International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 9  (2014)  





Figure of Merit Dependance on the Carrier Profile of SCR

pp. 1017-1023

Author: Vinodhini.CM


Performance Estimation of BER in LTE System

pp. 1025-1034

Authors: V. Mangayarkarasi, D.R.S. Sudeepa, R. Hema and N. R. Raajan


Modified Rake Receiver Design for Image Transmission In Wideband Code Division Multiple Access

pp. 1035-1043

Authors: Dhivya.R, Pradeepa.M, Raajan.N.R, Monisha.V and R.Ramkumar


Image Recoginition Using KNN-Classifier

pp. 1045-4052

Authors: Haripriya.K, Narashiman.K, Jayabharathy.R, Aarthi.R and Manoorubini.R


Enhancing Security by Adding Hill Cipher to Modified RSA Algorithm

pp. 1053-1061

Authors: Akashkumar Shushilkumar Goel, Dhananjay Puglia, Salpesh Lunawat and P.M.Durai Raj Vincent


Measurement of Dimensional Characteristics of Microstrip Antenna based on Mathematical Formulation

pp. 1063-1074

Authors: B.T.P.Madhav, Suraj Chhatkuli, A. Manikantaprasanth, Y. Bhargav, U. Dinesh Naga Venkata Sai, Syed Feeraz


Modelling Maintenance Cost with a Combination of ABC and UVA Methods

pp. 1075-1090

Authors: Amine RECHICHE, Driss BOUAMI, Abdelghani BELAKBIR


Intellectual Form: Understanding Architecture as a Logical Construct

pp. 1091-1106

Author: Saleem M. Dahabreh


Non-Destructive Damage Detection in FRP Wraps Using Impact Test

pp. 1107-1119

Authors: Gaurav A. Agnihotri and Mohan D. Rao


Ber Performance Analysis of UMTS Network Using Interleaving Technique

pp. 1121-1127

Authors: V.K.Monisha, N.R.Raajan and R.Dhivya


PAPR Analysis for Multi Carrier-CDMA System Using Reduction Technique

pp. 1129-1136

Authors: S. S. Ramkumar, R.Dhivya and N.R.Raajan


Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulator as a Vocoder for Speech Processing
pp. 1137-1143
Authors: Ponnam Sailaja, Dr.K.S.Ramesh and G.Sivavaraprasad

Design and Analysis of Neural Network Algorithm for Intelligent Fire Detection System
pp. 1145-1154
Authors: S. Sankar Ganesh, Ramesh Babu. N, Suyash Joshi, Srinath Varier and Yash Mehrotra

Estimation of the Dynamic Behavior of a Compressible Polytropic Air Spring Model
pp. 1155-1167
Author: Abdullah S. Alsuwaiyan

A Comparative Study of Optimization Methods for 33kV Distribution Network Feeder Reconfiguration
pp. 1169-1182
Authors: M.F. Sulaima, M. F. Mohamad, M. H. Jali, W.M.Bukhari, M. F. Baharom

Model of Water Resources Sustainability: Mining Void Water Utilization in Coal Mining (Case Study at PT. Adaro Indonesia, South Borneo, Indonesia)
pp. 1183-1199
Authors: Setyo Sarwanto Moersidik, Restu Juniah, Setia Damayanti, Yuni Reti Intarti, Chaidir Arief, Zoraya Rachmi Pratiwi

Spatial Carbon Monoxide (CO) Concentration Distribution at Congested Urban Roadways Intersection
pp. 1201-1210
Authors: Ghan Shyam and Kafeel Ahmad

Cost Effective and Automatic Fault Sensing Method for a Transformer using GPRS
pp. 1211-1222
Authors: N. Mohan Raj and Naresh Kumar






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