International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 3, (2014)  





A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Forming Heterogeneous Groups of Students

pp. 297-311

Author: Anon Sukstrienwong


Dynamic Spectrum Sensing in LTE System for Better BER

pp. 313-319

Authors: V. Mangayarkarasi, B. I. S. Ronica and N. R. Raajan


An Enhanced Affine Cipher for Securing Data

pp. 321-328

Author: Thilagavathi M


An Efficient Method of Enhancing Memory to Memory Communication in Scalable Parallel and Distributed Environment (SPADE) for High Speed Parallel Networks

pp. 329-338

Authors: K. Hariharan, R. Parameshwaran, A.L.Sriram, R.Manikandan and R.Sathiyapriya


Design and Implementation of Low Power Floating Point Arithmetic Unit

pp. 339-346

Authors: Dhanabal R, Bharathi V and Athmakuri Vivek


Design of Dumbbell Shape Multiband Antenna for Heterogeneous Wireless Communication Systems
pp. 347-354
Authors: Davinder Parkash and Rajesh Khanna

Implementation of Data Logging as a Part of Propagation Impairment Studies of Ku Band Satellite Signal with the Establishment of Low Cost Experimental Setup
pp. 355-367
Authors: Govardhani.Immadi, Sarat K Kotamraju, Habibulla Khan, M.Venkata Narayana and M.Jaya Krishna Pooja

Development of a Thermal Receiver cum Storage for a Parabolic Dish Solar Cooker
pp. 369-376
Authors: Atul G. Bhave, Raghav Venkatesh and Sandesh S. Rao

Formability Analysis of Al 5052 in Single Point Incremental Forming
pp. 377-386
Authors: Pandivelan C and Jeevanantham A.K

Efficiently Allocating the Virtual Machines in Cloud Environment
pp. 387-392
Authors: Santhi.K and Priyadarshini.C

Implementation of Effective Image Encryption based on Crossover and Diffusion using Chaotic Map
pp. 393-399
Authors: M. Pradeepa, N. R. Raajan and R. Dhivya







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