.L.

Enhancing the Quality of Technical Education Accreditation System using Current Communication System
pp. 20421-20432
Dr. M. Senthil Kumar and Dr. P. Sivakumar

An Effective Harmonics Suppression of Double fed Induction Generator on Balanced and Unbalanced Load Conditions
pp. 20433-20447
P.T. Rajan and Dr. Dharmishatan K. Varughese

Optimal power flow setting of unified power flow controller for loss minimization
pp. 20449-20463
P. Sreejaya,S. Rama Iyer


Power Optimization and Management in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator used in Wind Turbines
pp. 20465-20474
G.D.Anbarasi Jebaselvi and S.Paramasivam

Implementation of Evolved Hybrid Multipliers Using Bio-Inspired Algorithm
pp. 20475-20484
S.Asha and Dr. R. Rani Hemamalini

A Study on Classification of Wheat Grain using Infra Red Spectroscopy
pp. 20485-20489
A. Anne Frank Joe and A. Gopal

Analysis of Security in Body Sensor Networks Using Binary Sequences
pp. 20491-20496
Sharmila.P, Pavithra.S and Jenila Rachel. J


Shortterm Durability Characteristics of Robo Sand and GGBFS Based High Performance Concrete
pp. 20497-20507
Vijaya sarathy.R, Sundareson A Ishwariya.R.V. Jose Ravindraraj

Analysis of Gauss-Hermite Kalman Filter-Based Road Extraction Algorithms in Satellite Imagery
pp. 20509-20536
K.Madhan Kumar, R.Kanthavel, A.Velayudham

Modified Design Approach For Effective Operation And Maintenance Of Multi-Village Water Supply Schemes
pp. 20537-20555
A.Raja Jeya Chandra Bose, Dr.T.R.Neelakantan, Dr.P.Mariappan

Design of FPGA Codes for BPN based plasma position control in Aditya Tokamak
pp. 20557-20564
J. Femila Roseline and N.M.Nandhitha

Introducing New Protocol and Algorithm for Vaccination Awareness in Babies Life Cycle
pp. 20565-20578
C. Bala Saravanan and Dr. P. Sarasu

A Knowledge Server based Web Service Framework using Machine learning and decision support system
pp. 20579-20586
Chakaravarthi.S and Selvamani.K

Performance analysis of solar cell antenna (SOLAN) using different material like AgHT-8, AgHT-4 and ITO
pp. 20587-20596
A.Suresh Kumar and S.Sundaravadivelu

A Real Time Approach for DG Placement for Power System Performance Enhancement
pp. 20597-20610
S.Sambath, Dr.P.Palanivel,Dr.S.S.Dash Dr.C.Subramani,

A Swarm Intelligence Based Feature Selection Approach For Efficient Fake And Real Fingerprint Classification Using Semisupervised Learning
pp. 20611-20636
V. Sasikala and Dr. V. Lakshmi Prabha

A Review on Requirement Analysis in Software Companies
pp. 20637-10647
Dr. M.Kannan, V.Mahalakshmi, J.Sujatha

An Efficient Mechanism of Selecting Reliable Web Services and Enhancing Quality-Of-Service Based on User Preferences and Feedback
pp. 20649-20662
Pradeep Gurunathan and Dr. Seethalakshmi pandian

Elimination of Misrun in Aluminium gravity Die-casting by increasing the fluidity of metal flow
pp. 20663-20672
N.Nandakumar, Dr. M. Arularasu, R.Vivekanandan

Energy Analysis of Variants of Distributed Clustering Schemes for Multi Level Heterogeneous WSNs
pp. 20673-20699
S.Umamaheswari and R.Mahalakshmi

Public Transport Passengers’ Loyalty Index (PTPLI)
pp. 20701-20713
Medi Yarmen and Sik Sumaedi

Efficient Fusion of Multimodality Medical Images Using Wavelet Transorm and Watershed Algorithm
pp. 20715-20726
K.S.Tamilselvan and Dr.G.Murugasan

Analyzing Perceived Health Care Service Quality (PHCSQ) Dimension of Female Patients
pp. 20727-20739
Medi Yarmen and Sik Sumaedi

A State of the Art of Intrusion Detection System for Multi-Tenant Cloud Network Using Various Schemes and Related Issues
pp. 20741-20756
N.Thirumoorthy, M. Aramuthan, M.S.Saravanan

Data perturbation using Confidence interval for Variance
pp. 20757-20771
Rajeswari C, Sathiyabhama B, Geetha Mary A, Putta Prashanth

An Efficient Approach for Tracking Down the Resilient Identity Sneak Using Spot
pp. 20773-20776
K.Deivanai and Ms. Kavitha Esther Rajakumari

Design of a Novel Modified Asymmetric Six Parallel FIR Filter Using FFA
pp. 20777-20788
H. Joseph Prabhakar Williams and Dr. K.R. Shankar Kumar

Minimizing Idle Time of Bottleneck Machine in Flowshop with Job Weightage
pp. 20789-20796
Jothishanmugam C, and Manikandan M

Comparison of Transient Responses of Closed Loop Controlled Two Switch and Three Switch Interleaved Forward Converter Systems
pp. 20797-20804
R. Lakshmi and Dr K. Rajan

Review of Different Solar Water Heating Systems
pp. 20805-20814
Bhushan A. Magdum and Abhijeet B. Auti

GSM Based Prepaid Energy Meter to Ascendance Electricity Thieving
pp. 20843-20852
A.Anusha,Dr. G.N.Swamy,A.Mallaiah,A.Jaya Lakshmi

An Incremental Model for Effective Intrusion Detection Using Fuzzy Rough Set and Fuzzy ARTMAP
pp. 20853-20870
R.Selvi, Dr.S.Saravan Kumar, Dr.A.Suresh

Ajax & Web Service Integrated Geospatial for Water Asset Applications
pp. 20871-20877
Santosh Dheeraj Yelamarthi, Shyam Sundar Potamsetty,Ram Prasad Poudal, J.Sasi Bhanu

Predictive Classification Framework for Software Defect Prediction
pp. 20879-20890
K.B.S Sastry and Dr. R. Satya Prasad

A Survey of Influence Propagation of websites for Modeling and Simulation
pp. 20891-20898
T Ramesh and V. Santhi

Performance of tool electrode materials and dielectric media in electric discharge machining of monel 400TM
pp. 20899-20909
R.Jothimurugana, Dr. K.S.Amirthagadeswaranb N. Suresh kannan

Failure Analysis of Coal Mill Using FMEA in Thermal Power Plant
pp. 20911-20930
Mukesh Kumar, Atul Kumar, N.S.Baroule, Vikrant Sharma

Thermal radiation and chemical reaction effects on MHD flow past an exponentially accelerated vertical plate with uniform mass diffusion
pp. 20933-20949
Santhana Lakshmi Chandran and Muthucumaraswamy Rajamanickam

A Statistical Evaluation of Binginipalle Cheruvu Soils and Sediments Pollution: A Model Study
pp. 20951-20972
M.Satish Kumar , M.V.Raju ,SS.Asadi and S. S. VUTUKURU

An Eminent Routing Protocol to Truncate the Energy Expenditure in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 20973-20986
Mrs.J.Gnanambigai and Dr. N. Rengarajan

A Review of DDoS Attack Defense Strategies and Counter Validation technique for prevention of DDoS in Cloud
pp. 20987-20995
J.Ramesh Babu, N.Jayaprakash,T.Dhikhi

Spam Detection Techniques: A Review
pp. 20997-21002
Maithili and Murugappan.S

The aerodynamic design of the inlet channel of the four-stroke engine
pp. 21003-21016
Boris A. Korneev and Ernest G. Shifrin

Multicasting with the Extended Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm forSoftware Defined Networking
pp. 21017-21030
Mahardeka Tri Ananta , Jehn-Ruey Jiang, and Muhammad Aziz Muslim

Analysis of Deforestation using Threshold Based Clustering Algorithm
pp. 21031-21054
E. Menaka and Dr. S. Suresh Kumar

Wide Band-Lowpass Filter Using Novel Hash Shape Dms Structure
pp. 21055-21066
Vijayakrishnan.J,Prof.Ravi prakash dwivedi

Flow Based Light Absorption Estimation for Tissue Identification Using Reflection Model
pp. 21067-21078
G. Maria Dhayana Latha and Dr. K. Bommanna Raja

An artificial neural network and mathematical morphology based computer aided detection system for cancer detection in mammograms
pp. 21079-21097
B.Sridhar, Dr.K.V.V.S.Reddy and Dr.A.M.Prasad

A mathematical model describing drift in SiO2 gate pH ISFET’s due to hydrogen ion diffusion
pp. 21099-21113
Chinmayee Hazarika and Santanu Sharma

Multicast Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Manet) by Mobility Based Key Management Technique
pp. 21115-21132
K. Ambujam and Dr. S. Purushothaman

Demonstration of Inner State Awareness and Outer Self Healing Closed Feedback Loop for Resiliency in Traffic Control Cyber-Physical System
pp. 21133-21150
Lokesh M. R and Y.S. Kumaraswamy

IRDR: Integrity-preserved Reliable Data-centric Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 21151-21163
Dr.Anandkumar Mani Karuppanna Gounnder and Dr.Jayakumar Chinnappan

Analysis and Estimation of Harmonics using Wavelet Technique
pp. 21165-21178
V. Thiyagarajan and Dr.N.P.Subramaniam

A State of the Art of Mobile Workflow Analysis
pp. 21179-21196
S.Venkatesan, S.Sakthivel, M.S.Saravanan

Unsupervised Shallow Morph-Analyzer for Malayalam Using Recursive Based Approach
pp. 21197-21215
Deepa Gupta and Aswathi T

Novel SP-CSSD Based Three Dimensional Localization for Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 21217-21230
P.Shunmuga Perumal, V.Rhymend Uthariaraj, V.R.Elgin Christo

User Identity Management protocol in Cloud Computing Paradigm
pp. 21231-21241
Govinda K. and Dev Gaurav

Rainfall Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 21243-21254
Govinda K. and Shruthi Hiremath

Simulation of Urban Traffic at Intersection Based on Cellular Automata
pp. 21255-21267
S.Rajeswaran and S.Rajasekaran

Multi-Area Unit Commitment Using EIPSO Technique
pp. 21269-21296
S. Chitra Selvi and S. Praveen Kumar

Effective Model Based Programming for Running Robots
pp. 21297-21304
Biswajit Senapati , Dr. D. Venkata Subramanian , Dr.D.Dhanasekarn

Soft Sensor for Temperature Measurement in Gas Turbine Power Plant
pp. 21305-21316
N.P.G.Bhavani, Dr. K. Sujatha , Dr. M. Kumaresan , Dr. R.S. Pongamal and Brahmananda reddy.S

Mobility Aware Resource Allocation and Scheduling Using PSO in Mobile Grid
pp. 21317-21332
Kavitha Bharathi S. and Dr. S.Vegataasalam

Advanced Novel Compact Assistant Sensor System In Vehicular Adhoc Network To Improve Road Safety Policy
pp. 21333-21349
K. R. Jothi, Dr. A. Ebenezer Jeyakumar

Face Recognition System Using Cascade Neural Network Base With Resilient Back Propagation
pp. 21351-21364
John Dhanaseely, S. Himavathy, E.Srinivasan

Development of Box Behnken Model And Optimization of Drilling Parameter For Aisi410 Using Desirability Function Analysis
pp. 21365-21370
M.Prabhu , A.Athijayamani

Generalized Regression Neural Networks MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation Based on Genetic Algorithm
pp. 21371-21383
R. Arun, D. Murugan and K.Rajalakshmi

Performance Analysis of PV Powered Seven Level Inverter With Reduced Switches
pp. 21385-21400
C. Ramakrishnan, S.Vijayan

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing
pp. 21401-21408

Enhanced Association Rule Mining Techniques For Temporal Datasets
pp. 21409-21420
Mini.T.V, R.Nedunchezhian

Performance of Hyper-Threading on Memory Mapped Files
pp. 21421-21431

Wireless Energy Harvesting System For Charging Battery of Robot Crawlerinside Oil Pipeline
pp. 21433-21448
Mohamed Ziedchaari


Real Time Assessment of Stress Level of Workers In Factories By Measuring Their Eye Parameters
pp. 21449-21457
N.Nandakumar , M.Arularasu, P.Sivaprakash

A Constrained Genetic Algorithm To Optimize A Maintenance Global Service

pp. 21459-21471
Toni Lupo

Optimal Power Factor Correction Controller For Single Stage Power Converter
pp. 21473-21499
K.Umamaheswari, Dr.V.Venkatachalam

Obtaining The Natural Frequency of Stiffened Plate With Modified Bolotin Method
pp. 21501-21512

Energy Detection Transceiver for UWB System Using Derivatives of Gaussian Pulse
pp. 21513-21530
M.Devanathan, Dr.V.Ranganathan

Adaptive Multicast Multimedia Transmission Routing Protocol System (ACMMR) For Congestion Control And Load Balancing Techniques In obile Adhoc Networks
pp. 21531-21540
R.Rajeshkanna Dr A.Saradha

Investigations on The Performance of Low Power High Speed Dynamic Latch Comparator Using Cmos Process
pp. 21541-21551
A.Sathishkumar, S.Saravanan

Design And Simulation of LUO Converter Topologies For Photovoltaic Applications
pp. 21553-21560
Mr.M.Chilambarasan M.E, Dr.M.Ramesh Babu, Ms.R.Sujatha

A New Correlation For The Prediction of Minimum Fluidization of Sand And Irregularly Shape Biomass Mixtures In A Bubbling Fluidized Bed
pp. 21561-21573
AndriCahyo Kumoro, DedyAlharis Nasution, Adi Cifriadi, Aprilina Purbasari and AsronFerdian Falaah

Privacy Preserving Data Mining Using Differential Evolution – Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
pp. 21575-21584
Ravi. A. T, S.Chitra

Dwt-Svd Based Digital Image Watermarking By Using Optimized Strength Factor
pp. 21585-21594

Design of A Novel Compact Composite S-Box Structure With Less Number of XOR Gate For AES Technique
pp. 21595-21604
M.Senthil Kumar, Dr.S.Rajalakshmi

Host-Monad Ecological Model With Phase Palane Analysis
pp. 21605-21610
Dr. N. Seshagiri Rao, K. Kalyani & Dr. K.V.L.N.Acharyulu

Charged System Search Algorithm Based Fuzzy Controller For Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
pp. 21611-21637
M. Gowrisankar,A. Nirmal Kumar

A Novel Nonlinearity Compensation Method To Improve The Linearity Characteristics of Constant Temperature Anemometer Using Optimized volutionary Algorithms
pp. 21639-21656
S.Murugan, Dr.SP.Umayal

Similarity And Variance of Color Difference Based Demosaicing
pp. 21657-21668
R.Niruban1, Dr.T.Sree Renga Raja, and R.Deepa

Transforming Language Learners to the Inhabitants of Digital Age
pp. 21669-21675
Prajeesh Tomy,Dr. Sarika Tyagi

Numerical Study of Footing in Loss of Contact with the Soil
pp. 21677-21685
C. Ravi Kumar Reddy K. Hemalatha Reddy V. L. Pujitha Sk. Tippu Sulthan

Improving the Performance of MIMO-OFDM Using a Novel Precoding Approach for Achieving High Throughput
pp. 21687-21700
Ramesh. S, Dr. R. Seshasayanan


A New Approach of PID Tuning for nonlinear SISO System based on Particle Swarm Optimization Technique

pp. 21701-21711

S.Meena, K. chitra


An Overview on Model Free Approaches of Gait Recognition
pp. 21713-21722
M.Aasha , Dr.S.Sivakumari

A Probabilistic approach for Fatigue growth rate in walls
pp. 21721-21729
G. Padma  C. Vijayalakshmi

An Improved Time Dependent Characteristics of Quantum Dot Transistor Under Illumination
pp. 21729-21738
V.Vijayakumar, R.Seshasayanan

Rheological, Wear And Thermal Stability Studies on Sunflower Oil With Natural And Nano Metal Additives
pp. 21739-21746
G. Senthilkumar  and K. Balamurugan

An Analytical Study on Churner Behaviour of Indian Prepaid Mobile Services
pp. 21747-21761
P.S. Rajeswari, Dr.P. Ravilochanan

End-To-End Qos Framework By Implementing User Datagram Protocol-Multimedia (UDP-MM) In Multimedia Streaming Over 4G Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
pp. 21763-21774
G.Nantha Kumar, Dr. A.Arokiasamy

A Study on The Perception of Organizational Climate With Special Reference To Sail, Salem Steel Plant
pp. 21775-21785
C.Varadaraju, S.Murugan And M.Selvaraj

A Study on The Sustaining Leadership In Steel Industry With Special Reference To Sail, Salem Steel Plant
pp. 21787-21795
S.Murugan, C.Varadaraju, M.Selvaraj

Fixture Layout Optimization Using Fem
pp. 21797-21805
D.Elil raja, and S.Vijayan

Digitally Secured Authentication scheme in Long Term Evolution –Advanced
pp. 21807-21821
M. Prasad and R. Manoharan

Seismic Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Frame Infilled Brick Masonry Building Using Software
pp. 21823-21833
M. Palanisamy and J. Premalatha

Sports Video Classification Based on the Distribution of Edge Strengths of Non Subsampled Shearlet Transform
pp. 21835-21850
S Uma Maheswari and Dr R Ramakrishnan

Cloud Bottlenecks – A Survey on Security Issues,Challenges and Techniques
pp. 21851-21862
Jeyaprabha T.J. and Dr.Sumathi G.

Survey on Live Virtual Machine Migration Approaches
pp. 21863-21874
Revathi Narayanasami and Sumathi Ganesan

Accelerated Fuzzy Controlled Energy Efficient Resistance Emulated PWM Inverter
pp. 21875-21891
R. Sagayaraj and Dr. S. Thangavel

Improving Power System Stability with Facts Controller Using Certain Intelligent Techniques
pp. 21893-21910
A.Satheesh and V. Jeyageetha

Analysis of Wideband Antenna for Indoor LTE Base Station Application
pp. 21911-21917
Orakwue Stella Ifeoma, RazaliNgah and T. A. Rahman

Optimal switching angle selection and harmonic elimination of multilevel inverter: A new hybrid technique
pp. 21921-21940
Lakshmikhandan.K Srinivasan.A and Dharani .M

Low Power Effective Full Adder for mitigating Soft Error using CMOS Technology
pp. 21941-21949
Shibi.O and Dr. K.Sankaranarayanan

An Improved Method for the Thermal Testing of 8/6 Switched Reluctance Machine
pp. 21951-21960
E.Annie Elisabeth Jebaseeli and S.Paramasivam

A Novel Reliable Path Discovery and Trust with Energy Efficient Routing Protocol (FT-AOMDV) based on Fuzzy Logic in MANET
pp. 21961-21973
S.Geetha and Dr.G.GeethaRamani

Stress Mitigation in Isotropic Plates with Square Cutout Using Auxiliary Holes
pp. 21975-21992
M. Deshpande, K. Kalita, Ramachandran. M

SDGP: Scheduling based Data Gathering Protocol for Energy Efficiency in WSN
pp. 21993-22010
Sharmila.P and Dr. A. Selwin Mich Priyadharson

Improving the performance of TCP Vegas using MPLS Technology
pp. 22011-22018
Prof. Rama Prabha.K.P, Prof.Jeyanthi.R, Manasa.S

An Effective Approach for CBIR Combining Multiple Descriptors, Relevance Feedback and Adaptive Clustering
pp. 22019-22038
Sonit Singh and Rajvir Kaur

A Novel Multi-Feature Extraction Technique For Face Recognition
pp. 22039-22050
Mrs. R. Vinodini and Dr. M. Karnan

Building Object Locality Detection Using Enhanced Quadtree Segmentation Method
pp. 22051-22057
Parivallal R and Nagarajan B

A decision support system to improve the effectiveness of quality management in a medium scale enterprise
pp. 22059-22074
R. Maheshprabhu and Dr. M. Sakthivel

Design and Analysis of Series and Parallel Combination of Vertical Axis Highway Windmill Used in Road-ways
pp. 22075-22085
Dr.S.V.Saravanan, Mr.M.Varatharaj, Dr.C.Manikandan and Dr.A.Nirmal Kumar

Fusion of MRI and CT Medical images using Redundant DWT and Fast Discrete Curvelet based Image Fusion Algorithm
pp. 22087-22096
C. Lakshmi Devasena

Data Hiding in Images by Edge Adaptive Steganography
pp. 22097-22105
Dr. J. Vellingiri, K. Saravanan and Dr. R. Asokan

Experimental Study on Microstructure, Fracture Surface Characterization and Mechanical Properties of ND: Yag Laser Surface Treated Commercially Pure Titanium and Cobalt-Chromium Alloy
pp. 22107-22130
K.Gurusami,K.Shanmuga Sundaram, R.Gnanamoorthy, Velamurali1,N.S.Azhagarasan, R.Vijay , G.Harish Gopal

Application of Response Surface Methodology (RSM) To Evaluate the Influence of Container Diameter in Heat Pipe Operation
pp. 22131-22146
Kadamban Manikandan, Rathinasamy Senthilkumar,Jayaraman Prabakaran

Modeling And Simulation Analysis of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter For Dstatcom
pp. 22147-22161
K.Kanimozhi1 and R.Ramesh

The Effect of Third Harmonic Injection In Five Level Inverter Based on A Multicarrier Level Shifted P.W.M.Techniques
pp. 22163-22180
Mahmoud Shaker Nasr

Extended Internet Security With Restricted Client Side Scripts(Rcss) From Phishing Attacks For Qos Improvement
pp. 22181-22189

Pattern Mining Techniques For Fatal Heart Rate Detection Using Data Mining Under Various Psychological Moments
pp. 22191-22202
M. Senthil Vadivu,Dr.S.Palani

Cluster Based Architecture For Emergency Message Dissemination And Collision Avoidance In VANET
pp. 22203-22220
Kumaresan G and T. Adiline Macriga


Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Fuzzy Logic Controller For Dfig Wind Turbine
pp. 22251-22262
P. Suganya and N. Rengarajan

Identification of Bacterial Contamination: A Classification Approach Using Support Vector Machine
pp. 22263-22276
M.Rajeev Kumar, M.Dhilsath Fathima, D.Naveen Raju, M.Uvaneshwari

Optimizing The Operating Parameters In Waste Heat Recovery System
pp. 22277-22289
S.Gunabal, B.Sivaraman, R.Sentilkumar

Improved Iris Segmentation Algorithm without Iris Localization Phase
pp. 22291-22300
R. P. Ramkumar, Dr. S. Arumugam

Design And Implementation of Energy Management System For A Micro Grid With Energy Storage System
pp. 22301-22311
S.Ezhilarasan, Dr.P.Palanivel, S.Sambath

PSO Based Automatic Tuning of Relevant Tuning Parameters For Model Predictive Control
pp. 22313-22324

Modified Firefly Algorithm For Selective Harmonic Elimination In Single Phase Matrix Converter
pp. 22325-22336
P.Subha Karuvelam, Dr.M.Rajaram

An Efficient Method To Automatic Intelligent Based Search Engine In Health Care Cloud Data Using C-Means With Neuro Fuzzy System
pp. 22337-22350
R.Kavitha, R.Nedunchelian

Ethical Reckoning Among Teen Populace
pp. 22351-22360
Dr. K. Vasanthi Kumari,Ms. P. Suganthi,Ms. E. Sharanya

Spot Selection Technique Based Adhoc on Demand Distance Vector Routing (SSRP) For Qos Improvement In MANET Using Mobility Traces
pp. 22361-22372

Network Performance Improvement Using Fuzzy Genetic Based Aodv
pp. 22373-22383
N.K. Kuppuchamy R.Manimegalai

Implementation of Power Restoration Using Q-Algorithm In JADE
pp. 22385-22393
Anisha. K, Rathina Kumar.K

Cooperative Diversity Pathsselection Protocol Withmulti-Objective Criterion In Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
pp. 22395-22407
Nyoman Gunantara, Nyoman Putra Sastra, Gamantyo Hendrantoro

Implementation of a Sensor Web Service for Environmental Pollution Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks –A Test Bed Approach
pp. 22409-22422
M. Bhargava Rama and K. Raghava Rao

Study of Tool Wear and Chip Morphology in Turning Ti-6Al-4V Alloy under Cryogenic Cooling

pp. 22423-22434
M. Dhananchezian , M. Pradeep kumar, S. Rajesh

A Detailed Study of Data Replication Techniques in MANET
pp. 22435-22445
S.Senthilkumar and J.William

Enhancing Security of Modified RSA Algorithm
pp. 22447-11455
Akashkumar Shushilkumar Goel, Dhananjay Puglia, Salpesh Lunawat,Yaswanth kopparthi, P.M.Durai Raj Vincent

Design of TEDS using IEEE 1451.0 standard for Sensor characterization and application, and implemented in VLSI using Verilog Model
pp. 22457-22469
D. JamunaRani

Modeling of Photovoltaic Switched Inductor Z Source Multilevel Inverter Effective Of Power Factor Control

pp. 22471-22488
Sam Alaric, Caroline and Suresh Manic

A Survey On Test Case Generation From UML State Chart Diagrams
pp. 22489-22499
Priya. T and Dr. M. Prasanna

A Security Framework For Fault Node Detection In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 22501-22510
K. Rajasekaran and Dr. Kannan Balasubramaian

Real and Reactive Power Optimization by effective placement of various FACTS controllers
pp. 22511-22521
Dr. E. Nandakumar and Dr. R. Dhanasekaran

Detection and Prevention of Malicious Nodes ON and OFF the Route in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 22523-22538
Muthumayil K,Manikandan S,Rajamani V

Performance Improvement of Combined Cycle (Dual pressure HRSG) Using Mechanical Refrigeration System
pp. 22539-22550
Lord Jaykishan Nayak and Dhaneshwar Mahto

Comparative Analysis On MPPT Algorithms For Standalone PV System
pp. 22551-22564
M .Muthuramalingam and P.S.Manoharan

Routing in Delay Tolerant Network using Ant Colony Optimization
pp. 22565-22573
K. Sabeetha and A. Vincent Antony Kumar

Design, Implementation and Optimisation of HInfinity Controller for a Microgrid
pp. 22575-22596
A.Sheela and Dr. S.Vijayachitra

Cloud point extraction of Congo red dye from water sample using Triton X-114 as Nonionic surfactant by batch and continuous process
pp. 22597-22612
M.D.Duraimurugan alias Saravanana and Appusamy Arunagiri

Compression of Hyperspectral Images Using Maco With Radon Transformation
pp. 22613-22628
S.Thiyagarajan, Dr D.Gnanadurai, S.Malathi

Software Engineering Measures Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network
pp. 22629-22639
E.Umamaheswari, Dr. D.K.Ghosh and Dr.N.Bhalaji

Web Page Recommendation of Usage Profile Using Particle Swarm Optimization based Clustering
pp. 22641-22654
R. Thiyagarajan, K. Thangavel and R. Rathipriya


Conventional Approach for Multicast Key Distribution
pp. 22655-22666
S.Sasikala Devi and Dr. Antony Selvadoss Thanamani

Accelerating Linux Firewall with Fast Packet Classification
pp. 22667-22691
Hediyeh AmirJahanshahi Sistani

Design and Implementation of Pollution Control Embedded System for Vehicles
pp. 22693-22701
Sayed Nayab Basha and Akula Malliah

Inclusion of Sustainability Education in Business Schools – An Indian B-School Case Study of MBAITBM Curriculum
pp. 22703-22725
Saravan Krishnamurthy,  Shaji Joseph, S. Vijayakumar Bharathi,Vishal Pradhan

Low Static Power Consumption and High Performance 16-Bit Ripple Carry Adder Implementation By Using BBL-PT Logic style
pp. 22727-22741
Venkata Rao Tirumalasetty, P. Balakrishna M. Chaitanya Suman, N.Prasad,K. Prathyusha and M. Suman

Simulation of Bidirectional Isolated DC to DC Converter for Dual Configuration Bess System
pp. 22743-22756
Ravikumar.R and 2Dr.Gnanambal.I

Natural Fiber Composite Using Epoxy Reinforcement:A Review
pp. 22757-22762
B.J. PraveenKumar and K. pradeepkumar

Enhanced TB-AOMDV Routing Mechanism with RSSI in MANET
pp. 22763-22782
S.Geetha and Dr.G.GeethaRamani

On Demand On The Fly Service Selection And Composition For Cloud Computing In Multi Tier Data Center
pp. 22783-22791
Anantha Raman G R and Dr. Sakthivel S

Real Time Audio Equalization Using Texas TMS320C6713 DSP Processor
pp. 22793-22800
Ilayarajaa.K.T and Logashanmugam.E

Data Analysis of Bio-Medical information using Density Based K-Mean Clustering
pp. 22801-22817
Dr. V.V. Jaya Rama Krishnaiah Dr.K.Ramchand H Rao Dr.B.Srinivasa Rao

A Comparitive Study On CVNN Index And NIVA Index In Internal Clustering Validation
pp. 22819-22827
B Sekhar Babu, P Lakshmi Prasanna, V Mahathi, A Prathyusha

Multimodal Brain Image Segmentation and detecting tumor Using Fuzzy C-means Clustering
pp. 22829-22837
Dr. M.Jegan Mohan and Dr.S.Mohammed Mansoor Roomi

Selection Of Multilevel Inverter For Photovoltaic Application
pp. 22839-22866
P. Karuppusamy and A. M. Natarajan

Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach To Evaluate Optimum Fuel In Diesel Power Generator
pp. 22867-22885
S.Durairaj, K.Sathiyasekar , M.Ilangkumaran

Low-power and Cost effective Sensor Network for Efficient Water Management practices in ground water scarcity field. A Case Study
pp. 22887-22899
Ananda Kumar Subramanian and Ilango Paramasivam

Experimental Study On Pipe Stress Analysis In Chemical Injection System
pp. 22901-22905
M.Anish1, R.Thamaraikannan, B.Kanimozhi, A.Krishnakumar, k.Devaraj

MAW: Modified Algebraic Watchdog for Detecting and Mitigating the Misbehavior of Malicious Nodes in Cooperative Wireless Networks
pp. 22907-22920
R. Gopal and V. Parthasarathy

Flood Vulnerability Assessment of Upper Citarum River Basin, West Java, Indonesia
pp. 22921-22940
Anik Sarminingsih, Indratmo Soekarno, Iwan K.Hadihardaja and M.Syahril B.K

Development of Domestic Waste Disposal Unit – A Product for Rural India
pp. 22941-22952
Sadiq, A.


Sampling of Sparse Speech Signal using Random Demodulator
pp. 22953-22964
T J V Subrahmanyeswara Rao and Dr.M.Venu Gopala Rao

Particle Swarm Optimization to PI Control of a Wind Energy Conversion System
pp. 22965-22976
C. Veeramani and G. Mohan

A Comparative Study of Image Segmentation and Classification in Digital Mammograms
pp. 22977-22996
S.L. Aarthy and S Prabu

A Sem-link Classifier for Web Document Clustering
pp. 22997-23012
M. Reka and Dr. N. Shanthi

Mathematical Modeling and Control of an Electrically-Heated Catalyst
pp. 23013-23024
M. Achudhan and M Prem Jayakumar

Design of Testable Sequential Circuits Using Conservative Reversible Logic
pp. 23025-23038
K. Sarat Chandu and H. Phanendra Babu

Development of Noisy Corpus Database for Classical Tamil Language

pp. 23039-23048
J. Indra and Dr. N. Kasthuri

An Adaptive Vertical Handoff Approach For Improved Seamless Access In Wireless Networks

pp. 23049-23064

S.R.Mugunthan and C.Palanisamy

A Multiple Reconfiguration Of Supercapacitor Array For Battery-Less Wireless Sensor Network Systems
pp. 23065-23078
D. Manimegalai and S. Meenakshi

Improved Location-Free Topology control Protocol in MANET
pp. 23079-23096
K. Anish Pon Yamini and T. Arivoli

Polarization Independent Frequency Selective Bandpass Shielding Enclosure
pp. 23097-23105
T.R.SureshKumar, C.Venkatesh, and V.P.Inbavalli


Performance Study of Turbo Codes
pp. 23107-23117
Muhanned AL-Rawi and Bassem G. Al-Saadi

Differential-Capacitance Instrument for Measurements of Inertial and Gravitational Forces and Torques: Theory and Analytical Design (Part 1)
pp. 23119-23132
Igor Gilavdary and Samir Mekid

Yield Prediction For Rubber“Hevea Brasiliensis” In Malaysia: A Review
pp. 23133-23144
Vasuntha. K, M. A. Malek, A. Mustapha, H.Idris

An Overview Of Non Traditional Drilling Process
pp. 23145-23153

A Cluster based Multipath Routing Scheme for Power Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 23155-23169
A.P.Sridevi and Dr.S.Palaniswami

Voltage Stability Enhancement using Neural Network
pp. 23171-23182
P.Rajalakshmi and Dr.M.Rathinakumar

High performance switched inductor based quasi Z source inverter for Distributed Generation Applications
pp. 23183-23195
Mr. Shines T.S. and Dr. Ramamoorthy

A model of an Impact Attenuator for passenger car using Force Uniformator
pp. 23197-23209
Dillip Kumar Sahoo

Protection of a webpage in realtime using proxy server with performance
pp. 23211-23218
P. Pandiaraja and Dr. S. Chitra

A Hybrid Power Efficient Localization Scheme For Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 23219-23233
N.A. Natraj ,S.Bhavani  and  S. Bhavani

Feature Selection For Classifying MRI Images
pp. 23235-23252
M.Sucharitha and K.ParimalaGeetha

Semantic Web In Biomedical Sciences
pp. 23253-23258
P Lakshmi Prasanna, Dr.D.Rajeswara Rao, Yaddala Namratha, M Yamini Navya Sree

A Cloud-User Access Control Mechanism Based On Data Masking
pp. 23259-23268
Gitanjali J

Design And Implementation Of Power Line Communication
pp. 23269-23283
N Dinesh Kumar, P Pavan Kumar, M Anusha

Data Integrity in Cloud Computing – A Survey
pp. 23285-23297
ir.Vadivu Vijayaragavan and K.SivaSankar

Cross-layer design of Power assignment algorithm in Wireless Ad hoc Networks
pp. 23299-23310

Energy Optimization For UAV CommunicationUsing Grid Configured ADHOC Network
pp. 23311-23319
M. Suresh Kumar

Context Aware Routing In MANET with Ant Colony Optimization
pp. 23321-23331
Senthil Kumar .M and Asokan .R


Multiscale Modeling and Numerical Methods for Turbulent Fluid Mixing
pp. 23333-23344
Hyeonseong Jin,

Steadfast Routing for Increasing Reliability in Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 23345-23358
P. Subramanian and . E. Logashanmugam

Fuzzy Logics with GA and RSM model for the Optimization of the Hard Turning of AISI M2Steel
pp. 23359-23391
P.Jaganathan , R.Sivasubramanian, V.Krishnaraj

Low Power Dual Phase Detector Using DLL
pp. 23393-23400
S.Baskar, Kota Satish Kumar & M.Ramchandran

Numerical Validation of Heat Transfer in a Single Tube Parabolic Trough Collector Using a Ray Tracing Algorithm
pp. 23401-23420
A. Kajavali, B. Sivaraman, N. Kulasekharan

Reduction of Power in decoder and sense amplifier Circuit of 10T SRAM Cell
pp. 23421-23433
V.Rukkumani and Dr.N.Devarajan

A Review and Comparative Study Of Bio-Inspired Algorithms
pp. 23435-23448
S.Kalaiarasi, P.Sriramya and P.Edreena






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