International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 4, (2014)  





Web Services Exploration over the Semantic Web Composition using Diagonal Matrix Intrigue
pp. 401-408
Authors: R. Bala Krishnan, T.F. Michael Raj, N. Rajesh Kumar, B. Yagnesh and C. G. Balaji

An Embedded Toxic Gas Alert System
pp. 409-417
Authors: Krithika N, Dineshkumar K and Hemalatha M

Contraction of Color Images Using Chrominance Based Resampling Technique
pp. 419-425
Authors: R.Vijayaraghavan, S. Sathya, P.Sowmiya and R.Manoorubini

Effect of Dry Compaction on Strength, Stiffness and Deformation Behaviour of Natural Unbound Gravelly Material
pp. 427-438
Authors: Omer G. Omer, Ahmed M. Elsharief and Awad E. M. Mohamed

Eco-friendly Fire Retardant Finishing of Jute Fabric by Impregnation or Coating Phosphorylated PVA and its Effect on Physical Properties and Thermal Behaviour of Treated Jute Fabric
pp. 439-450
Authors: Prof. A.K.Samanta and Mrs. Reetuparna Bhattacharyya (Roy) and Prof. Ranjana Chowdhury

Natural Dyeing of Jute Fabric with Catechu
pp. 451-467
Authors: AdwaitaKonar, A K Samanta, Mahadeb Datta and Siddhartha Datta

Analysis of Metastatic Carcinoma in Lung Tissue Using KMeans Clustering
pp. 469-474
Authors: R. Vijayaraghavan, R. Manoorubini, B. Pon Pragadesh Kumar and N. R. Raajan

Orthogonal HAAR Wavelet Division Multiplexing (OHWDM) in Full Duplex Communication
pp. 475-481
Authors: B.Pon Pragadesh Kumar, R.Vijayaraghavan, G.Manochitra and N.R.Raajan


The Architectural Design Machine (AD_M): Integrating Architectural Knowledge

pp. 483-493

Author: Saleem M. Dahabreh


Effect of Aerodynamic Modification of Plan Shape of Tall Building on Wind Force Coefficient using CFD

pp. 495-513

Authors: Jigar Sevalia, Dr. Atul Desai and Dr. Sandip Vasanwala






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